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Robyn's pb

  1. 1. On one fine morning Simonwas on his way to school onhis bright yellow bike. Helmet fitsHe loved his bike so much he properly, check fordidn’t want to get it full of cracks, usemud every time he went to the two finger rule,school so that’s why he was Check front and backalways in trouble with his brakes are Handlebarsteacher and the principal. working. are tight and do not move. Check tyres are pumped Check seat is up, noWhat should Simon do before he not too low or brokenrides his bike? too high, it spokes and faces the Chain is are notCan you find the answers in the right way and oiled and loose. it is not loose notpicture? loose.
  2. 2. The principal thoughtSimon’s bike problem ofkeeping it clean was justsilly. So he decided to callSimon’s parents to sort outthis issue.So Simon’s principal calledhis parents but they said“You will have to sort it outbecause it’s Simon who youhave to deal with”. So theprincipal called Simon to hisoffice to talk to him.
  3. 3. But when Simon satdown to talk hisprincipal Simon said “Mybike is so important tome I don’t want it to getit full of mud”.But when Simon’sprincipal heard this hegot a bit of a surprise.
  4. 4. So now Simon’s principalknew what the problem washe decided to organise a biketournament to see if Simoncan actually take the rightpath to the finish line.So when it came to the timeof the bike tournamentSimon was waiting at thestart line for the start gun togo off. And all of a sudden itdid and Simon raced down tothe first hill and took theright path down to the forest.
  5. 5. But a few minutes laterSimon came to the forest andtook the wrong path bymistake but he always knewhow to get out of the forestbecause the path that hetook was actually the samepath he took to school.So now Simon was out of theforest he was surprisingly infront of everybody becausethe path that Simon took wasa very quick way to takewhen people didn’t knowabout it.What are some of the road signsshould Simon know in order to ridesafely?
  6. 6. But all of a sudden Jamie(Simon’s best friend) poppedout of nowhere on his bike.Simon was confused becauseJamie didn’t really like toride but any way Simoncarried on riding with Jamieto the finish line.What hand signals does Simon needto know to ride safely?
  7. 7. And when Simon and Jamiereached the finish line theyraced to see who came firstjust for fun. So when Simon and Jamiecrossed the finish line all thevillages cheered for the twoboys who had just finish thebike tournament.Click on the arrow to read moreimportant information about riding toschool safely.
  8. 8. And when Simon got the goldtrophy he was so pleasedwith himself he burst outlaughing.Now, are you ready to take a quiz?