Online Video Platform for Tradeshows and Conventions


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Online Video Platform helps tradeshows and conventions centers, sponsors and exhibitors leverage Social Media to provide exposure & visibility to attendees, existing and new customers.

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Online Video Platform for Tradeshows and Conventions

  1. 1. Our Video Technology and Marketing Company is Supported through 3 Business UnitsVideoPlatformContentSyndication/AdvertisingContentCreation
  2. 2. Proven Technology Success Track RecordProven experience and technology to deliver the turn-key video solution you need. Look at just a few of the brands that trust us….
  3. 3. Success Track Record What Clients are Saying… Benjamin Finley, VP, Branded Entertainment, Emmis “Delivering an enhanced user experience with the player enabled us to increase the total viewership on our online TV properties. We are thrilled by the monetization that we have been able to achieve and the steady growth in revenue contribution from 1% to 21%.” Since April 2009, WQHT has billed $500,000 in revenue for Hot 97 TV, most of which did not come from traditional radio budgets. We had problems with other companies getting Spanish to display properly, and we knew this wasn’t an issue with the Player. They were already optimized for Spanish language” Mando d’Armas, MGS Toyota Scion Campaign
  4. 4. Online Video At A Glance Proof of the Market Need… 83% of senior executives said they are watching more online video (Forbes Insight) In 2009, 41% of executives age 50 + watched online Video. In 2010 it jumped to 66 (Forbes Insight) 65% of viewers visit a vendor’s website after watching a video. 53% search online for more information Cisco predicts that by 2013 90% of Web traffic will be video
  5. 5. Online Video At A Glance Why your customers want you providing video… ComScore estimates 86. 3 % (173 Million) of Total U.S. Internet Audience engages with video monthly According to Comscore companies using online video see sales lifts between 20 – 40% A Kelsey Group study found 55% of people who view a video visit the company’s website, 30% visit theCreating Value through physical store, and 24% make a Targeted Delivery purchase as a result Cost effective media that delivers Measurable Results!!!
  6. 6. The Opportunity What’s in it for YOU… Create a customized video offering and tools for your Trade Show/Convention to give your exhibitors We Provide Full Syndication of Tradeshow Content at Convention Website during and after the show (and before if desired) Proactive Opportunity for your attendees to easily gain the exposure they are looking for in real time at your show and worldwide Offer convention sponsors a plug-and-play, fully integrated video platform that seamlessly fits into any upcoming convention’s custom platform and needs Our video platform helps conventions centers, sponsors and exhibitors leverage Social Media to provide exposure & visibility to attendees, existing and new customers.
  7. 7. The Opportunity What’s in it for YOU…Your convention TV is a permanent PR Platform for exhibitors toshowcase their products/offerings beyond the convention as well.Have Exhibitors begging for slots at your convention with themarket leading tools today’s exhibitors need and want and NGMprovides.Today video is the medium of choice for encapsulatingtradeshows & conventions. Be sure you are offering not onlyvideo, but the best media and platform to customers.Enable exhibitors to manage and distribute video assets from YourPlatformOffer content maximum visibility through syndication toguaranteed media outlets and social media platforms at a monthlyfee, even in advance of shows!
  8. 8. Organic Distribution
  9. 9. Video Search Optimization90% of onlinesessions begin with a SEMsearch.81% of users find websites they werelooking for throughsearch engines.Search enginesaverage 300-500million searches perday.According to Forester • 95% of users don’t go beyond the first 3Research Video SEOis 53 times more likely pagesto drive a first pagesearch result thantraditional SEO. • According to Comscore, 44% of universal search results on Google featured video
  10. 10. A Better Way to PublishSyndicate to one or manyCreate custom playerdesigns or pick from manyFully integrated ad servingHighlight single or multiplevideosLive StreamingSocial
  11. 11. Deliver:Promotions/AdvertisingSkin entire playerStandard IAB UnitsInteractive in-stream Pre/Mid/Post Rolls Overlays & WatermarksThird-Party Integrations
  12. 12. Deliver: Your Live Events Context Oriented Syndication (players & channels) Stream anywhere including social (in or out of your center) Users can auto post the live event to Facebook, Twitter, etc Live Event instantly turns into Asset post broadcast Automatic archive to channel
  13. 13. Manage: Without Limits Unlimited Players Unlimited Channels Unlimited Videos & Live Events Unlimited Users Advertising Analytics
  14. 14. Let’s Partner for Success NGM has the products & resources today’s clients want, built by market leaders. Our combined relationships and expertise will lead to increased revenues and products that excite and invigorate our customers Let NGM create an exact and authentic rapport with your target audience using proven tools and tactics combined with unmatched genuine instinct CONTACT Mary Spio (877) 407-9797
  15. 15. NGM Produces Post ShowTestimonial Videos too! NGM will work with you and your staff to produce a custom video of the show that just ended and testimonials of exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, etal, for you to use for future sales and promotional efforts. These videos can be revised as you like to incorporate any additional text, video, audio, content or special items you desire. Discuss your needs now with our NGM representative to learn more, or just order design of your Post Production Video right now!