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Intuit at DES: How DMPs are Enabling the New Digital Enterprise


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Intuit at DES: How DMPs are Enabling the New Digital Enterprise

  1. 1. people How DMPs are Enabling the New Digital Enterprise Cezanne Huq – Head of Online Acquisition
  2. 2. @cezanne #cezanneCezanne and Intuit’s Journey Line 1983 1993 2003 Cezanne 2013
  3. 3. @cezanne #cezanneWhy Intuit Chose A DMP  Four units per every accountant onboarded – Intuit 2013  Shoppers research competitive prices while standing in a store -- a trend called “showrooming” -- and buying later, on their laptop or tablet. This seamless simultaneously for consumer demand is known as “omnichannel” – National Retail Foundation 2013  77% of survey respondents reported regularly using their computer/laptop while watching TV, up 16 percentage points – Accenture 2013  28% of mobile searches drives conversions: store visit, calls and purchases – Google 2013 3
  4. 4. @cezanne #cezanneWhy Intuit Chose A DMP “We put customers at the heart of everything we do. We work together to deliver end-to-end experiences so profound that customers love using our products and services, and actively recommend them.” We Design for customer delight
  5. 5. @cezanne #cezanneWhy Intuit Chose A DMP 5 The Loyalty Nirvana Evaluate Consider BUY Advocate Bond Enjoy Consumers expect it!
  6. 6. @cezanne #cezanneWhy Intuit Chose A DMP 6 DMP DWH Primary Role Customer Intelligence & Experience Optimization Business Intelligence and Corporate Optimization Core Functions Data Centralize customer and marketing data - includes IP-data from all digital channels in real time. No PII data Centralize corporate operational data – typically not 3rd party. System of record for PII Infrastructure SaaS partnership with clients - not a technology investment, rather a marketing investment Hardware, software and technical infrastructure internal to corporation Marketing Intelligence Real time optimization, customer intelligence and modeling Reporting and modeling business intelligence Marketing Media Campaign Campaign set-up of digital marketing programs (e.g., flighting, budget management, etc.) Irrelevant to the clients' end consumers (directly) Timing Real Time Not Real Time Bottom Line: To maximize their performance and efficiency, Intuit requires both a DWH and a Customer Optimization Platform (the DMP is a component of a Customer Optimization Platform). The DWH helps solve the corporate "Big Data" issue while DMP solves the Customer "Real-Time Data" issue
  7. 7. @cezanne #cezanneWhy Intuit Chose A DMP 7 “Effectively creating, delivering, measuring and managing an end-to-end customer experience that delivers maximum economic value to your business.”
  8. 8. @cezanne #cezanneWhy Intuit Chose A DMP Performance/Relevance Retargeting Social, Mobile, ToF Display Site Retargeting / BT Demo profile (e.g. males, 18-34, in US) User Data 3rd party 1st party Contextual Targeting Prospecting Consideration Research 2nd party Intent Paid Search Real-time data capture and intelligent decisioning is available Offline (TV, Radio, Print…) Partners (Retail, Aff…) Awareness
  9. 9. @cezanne #cezanneWhy Intuit Chose A DMP 9 Analytics & modeling is maturing but not fast enough
  10. 10. @cezanne #cezanneDMP Mindset Shift Lead By The Digital Team  Customers trump everything!  Egos must be left at the door!  Don’t move ahead until you have shared vision!  Measure DMP use cases with eye towards accretive growth!  Stay abreast of progress through operational mechanisms! 10
  11. 11. @cezanne #cezanneCustomers trump everything! 11
  12. 12. @cezanne #cezanneCustomers trump everything 1. Go broad to go narrow – Where are they looking for your products? 2. Deep empathy - What are they looking for? 3. Rapid experiments – When are they looking for it? Plot key prospect and customer touch points Source: ClickZ
  13. 13. @cezanne #cezanneCustomers trump everything Three key questions: 1. What are key pain points for customers? 2. Where are optimal product synergies? 3. Can we leverage each product line as a front door to our suite of solutions? Customer QuickBooks MintHome&Biz Payroll GoPayment TurboTax Quicken QuickBase Point of Sale Plot key prospect and customer touch points
  14. 14. @cezanne #cezanneCustomers trump everything Customers Performance Competition - Features - Offers - Benefits Business Brand Guidelines - Promotions - Seasonality Prospects & Customers - Perceived value - Call-to-action - Credibility Successful DMP deployment will: • Delight prospects and customers • Maximize profitability • Increase market share • Make more money • Produce cost efficiencies Design for customer delight
  15. 15. @cezanne #cezanneEgos must be checked at the door 15
  16. 16. @cezanne #cezanneEgos must be checked at the door  Establish executive sponsorship  CMO and/or departmental heads  Bring key stakeholders into the process early on  Offline, Online, Research, Analytics, Finance, Creative, Production, Technology and PMO teams  Define clear roles and responsibilities  Who is the driver, approver, core contributors and the informed? 16
  17. 17. @cezanne #cezanneDon’t move ahead until you have shared vision  Establish the future state, collectively  Set clearly defined mission, principles and values to get there  Avoid pleasing everyone, that is not the objective  Listen and inquire and do not advocate  Resolve questions and concerns as soon as possible 17
  18. 18. @cezanne #cezanneMeasure media with an eye towards growth Three key questions: 1. How should we value each customer touch point and response? 2. How do we align our campaign to the value? 3. How are we thinking about funding for the campaign? Seek out & understand the economic value of all touch points and fund it separately
  19. 19. @cezanne #cezanneStay abreast of progress through operational mechanisms  Develop an organizational structure  Hold regular & consistent meetings at all appropriate levels  Assess needs and resources and develop goals to enhance the goals of your integrated media campaign  Establish success metrics, measure, review and make any necessary changes  Develop thresholds to signal contingency planning 19
  20. 20. @cezanne #cezanneIntuit DMP Case Studies User Story Description Status Outcome 1 We want to be able to know whether our prospects are accountants or SMB owners and present a personalized experience and product Active Unique experience being served to accountant audience with a 166 revenue index to control 2 We want to know which QBO customers by specific SKU are most likely to sign up for GoPayment and present them with a relevant GoPayment offer through media Active “Very likely” QBO audience indexing higher than “likely” QBO audience 3 We want to know which of our prospects use more mobile and to then offer a relevant experience and/ or provide relevant mobile app Active Targeting existing QBO mobile users with GoPayment App on Android and iOS 4 We want to track user behavior and optimize across social, search, website, display, and mobile Active Currently tracking user behavior across social, search, website and display. 5 We want to change the ad and message based on activity within our websites Not Active Yet Need to leverage x+1 and Sitespect integration 6 We want to understand our prospects behavior on different devices Active w/ Nala Added SDK to QBO, adding to GoPayment Apps (phone and tablet)
  21. 21. @cezanne #cezanneFuture 21 Targeting Data Collection DMP Tagging/ Tracking Mobile/Tabs Desktop Decisioning Personalization Phone/Care TV CMS/Testing Audiences Customer Data 3rd Party 2nd Party Websites PPC Display Paid Social Mobile Affiliates Earned SEO/ Social Websites/ UGC In Product Retail/eTail In Production In Progress In Plan Legend CRM/Phone/ Care Datamart Real-time Optimization In Product Earned Reporting/ Visualization Marketers Analysts Acquisition team poised to usher in a truly integrated, actionable digital enterprise
  22. 22. @cezanne #cezanne Q&A