Tech Talk with Tagkast: Consumer Generated Media at Live Events


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A missed opportunity. That is a good way to describe most brand event and sponsorship activations. Brands invest in the opportunity to engage with consumers onsite at events, but they reach virtually no one offsite. At Tagkast, we enable consumers to post branded photos to social media from events in real-time. This allows consumers to share their event experiences while carrying branded content that drives awareness and web traffic. Welcome to the new word-of-mouth advertising.

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Tech Talk with Tagkast: Consumer Generated Media at Live Events

  1. 1. Tagkast Consumer Generated Media Trusted by
  2. 2. Photos Are the Heart of the Social Web 600,000,000 hours a week are spent looking at photos on Facebook or Twitter[2] 71% 36% of time on Facebook spent looking at pictures. of all Tweets contain photos. 5X Photos posted on Facebook are more engaging than status updates. [1] 552 million daily active Facebook users. 100 million daily active Twitter users. 2
  3. 3. But You Can’t Sell Advertising on User Photos No easy way for marketers to access the huge appetite for photos at live events and attractions 3
  4. 4. Until Now… Introducing Tagkast Photo Advertising Our technology facilitates branded photo sharing at live events 1. Live Events and Attractions 2. Consumer Photo Engagement PHOTOS SURVEY 3. Authentic Social Distribution EMAIL #CoolerThanTheRest with Coors Light! Find more about the world’s most refreshing beer at Patent Pending: 61/667,332 4
  5. 5. Tagkast Photo Sharing Process Users log-in to their own social account to post the branded photo 1. View Photo PHOTOS SURVEY EMAIL 3. Become a Fan PHOTOS SURVEY EMAIL 2. Log-in to Facebook PHOTOS SURVEY EMAIL 4. Post Photos PHOTOS SURVEY EMAIL 5
  6. 6. Tagkast Drives The Most Social Sharing We get almost 70% of guests to post their branded photo to social media Percentage of User Posts by Platform Facebook Connect Email 8.2% 31.4% 60.4% Twitter Connect 6
  7. 7. Resulting in a Huge Difference in Impact Because so many more people post their photo to Facebook, Tagkast will yield an extra 3.7MM impressions for every 10,000 people compared to email sharing
  8. 8. Case Study: Subaru Mud Run Event Consumers shared 878 photos to Facebook that reached 304,124 people, generated 10,275 likes/comments and drove 3,237 website visits Live Engagement Digital Engagement 608,250 impressions 304,124 reach 878 3,237 photos posted website clicks 478 967 facebook Fans 10,275 e-mails collected likes/comments 8
  9. 9. Campaign Metrics and Photo Portal View overall campaign metrics and photos for the program including the comments and likes on the photos 9
  10. 10. Tagkast Customers We work with some of the most respected advertisers in the world 10
  11. 11. Tagkast Consumer Generated Media Trusted by