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What is an Online Reputation Disaster?


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Published in: Business
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What is an Online Reputation Disaster?

  2. 2. Social Media: The Top 5 Epic Fails of all time! DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  3. 3. Honda • Honda updated FB with pictures of a brand new car… • Unfortunately some of the fans didn’t like the new designs, both positive and negative feedback was being given • One chap decided to post some really positive feedback… DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  4. 4. Come on Eddie- Be Honest! His identity was uncovered within minutes as the Manager of Product Design - Honda DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  5. 5. Domino’s employees YouTube themselves to court Two brilliant Domino’s Pizza employees thought it was funny to film themselves abusing takeaway food and breaking the hygiene standards in one of Domino’s Pizza store kitchen.The video was uploaded on YouTube (another wise move) and received more than one million views before it was pulled down. DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  6. 6. But as all businesses should understand, you can try to remove the negative traces but it can still be found somewhere else in the social media space. This scandal resulted in a multi-million dollar loss and caused great damage to Domino’s 50 year old brand reputation. Criminal cases had been filed against the employees while Domino’s CEO used none other than YouTube to make a sincere apology for the incident. DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  7. 7. • A couple of years ago, Dell were managing to turn a blind eye on ‘Social Media presence’. So much so it was virtually non existent. • One fine day Dell has its first ever social media entry…. DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  8. 8. Welcome to • One unhappy Dell customer decided to write a blog post criticizing the company • Before too long the ‘Dell Hell’ page appeared as the top hit when searching for ‘Dell’ in Google due its overnight popularity -Dell are now in control of their Social Media Presence- offering some of the best representation around! (Surprising!!) DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  9. 9. UNITED BREAKS GUITARS DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence
  10. 10. Musician Dave Carroll turned an unfortunate experience into a catchy, funny song published on YouTube which received millions of views, was reproduced thousands of times on the web, and was covered by major network media. Oqozo DIGIQOM Centre of Excellence