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Tech Talk with Millennial Media: Getting Started with Mobile Programmatic Buying


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Programmatic buying is a significant and growing segment of the mobile advertising space. With a leading mobile advertising exchange and as one of the largest bidders on real-time mobile advertising, Millennial Media will share practical tips to getting started with programmatic buying, and will illustrate how agencies, and their advertisers, can benefit from this shift to reach consumers precisely when and where it matters most – on their mobile device.

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Tech Talk with Millennial Media: Getting Started with Mobile Programmatic Buying

  1. 1. People move Between screens, places, and moments 50%+ of U.S. digital consumers engage on both computers & mobile devices 74% of U.S. smartphone owners say they use mobile location-based services 90% of U.S. smartphone users take pictures with their phone‟s camera
  2. 2. Mobile connects moments. As we move, advertising experiences should be native to our devices, platforms and moments. They should move with us.
  3. 3. Avg. Time Spent per Day Online by U.S. Adults by Device Desktop Mobile + Tablet 3:22 3:25 Smarter data We‟re moving from scattered to sustained connectivity. Mobile data is telling a more fluid story that is more than measurable. It‟s map-able. 2010 2011 2012 2013
  4. 4. U.S. Programmatic Display Ad Spending by Format (Desktop vs. Mobile) Faster decisions Programmatic is streamlining the process of buying and selling mobile advertising. Real-time optimization. At the impression level. 2013 2017 2017 2017 87% 88% 87% DESKTOP 2013 72% 88% MOBILE 2017 TOTAL Ad spend share by type 17% Non-programmatic 31% Non-RTB Programmatic 52% RTB 2013 68%
  5. 5. Premium Programmatic MMX: Built for mobile Inventory Premium inventory only available programmatically via the MMX Data Transparency Transparency at the impression level – device, publisher, audiences & location Scale Access to more than 1 billion premium mobile impressions per day
  6. 6. Premium Programmatic MMDSP: Scale on demand Reach Ramp campaigns quickly with access to billions of impressions/day and real-time optimizations Audiences Leverage your first-party data, or target precise audiences using data from more than 20 data partners Results Mobile-first algorithms enable highly-targeted campaigns that deliver
  7. 7. Getting Started with Mobile Programmatic Which option is right for you? Managed Service • • • • New to programmatic Believe in the value of RTB Do not have the resources to execute programmatic buys May need strategic or creative support DIY Approach • • • Has (or is building) a relationship with DSP In-house programmatic expertise Wants fully-transparent buy
  8. 8. Ocean Spray Drives Awareness for New Diet Line with Engaging Mobile Creative “Ocean Spray is one of the most iconic beverage brands in the country, and our goal was to create similar fanfare for our „Diet‟ line. The campaign proved successful with an incredible ad unit expansion rate of 15.65% and an average of 12.7 seconds spent within the ad which exceeded our expectations. By reaching our core consumers on-the-go, we positively strengthened their relationship with our brand and reached them at times when they were more likely to purchase the product.” Christina Lynch, Senior Marketing Manager, Ocean Spray
  9. 9. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Captures On-the-Go Travelers with Mobile “Knowing our customers is a top priority at Enterprise Rent-ACar, and helps us continue to be a leader in customer service. Beyond the ability to deliver an engaging, utility-focused campaign, we received real insights into the customers we reached. This knowledge ensures we‟re delivering to the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.” Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  10. 10. We deliver. And we do it at scale. 500MM+ 170MM+ 49,000+ 8,500+ 52MM+ Monthly unique worldwide users Monthly unique U.S. users More than 49k apps More than 8.5k devices cross-screen users alone
  11. 11. Thank You 谢谢 Merci Danke ありがとう Julienne Thompson Vice President, Programmatic M: E: