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Personal Branding Master Class - Andrew Chow, AP Academy

  1. MASTER CLASS SINGAPORE ~ SEPTEMBER 15 - 16, 2022 DIGIMARCONSOUTHEASTASIA.COM | #DigiMarConSoutheastAsia DIGIMARCONSINGAPORE.SG | #DigiMarConSingapore Personal Branding Master Class Andrew Chow CO-FOUNDER AP ACADEMY
  2. Personal Branding Masterclass Discovering The Secrets Behind Personality Types to Enhance Your Career Success
  3. @ideasandrew
  4. Uniqueness Made Visible #personalbranding247 @ideasandrew
  5. The Form is What others can see (Visible)
  6. The Substance is What others have to Discover about your (Uniqueness is invisble)
  7. “Made” is What you need to do to ensure your substance has the right form
  8. The Substance is What others have to Discover about your (Uniqueness is invisible)
  9. Personality Sum Total of Behaviors, Attitudes, Beliefs, Motivation & Values
  10. How we Creates our own World
  11. How we Adjust to our Environment
  12. How we React to Different Situations
  13. How we Engage with Different People
  14. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1
  15. Helper Achiever Creator Observer Loyalist Adventurer Challenger Peacemaker Perfectionist
  16. Type 1: Strict Perfectionist / Reformer “I must be perfect.” Positive Disciplined Consistent Conscientious Hardworking High Standards Exact Righteous Principled Average Orderly Impersonal Critical Organized Strict Lawful Rigid Exact Negative Inflexible Self-Righteous Obsessive Judgmental Legalist Uptight Correction-Seeking Resentful
  17. Perfectionist @ Work having high standards dedicated in everything reasonable Type 1: Perfectionist @ Work
  18. Type 2: Considerate Helper / Giver “I must help others.” Positive Compassionate Giving Sympathetic Humorous Attentive Caretaker Nurturing Tough Skinned Average Generous Encouraging People Focused Helpful Behind the Scene Comforting Soft hearted Supportive Negative Manipulative Possessive Intrusive Suffer in Silence Pleasing Self forgetful Flattery Dependent
  19. Giver @ Work Relate easily to people Caring and warm Good sense of humor Type 2: Helper @ Work
  20. Type 3: Competitive Achiever / Performer “I am what I do.” Positive Goal-oriented Self Starter Energetic Performer Accomplished Excellence In the Scene Zealous Average Adaptable Competitive Pragmatic Charismatic Leverage Looking Good Smooth Operator Marketing/Entrepreneur Negative Approval Seeking Defensive Lacks Self Awareness Opportunistic Emotionally shut down Difficult to receive Spotlight Seeking Approval Seeking
  21. Achiever @ Work being optimistic being competent able to motivate people Type 3: Achiever @ Work
  22. Type 4: Intense Creator / Individualist “I must be different” Positive Inspired Creative Personal/Reveali ng Intuitive Empathic Feel deeply Aesthetic Artistic Average Self Absorbed Feels Different Emotional Dreamer Fantasy Ritual Maker Melancholy Sensual Negative Self Pitying Impractical Alienated Self Destruct Life as Drama Longing Self Indulgent Sense of Tragic
  23. Individualist @ Work To feel at a deep level Creativity and intuition Being unique Type 4: Creator @ Work
  24. Type 5: Quiet Observer “I don’t know enough.” Positive Perceptive Thoughtful Wise Investigative Intellectual Guru Insightful Synthesize Average Self Reliant Intense Private Questioner Knowledgeable Isolated Reserved Quiet Negative Eccentric Compartmentalizes Cynical Anti Social Don’t display warmth Invisible Loner Move away from others
  25. Investigator @ Work Cool and Collected Perceptive Type 5: Observer @ Work Objective
  26. Type 6: Skeptical Loyalist “I am always dutiful.” Positive Responsible Loyal Engaging Teamwork Accountable Vigilant Contented Committed Average Independent Cautioning Obedient Follower Careful Hesitant Enjoys Routine Faithful Negative Indecisive Contradictory Paranoid Devil’s Advocate Abandoned Doubting Lacks Confidence Imagine the Worst
  27. Loyalist @ Work Committed and Faithful Responsible and Hardworking Confronting Danger Bravely Type 6: Loyalist @ Work
  28. Type 7: Visionary Adventurer “I want to be happy.” Positive Spontaneous Fun Versatile See the Big Picture Flexible Excited Wow Many Possibilities Average Lively Experiential Adventure – seeking Happy Entertaining On the Go Talkative Carefree Negative Hyperactive Superficial Impulsive Lack of Focus Impulsive Dislike Rules Inattentive Pleasure-Seeking
  29. Enthusiast @ Work Spontaneous and Free-spirited Risks Taker Make tough work FUN! Type 7: Adventurer @ Work
  30. Type 8: Active Challenger “My strength protects me.” Positive Confident Inspiring Leader Taking initiatives Just Do It Self Directed Pioneering Stand Up for Right Average Dominant Forthright Fight for fairness Challenger Direct Tough Minded Take Charge Straight Forward Negative Intimidating Confrontational Controlling Curt Forceful Blunt Over Protective Vengeful
  31. Challenger @ Work independent and self-reliant meet challenges head on Honest / Direct Type 8: Challenger @ Work
  32. Type 9: Adaptive Peace Maker “I am agreeable.” Positive Easygoing Unpretentious Patient Gentle Facilitator Peace Maker Reassuring Mr Nice Guy Average Accommodating Peaceful Genuine Negotiator Let it Be Consensus Seeking Unassuming Settled Negative Disengaged Stubborn Oblivious Procrastinate Complacent Indifferent Lazy Withdrawn
  33. Peace Maker @ Work Non-judgmental Inclusive Good Mediator and Facilitator Type 9: Peace Maker @ Work
  34. 2 Helper 3 Achiever 4 Creator 5 Observer 6 Loyalist 7 Adventurer 8 Challenger 9 Peacemaker 1 Perfectionist Feeling Thinking Action
  35. 2 Helper 3 Achiever 4 Creator 5 Observer 6 Loyalist 7 Adventurer 8 Challenger 9 Peacemaker 1 Perfectionist Withdrawn Compliant Assertive Social Styles: What do you do to get what you want?
  36. 2 Helper 3 Achiever 4 Creator 5 Observer 6 Loyalist 7 Adventurer 8 Challenger 9 Peacemaker 1 Perfectionist Competent Positive Reactive Conflict Styles: What do you do when you get what you want?
  37. What’s your personality code? 2 5 8 Obvious to Many (Form) Known to Few (Positioning) Show during Crisis (Substance) Eg.
  38. Scan this code for a detailed report for your Personality Numbers (eg. 369)