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NICAR: Open government, Gov 2.0 and open data journalism


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Published in: Technology, Business

NICAR: Open government, Gov 2.0 and open data journalism

  1. Open Data
  2. We spread the knowledge ofinnovators around the world.
  3. Technology publishing
  4. Integrated media and conferences
  5. Online publishing at Radar
  6. Makers and open source hardware
  7. In the 1990s, government and civilsociety spread the Internet globally
  8. In the 2000s, mobile phones and social networking connected us ever more
  9. Thestream
  10. In the 2010s, big data will change everything again. Image Credit: Real Time Rome from
  11. Open data allows citizens to be generative in new ways
  12. Platforms for citizens to self-organize Image Credit: ITO World
  13. HHS Community Health Data
  14. An expanding number of data sources
  15. Open government data platforms
  16. Commercial and industry data
  17. Social data and crisis data
  18. Civic startups & media-generated data
  19. “Traffic on the NYC Health Department’srestaurant inspection site has gone from10,000 hits per month to 124,000” - New York Times
  20. Public-private data hybrids
  21. “If Stage 1 of data journalism was “find and scrape data,” then… Stage 2 was “ask government agencies to release data” in easy to use formats. Stage 3 is going to be “make your own data”, and those sources of data are going to be automated and updated in real-time.” -JavaunMoradi, NPR
  22. "The transparency genie is out of the bottle — world wide — and its not going back into the darkness of that lantern ever again. Progress will be slow, but it will be progress.” - Ellen Miller, Sunlight Foundation
  23. Transparency is not enoughData illiteracy is leading to a new data divide.Risk: open data empowers the empowered. Illustration: Brock Davis
  24. Bridge thedata divide Digital signage on the cheap
  25. “Data-driven journalism is the future” Source: Tim Berners-Lee in the Guardian
  26. Co-create a stronger union
  27. Find