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Unlocking New Value from Super-Engaged Consumers - DPSE, 10/6/15


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Julie Harris from Immediate Media's presentation from the Digiday Publishing Summit in Barcelona - October 6, 2015.

Published in: Marketing
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Unlocking New Value from Super-Engaged Consumers - DPSE, 10/6/15

  1. 1. Julie Harris, Group Managing Director Unlocking new value from super-engaged consumers
  2. 2. The Power of Special Interest Deep engagement around people’s passions, what they spend their time and money on Foodies 11m Television addicts 7m Cyclists 6m Mums 2m Gardeners 1.5m Kids & Parents 1.3m Brides 1m Crafters 1.5m Historians 400k
  3. 3. 74mmagazines sold/ year 9mconsumer database 33mglobal unique users 1.1mactive subscribers Immediate has an increasingly scaled audience We engage 18m consumers across the UK every month
  4. 4. Immediate platform strategy Building world class competencies to drive multiple business models Magazines Responsive Web VideoDigital newsstand Marketplace Transactional & ecommerce Mobile first Digital content creation New business modelsPrint Ad tech, Native advertising & Programmatic Data services As brand dev company, we are building the ability to economically develop different markets in a variety of ways
  5. 5. 3.9mtotal weekly brand reach 1.9mweekly print readers 7.1mmonthly unique users Our Radio Times community A powerful entertainment brand reaching new and existing audiences
  6. 6. A brand in growth Compelling brand extensions Biggest selling quality magazine in UK, 750k weekly Legendary Xmas issue sells 2m Biggest magazine subscription base, 253k Showcasing the cream of UK TV and Radio Entertainment face to face 7m uniques, +62% yoy Digital revenues up 89% Discover, utility and tools. 1st official partner for Sky remote record and download now Selling products and services beyond content to a loyal, high trust consumer base Whichever platform you choose Radio Times: creating a new blueprint for multi-platform At the heart of the TV and Entertainment ecosystem
  7. 7. £6.0bn spend by guests 280,000 weddings in 2015 £3.4bn spend by couples £10 billion £0.7bn honeymoons £15m spend on local media £15m spend in wedding media Weddings: a £10bn UK economy
  8. 8. hitched: unlocking value in the weddings economy Creating a marketplace and acquiring new capability Inspiration & Advice Planning Tools Marketplace (Venues & Suppliers) Data & Transactions Products & Services PUBLISHER CONNECTOR PROVIDER
  9. 9. 1 Is the market eco-system of sufficient scale, and are we at the centre of it? 2 What do we need to become to remain relevant and essential? 3 Is our technology infrastructure flexible and scalable enough to move at speed? 4 Do we have the required capabilities or do we need to acquire them? 5 Are we being brave enough? Our transformation checklist
  10. 10. Immediate_Media Thank you