Summary Of Screen Media 2008


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Summary Of Screen Media 2008

  1. 1. 1 Summary of Screen Media 2008 Prelude: Screen Media, India 2008 is the event to bring together major players in DS industry and the advertisers together. There were not much of people from the advertising community in the event. The attendance was low, but the major players of DS in India were present. Most of the points were repeated, so only new points will added to each section The document will be brief and will be structured as follows • Keynote address 2 Brian Dusho, Chief Strategy Officer, BroadSign International Digital out-of-home 2.0 - how do we get there? • Special discussion by Ishan Raina OOH media India • Focus on content – The right message: Identifying and sourcing the most effective content for your audience demographic Nayan Bheda, , Presidents, Intellvisions Software • Focus on investment: Investing in impact: how the Indian screen-media sector can work with private capital for maximum growth and return Rajesh Jog, Managing Partner, Waygate Capital
  2. 2. 2 1.0 Digital out-of-home 2.0 - how do we get there? BroadSign International Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of hosted solutions for managing digital signage networks. The BroadSign™ Suite resolves the challenges facing modern digital signage networks: the need for full campaign execution functionality, accountability and true scalability. The software enables operators to target out-of-home audiences, sell network airtime; reliably play back scheduled content on each screen and account for campaign performance. The issues discussed were: Lack of standards. No common terminology No pricing models Lack of metrics Problem in selling the idea to media planners Solutions proposed: Look for a common language Work with older media terminology (e.g. TV, Print) Have a Media Pack Major players form a strong association (e.g. Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau) Make the business viable Make a media pack to address the needs of media planners
  3. 3. 3 2.0 OOH media India OOH Media is India’s largest out-of-home television company, with 4000 screens in more than 23 cities across India. Problems discussed: Advertisers have become lazy Not ready to take a risk Does not like change 45 year old selling to 18 year olds Lack of content for DS Solutions: Unique approach to content by involving the community (New promotion: Think OOH TV, Think Out-of-the-Box and get famous on our screens) Benefit from declining TV viewership Change old marketers Develop three product lines iATL,BTL, Local Build Brands 3.0 Content Problems discussed Short attention span Size and scale Location and environment Management problem with too many smart people working together Solutions Sans Serif font to be used mostly Avoid too much movement Make message short and clear Even a picture with some moving text will create impact
  4. 4. 4 Size of letter matters Letter Height Readable Distance Distance for maximum impact 3 in. 30 ft. 100 ft. 4 in. 40 ft. 150 ft. 6 in. 60 ft. 200 ft. 8 in. 80 ft. 350 ft. 9 in. 90 ft. 400 ft. 10 in. 100 ft. 450 ft. 12 in. 120 ft. 525 ft. 15 in. 150 ft. 630 ft. 18 in. 180 ft. 750 ft. 24 in. 240 ft. 1000 ft. 30 in. 300 ft. 1250 ft. 36 in. 360 ft. 1500 ft. 42 in. 420 ft. 1750 ft. 48 in. 480 ft. 2000 ft. 54 in. 540 ft. 2250 ft. 60 in. 600 ft. 2500 ft. Color as per the setting(location)…contrast colors can be used Blinking and screen contrast can attract attention Screen Area into zones…how to divide the zones refer Figure 1. Figure 1: Area of the Screen
  5. 5. 5 ERP is very important for success. Need to create a clear call to action 3.0 Focus on investment This is the most important part of the whole discussion. Main points • Content is the king…no one has yet cracked the right combination • This industry is highly capital intensive, enter only with deep pockets • People make wrong calculation (and he actually said that with a chart) and say the money will come back within 5 months and maximum 1 year. • This industry is totally disorganized with no single success story, some players are showing potential • For every 1 success there are 10 failures (High Risk) • DS need a lot of Gap funding • DS business is very cruel and company can close down in 3-6 months • What a funder looks in any business? Its Scale, if a business is able to scale within 7 years then the VC is interested. • Vjive was funded $4.5 million by Matrix partners India • Focus is the key to success. 4.0 Conclusion Myths in DS business • Slow and steady wins the race • Increase suppliers to reduce cost
  6. 6. 6 Reality Build long term exclusive relations with supplier and customer. Build network fast and scale rapidly. So we can understand that DS business is risky and hardly any players to emulate. No large players in the market yet. In five years the big boys will enter the business and in an attempt to consolidate will buyout the small players. Investors entering the business now can make up to 10x of their investment.
  7. 7. 7 i ATL-Above The Line All the advertising that is created to bring the brand awareness into the public mind, like TV, newspaper, magazines etc. Traditionally all that advertising brings commissions to the ad agencies. BTL-Below The Line All the other brand building and promotional activities such as direct marketing, sales promotion, online marketing etc. These are fee based projects for all the agencies involved