DMS: Marchex Pitch-a-Kucha: Why You Should Buy Calls On A Performance Basis In Mobile


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Smartphone users can respond immediately to powerful advertising with the swipe of an index finger. But even in the 21st century, the most natural and productive consumer response to an ad is a good old phone call. Marchex will discuss how buying mobile phone calls on a performance basis works, where phone calls are happening and how to get started in mobile call advertising. In addition, Marchex will demonstrate how to derive customer insights from the data produced by these calls.
Presenter: John Busby, vp Marchex Institute, Marchex @JohnMBusby

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DMS: Marchex Pitch-a-Kucha: Why You Should Buy Calls On A Performance Basis In Mobile

  1. 1. WHY YOU SHOULD BUY CALLS ON APERFORMANCE BASIS IN MOBILEJohn Busby, VP Marchex InstituteJune 26th, 2012
  2. 2. Don’t Forget it’s a Phone 49% of businesses view calls as 65% of local searches result in the #1 desired outcome of mobile CALLS to a business* campaigns** 1 2 3 Consumers conduct a mobile or Search results appear alongside Consumers click the icon and voice search for a local business a click-to-call button instantly make a live connection with a business* Google, 2011** Forrester, 2011
  3. 3. BIA/Kesley forecasts 70 billion phone calls frommobile in 2016 Internet Call Volumes by Channel (millions) 70000 Calls generated from paid search 60000 Calls generated from organic search Calls from mobile search 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 2010 2011 212e 2013e 20143 2014e 205e 206eSource: BIA/Kelsey (2012)
  4. 4. You Should Be A Call Advertiser If:  You take appointments or reservations  You address urgent needs  You have a physical location  You sell something expensive  You sell a complex product  Your product has multiple choices  On the desktop, your prospective customers fill out forms  Your customers want to know your hours or if products are in stock.
  5. 5. The Call Tracking Number is Your Tracking Pixel 1-800-GRT-DATA
  6. 6. A Customer Phone Call is a Major DataMarketing Opportunity  Time of day  Caller ID  Area code  Frequency  IVR success  Call duration  Ad proximity* Google** Forrester
  7. 7. Not All Calls Are Created Equal 1 Data Corruption: All these show up as performing calls without deeper inspection. 2 Negative ROI: Spam and misdials generate costs, call center costs. 25% Spam & misdials 3 CALLS 53% Deeper Targeting: A small percentage of these will actually convert. How do advertisers Existing reach the right ones? customers 22% Potential new customer High quality calls that are answered and have the potential to convert.SOURCE: Calls generated from Google Click-to-Call campaigns across multiple campaigns.
  8. 8. Not Every Call is Created Equal…Far From It!Many click-to-call campaigns treat all calls as having equal value orpotential to convert. Media Budget Calls Received Cost Per Call Mobile Search $276,498 24,179 $11.45 Mobile Affiliates $40,410 2,640 $15.30* Marchex advertiser, May 2012
  9. 9. Not Every Call is Created Equal…Far From It! Tracking and measuring calls individually allows a truer measure of cost per QUALIFIED call and provides opportunity for improving ad spends. Bad calls / low conversion SPAM/ Calls Repeat Service Short Quality Cost Media Budget accidental Received Calls Calls Calls Calls QUALIFIED Call CallsMobile $276,498 24,179 1,046 5,948 2,151 7,333 7,693 = $36/qualified callSearch Mobile $40,410 2,640 113 218 187 829 1,347 = $30/qualified callAffiliates Many of the keywords or publishers that drive the best CPC will have some of the worst CPQC, and cause you to move your budget in exactly the wrong way. * Marchex advertiser, May 2012
  10. 10. Marchex Digital Call Marketplace Reach - Calls Leading Performance Mobile Callers Conversion Connected Technology Pricing Total Connected Mobile Calls from our Phone Calls Ending Clients pay one price Lower quality calls that Calls monthly Voice Search network In A Purchase or for quality calls are blocked or not Appointment connected across billed to advertisers media100 70 50 25 PFC MILLION % of voice search calls mobile of all calls % % Pay For Call
  11. 11. Marchex Institute  The Marchex Institute is an analytics and research group that delivers custom analysis and reports to our key accounts.  Provides deep understanding into digital call advertising campaigns, customer insights and recommendations for campaign optimization.  The Marchex Institute has analyzed tens of thousands and mined hundreds of thousands of phone calls. Increase Mobile Search Intelligence  Call analytics and mining* efforts to understand which calls generated from advertising best convert to sales  Improve targeting of campaigns, competitive insight and Sales performance  Custom reports include: – Demographic breakdown – Top competitors mentioned – Top features mentioned – Top objections – Recommendations of optimizing the call experience  Study for financial services provider helped reduce the cost per new customer acquisition by 50%*Call Mining is a proprietary tool that transcribes call recordings and identifies key words and phrases that indicate purchases, complaints, features and other call metrics. 11
  12. 12. Call Scoring and Call Mining
  13. 13. Call Experience is Critically Important to Conversion * Data is hold time (seconds) as measured by “time to first word” by caller ** Category data is based on average of hold times in 2011 for select Marchex advertisers.
  14. 14. Understand the Call Experience 0:24 6:002 Steps IVR Company A 60% Conversion8 Steps IVR Company B 50% Conversion 0:52 4:30
  15. 15. Getting Started with Mobile Call Advertising Pay Per Qualified Calls with Marchex Only pay for calls you want – not for short calls, spam calls, repeat calls or customer service calls. Access to all mobile advertising channels – search, SMS, directories, apps. Clean Call technology to block unwanted SPAM calls before they hit your business Full-service reporting and account management. Full-service call tracking and analytics.
  16. 16. THANK YOU John Busby @JohnMBusby