LiveIntent at DES: A Completely Unoriginal Idea


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  • Hi, I’m Matt Keiser and I am the CEO of LiveIntent and I am the email guy.I’m here today to talk to you about how Email is no longer about SENDING email {pause}and what that the hell that means.
  • First I’m going to take you through how email is everywhere your customers are and you’re not, Then I am going to explain why you don’t have to send email to advertise there, and then I’m going to prove to you advertising in the email channel works.
  • Email is everywhere your customers are… and you’re not. This is a major problem you probably weren’t even aware of.
  • It is a big problem because even if you send email very effectively for content delivery and CRM that doesn’t mean you are reaching all of your target audienceEven though 95% of brands use email very successfully for CRM and content delivery b/c it is so bloody effective
  • Becauseonly a fraction of your best customers ever open the emails they receive.
  • But no channel is perfectI mean, you have a Facebook page. But you realize your target audience is not always on your page reading or posting on your Timeline,but that doesn’t mean they’re not on Facebook. So you advertise there.
  • The same goes for twitterYou have a Twitter handle. But Your target audience isn’t always following your Tweets. But that doesn’t mean they’re not on Twitter. So you advertise there.
  • And you have a website, but your target audience isn’t always visiting. But that doesn’t mean they don’t use the Internet. So you advertise all across the web.
  • But prior to LiveIntent it was not possible to target and optimize ads in real-time into emails that your target audience is reading from other trusted brands, brands like:And now thanks to LiveIntent it’s possible to reach your target audience in email, where they are spending the most time online, when they are reading their favorite newsletters and alerts from trusted brandsSo how do brands reach the rest of their target audienceSimple - you reach them when they are reading their favorites newsletters or alerts
  • From Brands like these
  • Let’s be honest. This is a completely unoriginal idea. We’re not re-inventing the wheel, here.
  • Media buying is the second oldest profession. Since the beginning, Ad Agencies and Media Buyers have purchased ad space next to third party content that their target audience cared about – so that they could be present for the conversation. We’re talking about…
  • Newspapers. Magazines. Radio. Television. Movies. Billboards. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Sports arenas. On athletes jerseys. In athletes jerseys. EVERYWHERE.Anywhere your is looking, so that you can“next slide – be present”
  • Helping you be present in the conversation with your customers is LiveINtent’s reason for existing.So why should you care?And that is where LiveIntent comes in, we help you be present where you target audience is spending the most time online. Hopefully you get the point, you need to be present where your customers are spending their time online.So you need to be present b/c email is where consumers are spending their time and even if they have an email program they are only reaching a fraction of their customers. Make sure to wrap up the proof. Just like they are on FB, Twitter, and the internet
  • simpleEmail is the number one app on the smart phone, the tablet and the computer.In fact 18 minutes / 28% of every internet hour is spent in email
  • It is 28% of all time spent online. We spend an average of 4 hours a day using email, meaning that email impacts approximately 50% of our working day. Adding to this, 39% of users regularly send, receive and check emails outside working hours. - Mimecast "The Shape of Email 2012" (2012)
  • Email is literally everywhere your audience is, and it is cross channel and cross device. It’s with you right now. {hold up phone} I never go anywhere without mine.. Looks like a few of you are indulging in your email as I speak, well pay attention so I don’t have seek you out later for a one on one remedial presentationEmail is local, mobile, social and cross channel – and everyone uses it
  • To put this all in perspective out of the world’s estimated 7 billion people, 6 billion have access to mobile phones. Source:
  • But only 4.5 billion have access to working toiletsSource:
  • Where they do their email
  • The scale of email is hard to graspEmail is so big that it dwarfs everything else we do online, Facebook likes by 32x at ~1.7million messages sent every second.36x youtube, 50x google search, 425x the size of twitterMore than 4 billion commercial emails per day
  • If the DIGITAL ACTIVITY were THE EARTH: FACEBOOK would be EUROPE AND ASIA. YOUTUBE would be AFRICA AND ANTARTICA. GOOGLE search would be the AMERICAS. TWITTER would be AUSTRALIA. And EMAIL would be WATER. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The Earth is only covered in 71% water and email makes up a much higher percentage than that – but give global warming a couple of years and we should be there. Just a note: all life comes from and relies on water.Just like every channel and device relies on email
  • An ad in email has an average view time of 28.3 seconds– that’s almost 4x that of tradition web display, and second only to television commercials.
  • And 60% of all those people watching TV are on their smartphones or mobile devices anyway. Doing what? Checking their email. And this isn’t just a small sample of the population…
  • Now, I hear some of you saying “Matt, that’s all great, amazing data. Email is totally the best digital channel… butI don’t send email!” Of course you don’t, or this would be called digiday Email not Digiday Exchange summitBut that’s OK!
  • Because that brings me to my next point.
  • You don’t have to send email to have a presence there.
  • Because LiveIntent has solved the technical hurdle that prevented real time optimization of email ads.So it is now possible for the first time to optimize an email ad using the same data and machine learning algorithms that have dominated display, video, mobile, social and search media buying for a decade. 
  • So you can now target and serve ads in real-time next to trusted content that your target audience is reading from brands like these
  • Into Content from Publishers like these. Take a look at this slide. You ever hear the phrase “Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are”? Well, show me where your ad runs and I’ll show you what kind of brand you are. Every publisher on this slide is a household name, probably one you’re already working with in some capacity, all of them known for quality, trusted content, and using LiveIntent’s technology exclusively to monetize their newsletters
  • But its not just about reaching OUR audience in premium media. It’s about reaching YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS, informing, entertaining and engaging them.
  • Because whether you send email or you don’t…Chances are you already possess the Golden Ticket for targeting your best customers – Their email address and the corollary MD5 hash
  • Your hash is your cross device and cross platform identity. It ties everything together. 
  • With a hash you can target relevant, segmented messages across our premiumexchange, just like you can with Facebook Custom Audience, for retention, reactivation, or even suppression…Better then cookies b/c your hash is persistent, so you can reach your customers even if they haven’t visited your web site in yearsTargeted to the exact consumers that did not open your emails
  • Because even if you send email, it can get lost in the crowd and you’re only reaching a fraction of your most valuable customers. With LiveIntent Custom Audience, you can find your audience, wherever they open on whatever device they happen to be usingwith the exact message you want to deliverLet me save you some trouble: There he is.
  • But this isn’t just a great idea.
  • No really. It does.
  • And the proof is in the pudding.“I love pudding”
  • In a Branding Study done by hospitality brand, La Quinta, we proved we were:#1 in unique audience #1 in highest average frequencyCompared to all other publishers, networks and channels used (including pre-roll video). Why?
  • This isn’t surprisingb/c of the nature of opt-in email a subscriber goes through all these steps to receive the publisher’s content so there is what I like to call LiveIntent on every impression. It’s a simple equation:This isn’t surprisingEmail impressions only reach a brands most valuable customers, the ones that jumped through all these proverbial hoops. So there is what I like to call a lot of “LiveIntent”It’s a simple equation:
  • The formula is simpleTrusted content +LiveIntent (proprietary audience) = Brand Awareness2This is why our audience, and this channel is so valuable. But we can’t possibly quantify that… or can we?
  • If you are looking for engaged users in branded trusted media look no further. Our average our campaigns outperform premium web display 2-4x PharmaBankingTravel Auto ecommerceandTune-in, pharma, banking, travel, auto and ecommerce all perform 2-4x better on the liveitnent exchange then they do on the webSo if you are looking for an easy way boost the performance of your ad campaigns look no further
  • And we crush it on tune-in campaigns as well. Remember, 60% of mobile device owners use email while watching tv!! 60%We used Nielson Prizm for targetingAnd achieved 2x the performance of traditional display for TV Guide and achieved a 144% of the clients goal we ran for TV Guide using Nielsen Prizm data, our media out performed the competition by 2x
  • And there is moreAnd our high impact skins click like rich media at 1%
  • Look around, there are dozens of experts in this room that can help you get started today. Ad ops professionals are standing by
  • So in summary: Email is everywhere your customers are, and you’re not. This is a problem, but its OK, because you don’t have to send email to have a presence there. And the best part? It works.
  • Because email marketing is no longer about sending email. Thank you.
  • LiveIntent at DES: A Completely Unoriginal Idea

    1. 1. Email is No Longer About Sending Email @MattKeiser @LiveIntent
    2. 2. • Email is Everywhere Your Customers Are… and You’re Not • You Don’t Have to Send Email to Advertise There • It Works.
    3. 3. Email is Everywhere Your Customers Are… and You’re Not
    4. 4. 95% of brands use email for CRM or content delivery because it is so effective
    5. 5. Only a fraction of your best customers open the Emails
    6. 6. But now thanks to LiveIntent it’s possible to reach your target audience when they are reading…
    7. 7. This is a Completely Revolutionary Unoriginal Idea
    8. 8. Media Buying is the second oldest profession
    9. 9. Be Present.
    10. 10., Email is the #1 App
    11. 11. Brands need to be present where their customers are spending the most time
    12. 12. What happens in 1 second on the internet… 463 Instagrams 833 Tumblr Posts 1,024 Skype Calls 33,333 Google Searches 1,670,000 Emails Sent 11,574 Dropbox Upload 46,333 Youtube Views 3,935 Tweets 52,083 Facebook Likes
    13. 13. Emai l
    14. 14. Mirapost 2011
    15. 15. Nielsen State of the Media: Advertising & Audiences 2012
    16. 16. • Email is Everywhere Your Customers Are… and You’re Not • You Don’t Have to Send Email to Advertise There • It Works.
    17. 17. You don’t have to send email, to advertise there
    18. 18. Hashes are your Cross Device & Cross Platform Identity
    19. 19. Retention Re-activation Suppression Hey Matt, we love you! Where did you go Matt? We miss you! Don’t tell Matt….
    20. 20. • Email is Everywhere Your Customers Are… and You’re Not • You Don’t Have to Send Email to Advertise There • It Works.
    21. 21. It Works.
    22. 22. I love pudding
    23. 23. La Quinta Case Study
    24. 24. :
    25. 25. Performance Across the Board CTR with LiveIntent is routinely above industry averages
    26. 26. Average CTR of .26% Over 2x that of traditional display in the entertainment industry vertical* and 144% of the client’s goal *Source: DoubleClick by Google, Display Benchmark Tool; ights&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=Launch Tune In – TV Guide Network Results
    27. 27. High Impact Skins 1% over CTR* 3 coordinated ad units that work together as a canvas for brand message *highest performing skin to date
    28. 28. Buy through your current ATD or DSP
    29. 29. • Email is Everywhere Your Customers Are… and You’re Not • You Don’t Have to Send Email to Advertise There • It Works.
    30. 30. Email is No Longer About Sending Email @MattKeiser @LiveIntent