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Digidevils is 2 yr old company started by a bunch marketeers aiming to provide value driven online advertising solutions to its clients.
Under DigiNetwork - We now offer new age digital marketing solutions like media planning, buying, search engine marketing and social media consultancy and setup.
Our own display ad network offers brands to reach their TG contextually and behaviourally. We work on lowest possible CPM and CPC model with sharply targeted results.
We also offer direct marketing solutions like email and SMS marketing [eDM] on a targeted database.
Amongst our other offerings, we have our own proprietory bulk email sending panel - DigiSoft.

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Digidevils Marketing Services

  1. 1. DigiDevils Media - all services
  2. 2. WE are your answer to all your online digital media related needs. • ‘Digidevils’ is an incorporation of experienced online media professionals armed with confidence and panache ready to give you one stop solutions. • We provide you online media to reach your targeted audience in record speed and time. • With the most innovative, creative and individualistic solutions. • Our team filled with that young fiery fervor to reach that pinnacle of success would leave no stone unturned to make your experience of doing business with us memorable and conciliate. About us
  3. 3. Services From exploring media inventories to executing online advertising campaigns, Our recommendations vary based on “Your” Brands market Reach. We devise an integrated online branding strategy tailored to your BRANDS needs. – Display Ads – Emailer Activity & Lead Gen – DSP & RTB campaign optimization – Social Media Influence campaigns – Search Engine Marketing (PPC) – Mobile Devices Media campaign
  4. 4. Display Ads • Banner Ads- CPM , CPC – Normal , Rich Media banners Ads – Pricing model like CPM , CPC , fixed rate… • Video Ads – CPM, Cost per View – Rich Media , Skin Ads – Pre- Roll , Post Roll Ads – Video Banner Ads • Sponsorship- Fixed – Content Integrations – White label
  5. 5. Emailer & Lead Gen • Direct Emailer Activity – Direct one to one interaction with your TG – Targeted Database (Opt-in & Non- opt in) – Matrices like mail sent, open rate, clicks , goal , coupon code redemption available. • Lead Gen – Generate , Store & Authenticate basis. – Single point of contact to get authenticated leads.
  6. 6. Demand Side Platform • Demand Side Platform – Reach out billions impressions per month. – Execution of overseas market campaign along with RTB & other optimization features. – Audience Retargeting & Audience Profiling through cookies. – Availability of media from long tail websites – Genre , Geo , time slot targeting.
  7. 7. DSP -Four Benefits •  Audience targeting through profiling – This method determines target users for ad placement for each advertiser by embedding DSP tags in the advertiser's website, and then understanding the attributions of the users that visit the website.
  8. 8. DSP -Four Benefit • Audience targeting that uses generic data – Select categories that have been prepared in advance by MicroAd to determine target users for ad sharing.This method is used in cases when it is difficult to place tags on pages
  9. 9. DSP- Four Benefits • Retargeting: Refers to the tracking of users that have left a website.
  10. 10. DSP- Four Benefits • Automatic cost per action (CPA) optimization through real- time bidding (RTB) (optimizing CPA) – The DSP engine automatically coordinates bidding prices with the publisher where ads are to be shared in a strategic way. In this way it maximizes the number of conversions and helps you achieve the CPA you have set as a goal, by introducing RTB for purchasing suitable impressions at suitable prices.
  11. 11. Social Media Influence campaigns • Social Media campaigns – Increase views, likes , conversation, shares on your social pages. – Pricing models like CPC, CPV , cost per like etc.. – Built , Operate , Manage the fan pages on social media platforms. – Viral Campaigns. – Reach & Awareness , share & conversation campaigns
  12. 12. PPC campaigns • Sharp targetting • Lowest possible bids • Exhaustive Keyword research • All search engines includes like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc • Commercials Like CPM , CPC , CPI , CPD etc…. Or, even a single cost of managing the account.
  13. 13. Mobile Media • In-apps display banner • Pre-launch and Post-exit of the app • Mobile internet sites and WAP banners. • Video Ads • Targeted Media Inventories based on O/S, Operators, Geo etc... • Commercials Like CPM , CPC , CPI , CPD etc….
  14. 14. Thanks Please Contact Rajat Sales Director 9810403351 9810123336