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Open data journalism


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My presentation on "open data journalism" for the Inte

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Open data journalism

  1. 1. Open Data
  2. 2. 2012: a networked public sphere
  3. 3. Thestream
  4. 4. Open Journalism
  5. 5. An expanding number of data sources
  6. 6. Open government data platforms
  7. 7. Commercial and industry data
  8. 8. Social data and crisis data
  9. 9. Fauxpen DataIn an age of “openwashing”…We need to:Evaluate licenses.Peruse the Terms of Service.Review the governance.Look at community.Check the format.
  10. 10. “Data-driven journalism is the future” Source: Tim Berners-Lee in the Guardian
  11. 11. “We used to call it CAR”-DeBarros Bob Woodward, via Cliff1066
  12. 12. “Trendy but not new”-Simon Rogers, Guardian
  13. 13. Now it’s “Hacks and Hackers”Photo by Dennis Crowley, from “Hack to Hacker: Rise of the Journalist-Programmer”
  14. 14. “Newspapers are either going to start doing what we do, or theyre going to be bypassed and out of date.” -Elliot Jaspin That was 1986, in Time.
  15. 15. More than 36 interactive databases publishedData sets account for 75% of overall traffic [Source: CJR]
  16. 16. Source: How Canada became an open data and data journalism powerhouse
  17. 17. “Make small things faster, make big things possible.”-Derek Willis, cost a few hundred dollars. Hosted on Amazon EC2.
  18. 18. Public-private data hybrids
  19. 19. “If Stage 1 of data journalism was “find and scrape data,” then… Stage 2 was “ask government agencies to release data” in easy to use formats. Stage 3 is going to be “make your own data”, and those sources of data are going to be automated and updated in real-time.” -Javaun Moradi, NPR
  20. 20. Safecastopen sourceGeiger counter
  21. 21. Robo-journalism?
  22. 22. Storytelling still matters.“We use these tools to find and tell stories. We use them like we use a telephone. The story is still the thing.” - Anthony DeBarros USA Today Source: Data Journalism and the Big Picture
  23. 23. Data journalists, meet civic hackers Source: BuzzData
  24. 24. Homicide Watch
  25. 25. Co-create a stronger union