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Выступление Stefaan Maene - Square Melon International, Group Head Digital & Social Strategy, на Саммите Digital Branding - Best Cases. Сессия 5 "Mobile Marketing &Apps " 26 Октября 2012.

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Stefaan Maene - Square Melon International

  1. 1. Fanta ‘Taste me if you can’ campaign
  2. 2. Aim of the game
  3. 3. The aim of the game is to collect as many Fanta bottles as possible that can be found both online and offline.This is a direct link to the TV commercial where we see Andy who is being followed by his friends: they want his Fanta.
  4. 4. Collecting bottles: onlineOnline, the bottles are hidden in banners, on Google, on theFanta site, Fanta’s Facebook page, Walibi and Subway,Spotify, YouTube, Hyves, Skoften, GamingOnly, etc.By clicking on a bottle you go to the action page where youhavethe possibility of claiming the bottle (unless the bottle hasalready been given to someone else). There are bottles thatcan be taken by everyone and bottles you can take from eachother (the person who has taken the bottle after 24 hours or aweek remains the owner).
  5. 5. Collecting bottles: offlineOffline, the bottles can be found at bus/tram shelters,at sampling locations or in Subway restaurants.By scanning the QR code near the bottle image or byentering the URL in your mobile browser you will go to amobile page. This mobile page then checks your location(a player must allow this). You can then grab the bottle or,if you aren’t a participant yet, register and then grab thebottle.
  6. 6. Division of bottles
  7. 7. Division of bottles
  8. 8. Duration of the chaseWe have a three-week campaign period that is subdivided inthree runs; the top 3 of each run is automatically qualified forthe final chase in Walibi Holland.There will also be a timer on the action page showing howlonga run will last. This contributes the to competition feel.You of course play against opponents but also against theclock.
  9. 9. Andy’s Tips
  10. 10. TipsAn important element in the campaign is continuous stimulationto find other bottles, especially at the moment when a participantis in the game modus. This means that we want to have tips andhints on the campaign’s site.Whether a participant goes there because he has found a bottleor because he wants to see the ranking, there are always hintsspurring him on to find new bottles.Tips are placed on the action site through a Twitter feed thatstill needs to be created.
  11. 11. Tips: andy’s TweetTip TweetTips vanuit AndySpeel jij al mee in de chase om je eigen partij te winnen? Ik maak hetmakkelijk voor je omdat het vrijdag is! #tastemeifyoucan Twitter feed in Fanta action site
  12. 12. Banners
  13. 13. Windmaster
  14. 14. Abri
  15. 15. #Googl e
  16. 16. Abri
  17. 17. Sampling
  18. 18. Real life chase in Walibi
  19. 19. Real life chase in WalibiThe Final Chase takes place on 2 June. The participantsenjoy the park and the attractions. They will receive hintsvia SMSfor 2.5 hours.The hint has to do with where Andy is standing in thepark.He is at a different location each time. The person whofinds him first, gets a bottle.In case of a tie, we look at the total time thatwas needed to get the bottles.
  20. 20. 1st Prize
  21. 21. 2nd Prize
  22. 22. 3rd Prize
  23. 23. Fanta The Chase in numbers
  24. 24. Figures• 1x action site• 12 banners in 64 versions• 23 JPEG banners in 60 versions• 100 fridge clings and cash desk ‘toppers’ in 100 Subway restaurants• 1 Twitter channel Andy• 1 Facebook Fanta• 1 Facebook Subway• 1 Facebook Walibi• 1 Fanta Friday Hyves• 1• 6 sampling actions• 9,500 e-mailings• 96 bus/tram shelters with location-based QR code/url
  25. 25. Participants Participants25000200001500010000 Participants5000 0 7 may 3 May
  26. 26. Bottles Bottles45000400003500030000250002000015000 Bottles10000 5000 0 3 May 7 May
  27. 27. Shares FB Shares (5.018) Hvs Sahres (3.675)
  28. 28. Flessen Public Bottles (17.506) Mobile Bottles (1.608) ‘Snatchable’ bottle (20.011)
  29. 29. Registrations FB (12.027) Hyves (7.323)
  30. 30. Figures 2• Aim: between 7,500 and 10,000 active participants (and 20,000 to 25,000 registrations)• 19,350 Active participants• Via Facebook 12,027• Via Hyves 7,232• Total 39,324 bottles grabbed• Total 17,056 Public bottles• Total 20,211 ‘Snatchable’ bottles• Total 20,191 bottles that have switched owners• Total 1,608 mobile bottles taken
  31. 31. Figures 3• 12% conversion rate on the Spotify homepage advertorial• 11% conversion rate on the Hyves homepage advertorial• 11% conversion rate on the Spotify audio spot• 9% conversion rate YouTube masthead• 7% conversion rate on the Young Advertising ROC
  32. 32. Figures 4Twitter• 129 tips were given during the action through the Twitter channel• These could be seen in a Twitter frontline on the action site• The channel has 192 followers• Active Twitterers immediately asked about the solution of the hints• Few negative Tweets
  33. 33. Figures 5 (Mobile Bottles)Mobile Bottles• Sampling (42-46), (182-186), (328-332), taken 0 times• Bus/tram shelter/Subway (42-46) taken 2 times• Subway (200-204) taken 14 times• Subway (338-324) taken 30 times• Bus/tram shelter LAYAR (4) taken 0 times• Bus/tram shelter (47-51) taken 223 times• Mobile ads …… taken 1,339 times
  34. 34. HQ Square Melon InternationalDigital Fuel For BrandsSchaarbeeklei 6471800 – VilvoordeBelgiumBrussels – Paris – Amsterdam – London – Moscow – Kiev - Minsk