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Collab Space DC Open Data


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A presentation on open data and more for PBS Mediashift's conference in DC.

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Collab Space DC Open Data

  1. 1. Collab Space @digiphile
  2. 2. An expanding number of data sources
  3. 3. Open Data Graphic Credit: Justin Grimes
  4. 4. Open government data platforms
  5. 5. Fauxpen Data In an age of “openwashing”… We need to: Evaluate licenses. Peruse the Terms of Service. Review the governance. Look at community. Check the format.
  6. 6. Los Angeles Times
  7. 7. Networked accountability
  8. 8. Networked accountability
  9. 9. Data + journalism + activism + responsive institutions = social change
  10. 10. “If Stage 1 of data journalism was “find and scrape data,” then… Stage 2 was “ask government agencies to release data” in easy to use formats. Stage 3 is going to be “make your own data”, and those sources of data are going to be automated and updated in real-time.” -Javaun Moradi, NPR