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Side effects of header bidding, Hot Topic: Header Bidding, Feb 2017


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Dave Katz's presentation at Hot Topic: Header Bidding in New York, NY, Feb 2017

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Side effects of header bidding, Hot Topic: Header Bidding, Feb 2017

  1. 1. #DigidayHotTopic Dave Katz vp, gmprogrammatic revenue & operations, Univision CommunicationsInc. / @DaveZKatz Side effectsof header bidding
  2. 2. Header Bidding Side Effects & Strategies Dave Katz VP/GM Programmatic & Data @ Univision @DaveZKatz
  3. 3. HEADER BIDDING Page Load Time Resources Costs Strategies
  4. 4. • More header partners = slower pages • Concurrent requests with disparate timeouts • Slows down the whole page, not just the ads Strategies/Solutions: • Server-to-server integrations • Cap the number of headers on page Header Bidding can Increase Page Load Times
  5. 5. • Each header integration requires development directly onto the pages • Some partners refuse to go into a wrapper Strategies/Solutions: • Choose a single header wrapper • Prioritize key partnerships based on inventory distribution Implementing Header Bidding Requires Development Resources
  6. 6. • Developing technology that reduces latency and connects multiple platforms is costly • Keeping up with multiple technologies requires more dev experts Strategies/Solutions: • Integrate based on publisher preferences and revenue potential • Integrate with key tech players Server to Server can be Expensive… for SSPs
  7. 7. Thank You! D av e Katz @ D av eZKatz