The Economist's Approach to Programmatic


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Audra Martin, vp of advertising and content marketing at The Economist, will discuss three keys for publishers in the programmatic space: building out a content marketing offering, selling a multi-platform audience and premium foray into programmatic.

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  • Why would we want to go programmatic? We have a high sell through rate, lots of demand for our limited online inventory. Additionally, we have our own publisher network to provide additional scale. We don’t have lots of unsold inventory to put into the open market, so why go to the trouble of setting up programmatic capabilities?
  • The market is still maturing. Most of strategist and planners we work do not control programmatic budgets, though they are are being tasked with showing buying efficiencies and increased effectiveness.
  • There are so many players in the display ecosystem and programmatic introduces even more intermediaries (increasing costs to advertisers and decreasing revenues for media owners). It introduces more hoops for publishers/other sellers to jump through to talk to the right people, working harder for less of the pie.

    With this fragmented environment, a lot of the money has gone to networks, less reputable than others raising more questions around accountability, viewability, click fraud, etc.. Will the bad raps of networks rub tarnish programmatic?
  • So what is the upside? Why have agencies built trading desks? Why is more money pumping into programmatic spend?
  • More data targeting possibilities, including audience extension
    Order processing more efficient
    Opens us up to new budgets
    Environment is still very valuable
  • Opening up to relationships with trading desks
    Additional solution  matching the right solution to clients’ marketing problems, including our content marketing solutions
    Augmenting sales expertise with programmatic specialists
    Marrying efficiencies and scale of programmatic, but with the benefits of safe environment and brand-friendly formats
  • Private Marketplace + Benefits of safe environment + Brand-friendly formats
    The Economist’s premium programmatic approach, and a key part of our portfolio
  • The Economist's Approach to Programmatic

    1. 1. Audra Martin VP, Digital advertising Digital Publishing Summit Europe June 4th 2014 The Economist’s Approach to Programmatic
    2. 2. Why would we want to go programmatic? SUPPLY & DEMAND
    3. 3. And the market is still maturing… EARLY DAYS Only 23% understand programmatic and use it to execute campaigns From AdAge article: Source: ANA/Forrester survey
    4. 4. And lots of fingers in the pie FRAGMENTATION Credit: Terence Kawaja at Luma Partners Marketing spend increases, but publishers see less
    5. 5. So where is the upside?
    6. 6.  Audience targeting is key for marketers, and is only more scalable with programmatic  Order processing more efficient  Programmatic budgets are growing Efficiencies are ready to be embraced Chart source: eMarketer BENEFITS
    7. 7. Case study: Premium programmatic at work Problem: New TV news channel wanted to break into a very specific US market. They felt we had good representation of their target audience, but only had programmatic budgets to spend Their proposed solution: Programmatically all target new cable customers TEG successful solution: Focus on NEW cable subscribers across Ideas People Media network, to leverage large formats and then re-message on select news sites outside the network to keep focused news state of mind. For this we needed data, scale, large formats, and the right environments. Programmatic made it achievable Result: The Economist Group was the only successful partner in the campaign in helping the client grow awareness and viewership in their new market, which led to increased spend. CASE STUDY
    8. 8.  Opening up to relationships with trading desks  Additional solutions in the portfolio  New expertise supports existing sales team Where we’re playing: Premium efficiency at scale Image credit: ECONOMIST APPROACH
    9. 9. Private Marketplace + Benefits of safe environment + Brand-friendly formats = The Economist’s premium programmatic approach SUMMARY
    10. 10. Questions?
    11. 11. Thank you The Economist’s Approach to Programmatic Audra Martin Vice President, Digital advertising @audrainlondon 11