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Hardware Mfg List

  1. 1. HARDWARE > Display Systems This section lists manufacturers of display systems, including plasma, TFT, LCD, CRT, and All-In-One Systems. There are over 100 manufacturers from around the globe listed here in alphabetical order with direct links to their Web sites. All-In-One systems, LED, 3D, Thru-Glass, and touch screen systems can be found on Page 2. PLASMA, TFT-LCD DISPLAYS PRODUCTS AccelerOptics XL-A-Vision Large-Area Front Projection Display ACF Technologies LCD/Plasma Monitors, LED Displays AGN | Professional LCD, Touchscreen Displays Akira Display Video Wall, LCD, LED ALBIRAL Display Solutions CRT and TFT-LCD Displays Ampronix Displaymaxx LCD American Industrial Systems SmartView LCD Displays ANEW LCD LCD Displays Apollo Display Technologies Arista Multidisplay Signage System Artium Artium's EMBOX Promo and Info-Board AVisum Pty Ltd Digital Signage and Industrial PC solutions AU Optronics TFT-LCD Displays Barco Media & Entertainment Widescreen LCD Displays Boland Communications Daybright LCD Displays Caltron Industries LCD and Touchscreen Displays Chi Lin Technology Chilin Digital Signboard CMO - Chi Mei Optoelectronics LCD Displays Collevo LCD Displays and Touchscreens Conrac GmbH TFT-LCD and Plasma Displays Daktronics LED and High-Bright LCD Displays Datamodul TFT-LCD and LCD Systems DiBOSS Canada Vitze Digital Signboard and Multivision DisplayLite Ltd LCD and Plasma Displays Display Technology Data Display Video Wall TFT System and Monitors DSS Digital Signage Indoor and Outdoor LCD and Enclosures Elshine Technology LCD Displays ePANELpro SmartView TFT-LCD Displays Esprit Digital Ltd Esprit 65” M4LL digital panels Fida Visual Technology Indoor and Outdoor LCD, Touch Screens, LED Fujitsu General America Fujitsu Plasmavision Displays GDS - Global Display Solutions Ltd Indoor and Outdoor LCD, Touchscreens, Flasma GoodView Electronics LCD Displays GPEG International LCD Displays GVISION USA GVISION Public Display Series Hantarex Electronic Systems LCD TFT, VideoWall Tiles & Modules Harsper LCD Displays Hitachi Displays, Ltd IPS LCD Displays HoloVis International LCD, Plasma, and Seamless Plasma Horizon Technology Distributor of LCD, Touch Screens Displays Hyundai IT Corporation Integrated TFT Systems and Touchscreens ICT- Innovative Communication Tech. Plasma, LED, LCD, Cubes, Holographic, Mirrors iiyama USA LCD Displays Immediad Solutions ApS Immediad™ Live LCD Display
  2. 2. inLighten inLighten iView Display Systems Industrial Image Inc LCD Open Frame, Panel, and Chassis Montors Interactive Touchscreen Solutions LCD Monitor Displays I-Tech LCD Monitor Displays Janus Displays TFT-LCD and Plasma Displays Kortek TFT LCD, PDP, OLED, and Touch Solutions LG Commercial Plasma and LCD Display Systems LG Philips LCD LCD Displays Lightmax Electronics Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Displays LSI Industries LCD Displays Luminoz LCD Displays m2c Electronic Technology GmbH Wireless LAN, LAND, and SLD Systems Megavision Systems TFT-LCD Displays Mitsubishi Digital Electronics LCD Displays MSS (Media SignSystems Ltd) Thin Film, Touchscreen, and Projection Systems nLighten Technologies Plasma and LCD Systems NEC Display Solutions TFT, LCD, and Plasma Displays NEC Digital Signage LCD, Plasma Displays, and Projectors NeoDigm NeoDigm Multi-Plasma Videowall and 84quot; Plasma NuVision LCD and LED Displays Panasonic Systems Plasma Displays Planar Digital Signage LCD Displays and Rear Projection Pioneer Electronics Plasma Displays Pixcom Technologies Digital Poster Plasma Displays Protouch Manufacturing Interactive LCD Displays and Kiosks Quad Vision Ltd LCD Displays and Mounting Solutions Remote Media Limited LCD Digital Posters and ShelfMedia Runco International LCD and Plasma Displays Samar Technologies LCD Displays and Integrated LCD Systems Samsung Electronics LCD and Plasma Displays Sceptre LCD Displays Seeyoo Electronic & Technology LCD Displays Sharp Electronics LCD Displays Solari Di Udine LED, LCD, TFT Displays Sun Group LCD Systems and Plasma Displays Suncutter LCD Display Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Displays Symon Communications Symon TargetVision Digital Signage Solutions Syntax-Brillian Corporation Olevia Series LCD and Brillian LCoS HDTVs TEAMSable Digital Signage LCD/ Plasma Monitors Texas Digital OmniVue Outdoor LCD Display TVLogic TVLogic 40 inch Digital Signage Display Tyco Electronics 4220L 42quot; LCD Touchmonitor Vertigo Group POS Displays, Menu Boards, Kiosks ViewSonic Corporation LCD Displays Vizio, Inc LCD and Plasma Displays ViZoo A/S LCD and Touchscreen Systems Westinghouse Digital Electronics LCD Displays Wincomm LCD Displays ZetaDisplays AB Wireless LCD Mobile Display
  3. 3. WEATHER RESISTANT DISPLAYS PRODUCTS AQUIVO Weather-Resistant 26quot; to 56quot; LCD Displays Iizel Co. Ltd Weather-Resistant 26quot; to 71quot; LCD Displays i-Tech Company IP65 All-Weather/OutDoor SunLight Readable Display SUNLIGHT READABLE DISPLAYS PRODUCTS AD Series High Bright Sunlight Readable Displays AVisTEC Sunlight Display Sunlight Readable Displays Boland Communications Daybright LCD Displays Elshine Technology High Brightness LCD Panels I-Tech Company Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Displays Lightmax Electronics Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Displays Panel-Brite Sunlight Readable LED & TFT LCD Displays Suncutter LCD Display Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Displays ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEMS PRODUCTS Acclipse Ltd Imarge Wireless Digital Signage Admart Custom Signage AdView All-In-One Signage System AD Series AD Series Standalone Displays American Industrial Systems MediaView All-In-One Signage Solution Ampronix Infomaxx CF All-In-One Signage System Anewtech Systems Anewtech Network Digital Signage Display ASI-Modulex Ariadne Integrated Display System Audio Video Interactive AVI MediaWindow Integrated LCD System Caltron Industries LCD Media Signage Display System Chi Lin Technology e-POP LCD Media Mini Displays Clinton Electronics Corporation Ad-View All-In-One Signage System Dicon - Digital Image Control DSAP All-in-one LCD Displays Display Technology Media Player Integrated TFT System DT Research DS3700/4700 Signage Systems Flat Vision Products MediaVision & MediaShow Systems Flytech K800 Series Integrated LCD System Friendlyway Friendlyway d-sign Digital Signage Elshine Technology Elshine's Fun Box TFT LCD Displays ePANELpro Stand Alone Digital Signage Systems Hantarex Electronic Systems LCD ADV Totem Multimedia System Harris Digital Signage Harris Infocaster Integrated LCD System Hyper / HyperBulletin HB5000 Integrated Signage Kiosk Hy-Tek Manufacturing Tek Panel All-In-One Computers Hyundai IT Corporation Integrated TFT Systems and Touchscreens ICT- Innovative Communication Tech. ICT Digital Poster Integrated System iGoLogic iGoLogic iGO17/iGO19 All-In-One Panel PC Immediad Solutions ApS Immediad™ Instore Promotion Display Industrial Image Inc Flash View Integrated LCD System
  4. 4. I-Tech I-Tech Stand Alone Digital Signage LCD Display Lumenlab Q42 Flat Screen Computer Media In Motion ëSign Electronic Sign MediaTile MediaTile Digital Sign in a Box Wireless System MultiQ Products AB MultiQ DCC Integrated TFT LCD Systems Nu-Vision Displays Nu-Vision Intelli-Sign LCD Displays PFU Systems MediaStaff DS Digital Signage Kiosk Planar Digital Signage Planar DS15 40-inch Integrated LCD Systems Pixcom Technologies Pixcom LCD-PC LCD Display POP AdVisions POP AdVision Ad Digital Displays Remote Media Limited LCD Digital Posters and ShelfMedia Samar Technologies LCD Displays and Integrated LCD Systems Seeyoo Electronic & Technology LCD AD Display Integrated Displays Sun Group Digital Photo Frame Integrated LCD Systems Smart Technologies Actalyst Touchscreen Displays Raku Corporation VUMO Integrated Display Systems RedPost RedPost Kit Integrated Wireless LCD Systems Teq Digital Digital Signage LCDs with CF-based Media Player TouchVision ViewPoint Integrated LCD Systems Trustin Technology MediaWindow Integrated LCD Systems TTX TTX Media Player Page 2 on Sheet 2
  5. 5. LED SYSTEMS PRODUCTS Act One Communications Indoor LED Video Displays AdsLED Incorporated TruColor LED Displays and LED Systems Adaptive Micro Systems AlphaEclipse Outdoor LED Systems Advance Display Technologies UltraNet LED building wraps, PMV LED AF-FIX Werbegesellschaft ADXXL Ultra Large Outdoor LED System Altooa s.r.l. Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems Barco Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems Bubela Technologies Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems Daktronics Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems DVT Group Ultra-Glo Edge-Lit LED Light Box, LED Systems DynaScan Technology Corporation LED Systems Element Labs LED Systems Estrakon LED Systems Euro Displays Maxi-Screen LED Systems eXceLED Ltd Indoor. Outdoor, and Curved LED Displays Explore Vision Group BV LED Systems Expromo Europe LED Systems Fourlight LED Technologies Telebeams LED Systems Grandwell Industries AdMax and VideoMax LED Systems Hi Tech Electronic Displays LED Systems Immediad Solutions ApS Immediad RV LED Indoor Advertising-Display LED Screen Hire Europe Ltd Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems Lighthouse Technologies Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems Litelogic Revolution and Evolution LED Systems Luminus Devices PhlatLight™ (Photonic Lattice) LED products Luxio/TecnoVISION Luxio LED Television Kinoton GmgH / Lightfast Lightfast 360 Degree LED Video Displays Metropolis Group LED Digital Video and Signage Systems Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision Displays netvico GmbH LED Floor, Digital Guidance System, Software Philips Electronics N.V. LED Video Screens Pixcom Technologies Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems QSTech Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems Radiant Displays LED Systems SACO Technologies Smartvision LED Systems Shinex Electronic Industries LED Systems Solari Di Udine LED, LCD, TFT Displays TecnoVISION S.p.A. LED Systems Toshiba International Corporation LED Systems Trans-Lux Corporation Indoor and Outdoor LED Systems YESCO - Young Electric Sign Company LED Systems TOUCH SCREEN SYSTEMS PRODUCTS 3M Touch Systems Touch Screens, Monitors, and Software Caltron Industries Interactive Touch Screen LCD Systems Collevo Interactive Touch Screen LCD Systems Densitron Displays Touch Screen Panels and Controllers
  6. 6. Digit Touch Systems BV Touch Screens, Monitors, and Software Display Werks Large Format Interactive Touch Screens ePANELpro ePANELpro Intelligent Display System DMC Company Ltd Touch Screens and Controllers Friendlyway Touch Screens and Kiosks Interactive Touchscreen Solutions Navigo Active Signage System Interactive Displays GmbH Touch Screen Systems IRTOUCHSYSTEMS Infrared Touch Screens LAVA Technology GM-50 50quot; Plasma Touch Monitor Meridian Kiosk Meridian Wall Mount Mini Kiosk PanelWorx Touch Screens, Interactive Signage, Kiosks Pixcom Technologies Large Scale Plasma Touch Screens Protouch Manufacturing Touch Screen Systems Touch & Motion Optical, Table Top, and Kiosk Touch Systems TouchSystems Corporation Touch Screen POS, Kiosk, and Monitors TouchView Technologies Touch Screen POS, Kiosk, and Monitors Tyco Electronics Elo Touchscreens U-Touch Limited Optical, Thru-Glass, Infra-Red Touch Systems Werkstation GmbH Touch Screen POS, Kiosk, and Monitors Zytronic Displays Ltd Zytronic's ZYTOUCH and ZYPOS Touchscreens THROUGH-GLASS SYSTEMS PRODUCTS Brookview Technologies ViP Through Window Interactive Foil Displax Interactive Systems Thru-Glass Touch System Fingermark Interactive Media NextWindow Optical Touch System GestureTek GestPoint Through Window Create Multimedia Services iWindow Interactive Solutions Nextwindow NextWindow Thru-Glass Touch System OM Interactive OMi EyeTouch Interactive Window Display System Pixcom Technologies TouchView Thru-Glass Touch System Point and Press Ltd Thru-Glass Touch System Sirius International Touch'N-Go Displays-WindowTouch U-Touch Limited Optical, Thru-Glass Visual Planet ViP Through Window Interactive Foil INTERACTIVE-FLOOR SYSTEMS PRODUCTS EyeClick Ltd EyeStep Interactive Floor Flasma Flasma In-Floor Display Systems GestureTek GroundFX Interactive Floor System IntelliMat IntelliMat In-Floor Display Systems IO Agency Sensitive Floor Interactive Floor System Levelvision In-Floor and Counter Top Display Systems OM Interactive OMi-Vista Interactive Video Projection System Reactrix Reactrix Interactive Floor System netvico GmbH LED Floor System SHOPPING CART SYSTEMS PRODUCTS
  7. 7. Forest Technologies CartMedia Mobile Interactive Digital Signage MediaCart MediaCart Computerized Shopping Cart Modstream Real-time Messaging on Shopping Cart Handles Springboard Networks Concierge Wireless Interactive Touchscreen SOLAR (GREEN) SYSTEMS PRODUCTS DISTEC GmbH DISTEC Solar LED Systems ZBD Display Ltd Shelf Edge Zero-power e-paper LCD Displays 3D DISPLAYS PRODUCTS Dimensional Studios Philips 3D WOWvx display Luminvision Ltd VisPod 3D Displays NewSight Corporation NewSight 3D Display Products Special Things IMAGEPRO3D 3D Optical Display System DISPLAYS SYSTEMS (OTHER) PRODUCTS 3M UK - Digital Signage Vikuiti Rear Projection Displays 9X Media Inc Video Walls,Multi Screens,Video Controllers Ad Notam GmbH Mirror Image and Magic Mirror Systems Afficom Ballon Screen Artium Artium's EMBOX Wireless Ad Displays AVisum Pty Ltd Custom POS Displays and Networks Brookview Technologies Through Window Interactive Overlays iCAN C360 TV C360TV 360 Degree Displays Create Multimedia Services iWindow Interactive Solutions DigiCharm Technology MicroSignage Technology EyeClick EyeStep, EyeTouch, EyeBoard and EyeControl FogScreen FogScreen™ Projection Screen Fokus Media Integrated Large Screen Kiosk GestureTek GestPoint, GroundFX, GestureXtremeSystems Harbor Industries Custom Interactive Displays HoloDisplays Projection Screens and Displays HoloVis International MediaWalls, Immersive 3D Displays IO Agency Interactive Floor, Room, and Wall Systems IO2Technology Heliodisplay Mid-Air Video Projector Kinoton America Lightfast 360 Degree LED Video Displays Lanetco Video Display Walls LumenLabs Q42 All-in-One Computer Luminvision Ltd AdPod 3D Projection System Luminoz Projection Screens and Displays Lunalite International EL Lamp Technology Magink Display Technologies Digital Ink Displays MediaZest Plc Holographic Projections Mediox Mediox Smart Tray Microvision PICO Projector Modules Mirror Media Ltd MirrorMedia and MirrorTV Systems Monster Media Wall FX, Screen FX, and Ground FX Systems
  8. 8. MultiMedia Communications LumaGlass Projection System nCast Limited ViVidImage Rear Projection Systems OMi Interactive Systems OMi-Beam Systems Opalio SpinnXS, SpinnXS Sustainable, ZoomXS nLighten Technologies PICO Projector Modules ProScreen AIRSHOW See-Through Acrylic or Glass Displays Pyramidscreens Multi Dimensional Screen Display Screen Technology Optical Fibre Tiles Solaris Labs Rear Projection Systems, Plasma and LCDs Tel-Pub Medias 360 Degree Video Displays Toshiba International Curvable LED Display TouchMedia TouchStand Multimedia Kiosk Twinscreen Thin Film Rear Projection Screens Uni-Pixel Displays Opcuity Active Layer Displays Viewness Shelf edge Mini video Displays