Thru Glass Touch Screen


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Thru Glass Touch Screen

  1. 1. DigiTouch: Thru Glass Touch Screen for Auctioneers and Estate Agents Page 1 of 3 Home Site map Contacts Thru-Glass Touch Screen DigiTouch is a fully interactive Thru-Glass (window) touch screen developed for Auctioneers, Car Dealers, Shopping Centers, Travel Agents and businesses who need to give access to product and service information outside office hours. This product combines some of the world leading technologies in both Rear Projection and Interactive Touch to give one of the most futuristic and eye catching displays available today. The following is some information about this display which will give a better insight into the many areas this product can benefit your business. Q: How its works DigiTOUCH is a Thru-Glass Touch screens which can operate at any time of the day allowing users interact with all product and service information by simply quot;TOUCHING THE GLASSquot; in your window display. This product also features one of the worlds most advanced rear projection system allowing visibility even in bright sunlight conditions. Search for a property Browse a range of cars. Book a holiday. Find your way in a department store Browse next seasons range, this season. Check a time table Possibilities are endless 4/29/2008
  2. 2. DigiTouch: Thru Glass Touch Screen for Auctioneers and Estate Agents Page 2 of 3 Q: What can DigiTOUCH do for your business DigiTOUCH uses world leading technologies to give you the stopping power and customer awareness needed to compete at the top of the Property Market in Ireland today. Investing in this tool will INCREASE REVENUE and MAXIMIZE your market potential by the following: Encourage Property Sellers to list properties in your office by making them available outside office hours on the most advanced technology available to auctioneers today. Encourage client to buy properties from you by having this state-of-the-art selling and marketing tool. Increase your business presence and awareness through word of mouth from anyone who has experienced using the system. (The whole town/city will be talking about this when they experience it.) DigiTOUCH becomes an outside office hours sales and marketing assistant. Increase Office Turnover and performance by giving a substantial advantage over your competitors when adding this technology to your offices portfolio. Estate Agents can utilities this tool to negotiate better fees and justify the service on offer in today’s highly competitive market. Q: What does it cost? Potentially NOTHING! If you invest in this product you are sure to attract extra business. If you only attract 10 extra property listings or 50 more clients in the first year, the product will pay for itself. Q: Want to see this product in operation Sure! Just click the following link and download our demonstration moves, and see the future of Touch Screen Systems today! REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT A FANCY DISPLAY. THIS IS A POWERFUL TOOL DESIGNED TO INCREASE PRODUCT AWARENESS, SALES, REVENUE!!! 4/29/2008
  3. 3. DigiTouch: Thru Glass Touch Screen for Auctioneers and Estate Agents Page 3 of 3 Copyright 2005-2006 © DigiAd Display. Home page About us Services Terms Of Use Privacy Policy All rights reserved. 4/29/2008