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From our Digiday Agency Innovation Camp. The Red Team's competition presentation.

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  • Kids and teens: 74% have access to internet through phones and tablet (US only)
    75% of teens have a cell phone
    80% of time on mobile is spent on gaming or in apps globally
  • Timeline
  • Timeline
  • #UNme

    1. 1. Challenge: Create a world-class movement to turn schools into hubs of world betterment and create active channels of communication between young people and the UN.
    2. 2. What we know about kids today: They have a short attention span. They are always connected. Obsessed with gaming. And super creative: they think outside the box. “Children know how to play” David Slayden
    3. 3. Insight: The UN isn’t relevant to kids today
    4. 4. Young people are already solving issues on their own
    5. 5. Solution Let’s empower young voices by gameifying global challenges, relying on their ingenuity to identify and solve them.
    6. 6. I. Seed Influencer activity. Influencers start the conversation, highlighting some important global issues and launch #UNme II. Recruit Influencers recruit young people to join their team and UNme app launches. Team members are asked to submit issues they feels strongly about and what to help solve. III. Engage 6 issues selected, 60 days to solve. Team members recruit others and work together to put forward ideas and solutions to address selected issue. IV. Reward Points are allocated. Teams whose idea is selected by UN/Influencers to be implemented fly to relevant location. Others make progress towards official UN certification.
    7. 7. Seed
    8. 8. A combined reach of 45.6MM people Nash Grier - 8.5MM Vine followers Taryn Southern - 75.2K Twitter followers Cristiano Ronaldo - 27.3MM Twitter followers Tiffany Alvard - 1.9MM YouTube subscribers AwesomenessTV - 1.5MM YouTube subscribers Bethany Mota - 6.4MM YouTube subscribers Our influencers
    9. 9. Recruit & Engage
    10. 10. Reward
    11. 11. How to earn points •Using #UNme •Building a team: adding friends, teachers, parents and community leaders •Identifying/supporting an issue •Activity on your solutions •Local action on solution (i.e. planting a tree)
    12. 12. Winners •Leader board top 5 •5 special contributors identified by influencers
    13. 13. Media Recommendation
    14. 14. Media Objectives & Strategies • Establish awareness of #UNme movement among young people globally • Drive downloads of #UNme app • Generate social connections and conversation
    15. 15. Media Tactics • Mobile • Banners: geo-fencing, content targeting, social & search re-targeting • Incentivized branded engagement (Session M) • Drive to app download • SMS • Promoted texts • Social • Promoted posts (FB, Twitter, IG, etc) • Influencer engagement • Desktop • Banners: geo-fencing, content targeting, social & search re-targeting
    16. 16. Timing • Budget Breakdown: • 40% Search/Social Re-Targeting • 40% Paid Social • 20% banners, SMS • 2 Day 1-7 “ISSUE” SUBMISSIONS Day 8 Day 60 AMPLIFY 1-Day Google Masthead TakeOver Influencer Posts (#UNme) Search / Social Retargeting Banners, SMS Paid Social Influencer Posts (#UNme) Influencer Posts (#UNme) Paid social (drive likes & followers) PROMOTE ENGAGE & INSPIRE Influencer Posts (#UNme) Earned Social
    17. 17. #voteforus #please #thankyou #redwedding