The Road Ahead: Pep Boys' In-Store Innovation


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Pep Boys is a heritage brand that customers feel really good about. But as today's perpetually connected consumers become more challenging to reach, Pep Boys set out to be at the forefront of innovation (rather than falling behind the times). In store innovation (digital lounge), revolutionized traditional marketing tactics (direct mail) and a connected digital marketing program are fueling their drive to connect with today's perpetually connected consumers now and on the road ahead.

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  • In 1921, way before the internet, let alone Facebook or Twitter, four Navy buddies pooled together $800 to open a single auto parts supply store in Philadelphia.
  • Now – more than 90 years later and over 700 stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico – Pep Boys has built a heritage brand that customers feel really good about
  • The priority is the customer
  • It’s about merging offline & online. It used to be in silo’s of broadcast & digital, now it’s marketing which includes: TV, radio, Google, Display, YouTube, twitter, etc. See chicken scratch image below. We tested interactive pre-roll through an added value testUsed :30 sec anthem video Included an option to link to additional videos on YouTubeResults68.7K Completions68.7% Completion Rate5.2K Engagements5.21% Engagement Rate
  • Pep Boys’ Search & Response activation involves reaching out to people on Twitter tweeting about certain pre-determined search terms such as “Oil change” “Tires” “New Tires” “Car Battery” “Broken Down Car” “Car Mechanic” etc. We reach out to these individuals and let them know how Pep Boys can help coupled with a coupon or special offer for the product or service in questionThe objective is to build awareness of Pep Boys and drive people in-store or online to use Pep Boys for their car product and services needThe key to S&R is being real time and reaching out to people when they are tweeting about these things so that Pep Boys is inserting itself in a relevant conversation with relevant coupons/promosS&R has been going well, we began S&R back in March 2013 and continue to grow the number of individuals we reach out to each monthAlmost all responses of people who get back to use are positive– people being thankful for us provided them with the info/solution they need and a coupon/promo
  • Tripled digital spend over past 3 years
  • Content MarketingGamificationMobilePersonalizationApps
  • Mobile is the one of the digital buzz words in every executive suite in the countryI do not want a “Mobile Strategy” at Pep BoysMobile needs to help Pep Boys integrate into our customers lives…Make it easy to care for their carsCar maintenance managementTelematicsSeamless brand and life integration
  • The Road Ahead: Pep Boys' In-Store Innovation

    1. 1. THE ROAD AHEAD: Pep Boys Customer Centricity
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. Who We Are Today 4
    5. 5. The Road Ahead Opportunity OPPORTUNITY GAP 5
    6. 6. The Customer 6
    7. 7. THE ROAD AHEAD
    8. 8. The Road Ahead VISION MISSION The best place to shop and care for your car People taking care of people…and their cars 8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. A Company-wide Effort CUSTOMER CENTRICITY Store Associates Systems Products Marketing 10
    11. 11. Old Silos New Approach Reputation Management In Store Display CRM Print Mobile Video CUSTOMER TV Search Social Radio Local 11
    12. 12. How To Do We Maintain Momentum Nationally 1. Emotional ‚It’s a place for people like me‛ e.g. Display Video 2. Rational ‚It seems like Pep Boys may be better at ‘X’ than where I go now‛ e.g. Display Banner 3. Promotional ‚With an offer like that, I don’t mind trying out Pep Boys‛ e.g. Display Banner/Paid Social Offers & Ads 12
    13. 13. Video 13
    14. 14. Banners 14
    15. 15. Social 15
    16. 16. Business Results Focusing on the customer in digital has yielded… • • • 365% increase in ROAS over the past 2 years Increased cookie pool 48% in service and 400% in tires in a 2 month time period Grew Google+ followers to 300,000+ and remain on their suggested user list • Improved SEM traffic and average position by 7% YoY • …and driven strong business results for Pep Boys • Double digit sales growth in Tampa Road Ahead market • Doubled the number of new customers in-store • Drove a 20 point growth in the customer satisfaction index First page SEO rankings are up 60% in the past 2 years 16
    18. 18. Return to the 1920’S Content Marketing Gamification Mobile Personalization Apps 18
    19. 19. In the beginning it was all about: “ One Store “ One Car “ One Customer… And it still is! 19
    20. 20. 20