Secret revealed see how article marketing beats adwords and other online ads


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Secret revealed see how article marketing beats adwords and other online ads

  1. 1. See How Article Marketing Beats Adwords and other online AdsI am in a good mood today. So I thought of sharing one of my SEO secret withyou all. It is a kind of an open secret that pretty much everyone knows about butdo we really? It is a fact, that PPC and other online ads will drive traffic to yoursite faster than any other method, but do you know up to 60% of that traffic canbounce back, if your site does not deliver what your ad promises, which meansthey come to your site and leave within 3 seconds never to come back. So theregoes 60% of your budget. if you have already blown your budget, you need tofind ways to get “quality” traffic to your site for free, and this is where articlemarketing comes in.The reason article marketing works 10 folds better than online ads is the trustfactor. While anyone can place online ads but giving a much needed usefuladvice in form of a “quality” article is only something a subject matter expert cando. Here I would like to emphasize on the term “Quality” as just writing blah blahblah and submitting would do more harm than good to your website and brand ingeneral. Treat your readers with some respect and spend some time researchingthe topic and writing something useful about it and not just a sales pitch.Now, just about anyone with moderate English skills and minimal writing abilitycan write articles and publish them on the various article directories. And if yourarticles are remotely interesting, you can have them picked up by variouswebmasters and bloggers to use as information on their sites within hours ofbeing published.Now you might say that who has time to write articles. Well if that’s you then, tocontinue the trend let me give you another piece of advice today. There areauthors online who would write 500 word articles for as little as US$5.00!! With awell written article lets say you get 500 hits (which is on the lower end if you seethe average). You do the math. 5/500 is ONE penny a hit!! Can Google beat this?I highly doubt it.But just exactly what needs to be done to have these articles point back to yourwebsite? Most experts will tell you that you need to have the all importantkeywords in your article point back to you website. Well, if you are a newbie, justwhat is a keyword, and how is it used to point traffic to your website.And then the expert will tell you that you need to use the long tail keyword andthrow in latent semantic indexing. Then the expert tells you that you need to payattention to back links, reciprocal links and the next thing you know, you willprobably need a witch doctor and a human sacrifice are two. At least, that iswhat it felt like when I first tried to break into internet marketing.
  2. 2. This didn’t include building a website, learning html, php, css, or the wholealphabet of website jargon, it is no wonder that most people throw up their handsand quit. If you try to take in everything that you need in order to start an onlinebusiness, you can quickly get overwhelmed.There are some assumptions that we will make in this report: • You have a website. (It can be html or a blog) • You want to drive traffic to your website. • You have blown your budget getting your website put together and you cannot afford PPC. • You have basic writing skills. • You have a burning desire to succeed.Before we get started, there are a few basic things that you need to understandin order to implement article marketing. • Keyword • Back link • Long tail keyword • Headline • Article body • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) • Keyword density • Signature file, About the Author Box What Exactly Are Keywords and How Are They Used Effectively?One of the primary uses for the internet is searching for information. There is awealth of information online about virtually every topic known to mankind. Itdoesn’t matter what you are searching for, you can find it online, the problem liesin finding it.This is where the search engines come into play. When a person tries to find theinformation they are searching for, they type in a word or phase that describesthe information they are searching for. This is known as a keyword. The searchengines try to match the search phrase with the millions of websites that containthe information being searched for.The spiders (or bots) search the websites and compare them to the searchphrase. The website that has the most information (or the best matchedinformation) will rank higher in the search engine results. Most people will notsearch further than the first two or three pages of results, so it is important to getlisted in the first 20 or 30 listings. There are lots of things you can do on your siteto help improve your website position. But that is not the purpose of this report. How do Back Links Help Your Site?
  3. 3. As important as the onsite optimization is, the offsite optimization is much moreimportant, and will provide better results for your website. One of the best thingsyou can do to improve your search engine placement is to get back links pointingtoward to website.There are two basic types of back links, reciprocal and one way. A reciprocal linkmeans that your website and anther website have exchanged links pointingtowards each others site. A one way link means that the other website points atyour site, without you having to point back at their site. Obviously, a one way linkis much better.The more links that you have pointing back to your website the more importancethat Google and the other search engines will place on your site. There arenumerous ways to get back links, you can join an exchange, buy them, findwebsites that are similar in nature to your website and exchange links with them,or you can write articles. How Does Article Marketing Work?Earlier we touched on using keywords or phrases to find things on the internet.The secret to article marketing is pretty simple; you write an article about thekeyword in question.But how do you know what the keyword is? That is really a simple question, andif you get it right, you can make a lot of money marketing online. Get it wrong,and your efforts are doomed from the beginning.People don’t just use one keyword or phrase to find the information they arelooking for. They use a multitude of other words to search with. These are whatare known as long tail keywords. And this is one of the secrets to articlemarketing.Let’s take dog training as an example. The keyword here is dog training. Buthow do you know what the competition is, and how many people are searchingfor this particular keyword?There are several “Free” tools available to perform this search. Personally, I liketo use Google Adwords Tool. It is a free tool, not only for finding keywords, buttelling how profitable the market will be. With Good Keywords you type in yourprimary keyword, and it will give you related search terms, or long tail keywords.With Google, you can find out what the competition is for the keyword you areworking with.The main keyword has over 100,000 searches which is quite a few. However, ithas over 26 million competing sites. This is pretty massive competition, and formost people, you will not be able to compete at this level. But don’t give up just
  4. 4. yet. This is where the long tail key words come into play. These are keywordsthat are searched on fewer times per month, and more importantly, have lesscompetition.For example, “search and rescue dog training” has 814 searches, and 10,200competing websites. This is a lot easier to rank for.I told you earlier that article marketing was one of the simplest and easiest waysto get traffic to your site. Well here is the secret, you simply write an article about“Search and Rescue Dog Training”. Then you publish this article to the variousarticle banks like linksknowledge.comYour article needs to include a heading, the body, and the about the author box(the most important part). The heading needs to include the keyword or keyphase you are trying to rank for. In our example the title would be “Search andRescue Dog Training Made Simple”, or “How the Police Train Their Search andRescue Dogs”.The search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing, so you want to use wordsthat are similar to you key phase, but they don’t necessarily have to match thephase 100%. This allows you to write your article more normally, that people willbe able to read and understand more easily. How to Determine Your Keyword Density LevelI think this is one of the more misunderstood parts of article marketing. I’veheard the keyword density should range from 0.5% up to 6%. Personally, I think0.5% is too low, and 6% will probably get your article classified as spam, and youcould get your article de-listed. I’ve had the best results when I keep thekeyword density between 1% and 2%. The search engine bots can figure outwhat the article is about, and people are able to read it without it appearingforced.Basically, you need to include the keyword in your title, and you should includethe keyword in each paragraph. You also want to include the keyword in theAbout the Author box as well. This will normally get you between 1% and 2%keyword density level, which is where you want to be. About the Author BoxThis is the most important part of your article. Here you provide the link back toyour website. Without this link, your article may have the best informationavailable on your topic, but if you don’t provide a link back to your site, all youreffort has been wasted.
  5. 5. Your link needs to contain the full URL and not just a hidden hyper link. Forexample not just as this allows the spiders toidentify the link to your site and find it.Every time your article is used, it will provide the all important one way link toyour website. ConclusionThe final secret to article marketing is to write lots of articles. There are nearly70 keywords that have over 500 searches a month. Write 70 articles, one foreach keyword, and point them towards your website. Eventually, you will startgetting traffic to your site, and it will not cost you anything. Piece of cake! Isn’t it?Now here is the cherry on the top, if you don’t want to take the time to write thearticles yourself, you can outsource the work, and hire someone to write thearticles for you. As I mentioned above there are authors online waiting for yourorders to write 500 words articles for as low as US$5. But however you do it, youneed to write a lot of articles and have the About the Author Box point back toyour website.Remember to do the necessary keyword research, and target your articles toyour website.There are several websites to submit your articles but my favorite is . It is fairly new online but their newsletter reachis amazing. But that’s not why I like it. I like it because they don’t publish blahblah blah even if you try to submit. Their readers are high quality. To maintain thequality they only publish articles which carry genuine advice and not just adescription of your products and services portfolio. Which means if it does getpublished on then sit back and enjoy quality traffic back toyour site with and cocktail in your left hand. ☺Did you like this report? It took me a few hours to write it so if you did likeit then as a thank you note, kindly do me a favor and forward it yourcolleagues and friends. You may also tweet it and like it on your facebook.About the AuthorNoor Mohammad is a Chartered Marketer and online marketing specialist. Youmay visit his linkedin page at