Breakout 1 - digital public services - robert christopherson


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Breakout 1 - digital public services - robert christopherson

  1. 1. RobertChristophersonHead of Digital InclusionAbilityNet
  2. 2. Accessibility Management in a Nutshell
  3. 3. Who’s Affected?Your stakeholders: 18% of UK population has a disability – and growing Many millions more have dyslexia or literacy difficulties Aging population More and more people using online services - on more and more platforms
  4. 4. The Sticks It’s the law – Equality Act, Disability Equality Duty, employment law Potential cost of litigation Lose employees, customers and clients Cost of medical retirement, recruitment and retraining Bad publicity/brand damage Retrofitting accessibility more costly and more difficult
  5. 5. Public Sector – Leading the Way? “Fairness is not an additional cost on the public sector. Fairness is why we have a public sector” Patrick Diamond, Group Director Strategy Equality and Human Rights Commission
  6. 6. The Carrots Reach a wider audience – up to 20% Makes your site more useable for everyone – by 35% More mobile-friendly Reduces page weight, bandwidth and maintenance Improves search engine rankings Easier to refresh Your disabled employees (of today and tomorrow)
  7. 7. Happy Birthday BS 8878BS8878 ‘Web Accessibility Code of Practice’ Published 7 Dec 2010 Guidance on designing or commissioning ‘web products’ Focus on process rather than technical or design issuesFewer horror stories BUT still all too common
  8. 8. The ChallengeThe challenge is to: Gain and retain accessibility expertise across all your IT and web teams Stay abreast of developments in technical standards, regulations and legislation HTML5, WCAG, ARIA, MWBP, TG102 Ensure expertise is based on real user experience Access disabled users for ‘real-life’ compliance
  9. 9. Number 10 Website – Meeting the Challenge?
  10. 10. Hi-Impact Relationships
  11. 11. iCOMPLY – A Managed ApproachAbilityNet’s iCOMPLY: Access professional support from a single source Embedded expertise – a consultant regularly on-site Fast turnaround on queries Cross-department management reporting
  12. 12. iCOMPLY – A Managed ApproachAdditional benefits: Weekly full-site scans with Compliance Sheriff® Access to strategic and technical guideline library Online resource ‘My Computer My Way’ Achieve AbilityNet accessibility accreditation
  13. 13. The BBC: My Computer My Way “As a public service website, our goal is to ensure that we serve all our users; with AbilityNet, we are making this objective a reality” Jonathan Hassell, Head of Usability and Accessibility, BBC
  14. 14. IBM IntranetAccessible Intranet Saved 40 % + in bandwidth Better able to share and adapt information
  15. 15. Virgin Atlantic New site 68% uplift in revenue to £62m Won best website at Travel Industry Awards
  16. 16. Legal & General Relaunched accessible site +95% Life quote requests online +90% Life Insurance sales online 100% Return on Investment in 12 months Saved £200k pa on site maintenance (66% saving) Speed/effort required to manage content reduced from an average of 5 days to 0.5 days per job
  17. 17. mydonate
  18. 18. Compliance With ConfidenceAre you up to the challenge? Invest in accessibility Goes hand-in-hand with a mature mobile strategy Make all your web properties