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Dl1 digital engagement david mortimer


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Dl1 digital engagement david mortimer

  1. 1. DL1: DIGITAL ENGAGEMENTPlenary 1: Digital EngagementDavid MortimerHead of Digital Inclusion,Age UK
  2. 2. Age UK’s Information & Advicefor Older People Printed and online Face to face Advocacy / Signposting Information Telephone Advice Advice and representation and tools casework People least capable of resolving problemsPeople most capable of resolving problems People with complex / multiple problems orPeople with simple easy to resolve problems issues requiring face to face support
  3. 3. 45 guides + 70 factsheets +online tools
  4. 4. Local I&A Services •Advice on Social Care, Housing Options, Money and Benefits and Local Services •Over 6 million leaflets and factsheets including •Over a million visits and downloads of information resources from the Age UK website •Let’s Talk Money campaign (3 months) online benefits calculator = more than 14,000 benefits checks •Over £140 million put in older people’s pockets in 2011-12
  5. 5. More Money In Your Pocket - leaflet•a guide to claiming benefits for people over state pension age•54% of people who received the guide took an action as a result•25% used the guide to check what they were entitled to•15% claimed a benefit•33% were over 75 – the age at which internet use drops dramatically•Reasons for ordering guide included •18% struggling to make ends meet •12% poor health / sickness •12% to claim pension credit.
  6. 6. Mr B, 85, referred toAge UK Tunbridge Wells• Isolated since the death of his wife• Very poor living conditions• Seldom went out – extremely poor mobility• Very lonely• Dire financial situation – serious debt and threats of legal action• Unable to cope either physically or mentally• No bank account and keeping large amounts of cash in the houseWith Age UK support Mr B now:• Comes to Age UK twice a week for a bath, lunch and to socialise, and has made several friends• Has a carer to keep on top of housework and do his shopping• Maximises his benefits• Has opened a bank account and arranged for all his benefits to go into this• Manages his debt and has paid off many of the smaller ones completely, with the larger ones being paid off monthly Direct Debit.• Bills paid by Direct Debit - no longer misses payments• On-going support with budgeting and bill paying and general advice and emotional support.• Mr B says that without it he would definitely not be able to stay in his own home…