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  • Animated – keep adding new recommendations one by oneBikinis, Boobs, Booze, etc.
  • Animated – keep adding new recommendations one by oneBikinis, Boobs, Booze, etc.
  • Animated – keep adding new recommendations one by oneBikinis, Boobs, Booze, etc.
  • Animated – keep adding new recommendations one by oneBikinis, Boobs, Booze, etc.
  • Users are engaging with content within their social streams.Ex. Facebook – show animated feed with a Sponsored PostEx. Twitter- animated gif of twitter stream with a promoted tweetZemanta streams- shows how on publisher sites users can discover new relevant content that is appealing to them, staying in the mindframe and context where they first discovered this content.
  • Talk about how Zemanta’s roots are in intelligently deciphering what content is about, and showing intelligent recommendationsVs. realizing recommendations are interesting and retrofitting a solutionThis is our bread and butter.We help both brands reach the right audiences and publishers make their offering richer and stronger. More valuable for users.
  • Essentially we help you figure out for each user, how can you maximize their audience value.Drive them to your internal site (recirculation?)To Partner sitesOr Monetize – send them to external sites, but that are relevant where they will have high post-click engagement.
  • Our product offering is diverse – reader discovery / related articles. Streams – new mobile platform offering. Editorial assistant – helps editors to play a role in audience development and with link earning strategy. Circles – automate your contributor content and partnership content.
  • Tech Talk with Zemanta

    1. 1. Trusted Content Discovery Todd Sawicki - CEO @sawickipedia Digiday Agency Summit October 2013
    2. 2. Our Solution … AD TYPES: FIRST DISPLAY Display Ad
    3. 3. Our Solution … AD TYPES: THEN SEARCH Search Ad
    4. 4. Our Solution … Reaching costumers is evolving. Search/Display ads 0.10% avg. CTR Integrated content 4.54% avg. CTR
    5. 5. Our Solution … AD TYPES: AND NOW CONTENT
    6. 6. Our Solution … CONTENT IS THE AD AND DESTINATION What to eat on a Friday afternoon Integrated Content Baked Mac n' Cheese in 15 minutes
    7. 7. Our Solution … Native ads are the future. Sponsored Posts Promoted Tweets Zemanta Streams
    8. 8. Our Solution … The Zemanta Solution Trusted Content Discovery We intelligently show topically relevant and targeted content in a way that maximizes total potential audience
    9. 9. You can do better. Leverage our roots and core strength.
    10. 10. Total Potential Audience Cotent will pay to be seen
    11. 11. Our Products Reader Discovery Editorial Assistant Streams Circles
    12. 12. As used by… “Zemanta helps introduce us to people that have an interest in similar themes. It’s a great discovery engine and gives us a way to reach audiences that we wouldn’t reach otherwise.” —Sr. Manager Search and Analytics ShoreTel Sky “Results have exceeded expectations as natural link placement has been achieved with high quality sources and with matching semantic content.” —Director SEO & Emerging Technologies Morpheus Media
    13. 13. Let’s chat Publisher Development: Jeff Reine As seen in: Brands/Marketer Sales: Greg Gortz