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Digiday Programmatic Media Summit Fall 2019 | News Corp


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Presented by Stephanie Layser

Published in: Marketing
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Digiday Programmatic Media Summit Fall 2019 | News Corp

  1. 1. Build vs. Buy Why News Corp is Investing so much into its In-House Ad Tech November 2019 Stephanie Layser
  2. 2. Has one of your partners ever kept something from you, omitted the truth, or intentionally explained technology in a way that left out important functionality? INCENTIVES
  3. 3. Header Analytics Identity
  4. 4. Header
  5. 5. Supply Paths Matter Being able to evaluate all the supply paths using the same data is crucial to understanding how buyers see and access your inventory. Optimizing your header bidding setup helps publishers keep control of their tech stack.
  6. 6. Commercial Engineering Goal ● Revenue, Page Speed, Optimal user experience ● Healthy balance for your current business needs Internal Experts ● Optimizations in real time ● Endless customization
  7. 7. Open Source, Community Based Join
  8. 8. Analytics
  9. 9. Log Level Data If they can’t give you your logs, they can’t claim transparency
  10. 10. Combining Data SSP Header Analytics Ad serverIdentifier RESOURCES ENGINEERING Data Cleaning Normalizing and aligning various data sources AD OPS Key Value Implementation Making sure that key values for tracking and activations are in order DATA ANALYST Visualization Creating digestible insights from the main data set PROJECT LEAD Organize Keep project on track and resources accountable
  11. 11. Deal ID Pricing Optimization In a header-bidding environment, in order to deeply analyze performance across the entirety of the stack, you need to look at a full set of data to find win-rate within the SSP and within your ad server Total Bids Lost in SSPLost in Header BiddingImpressions Rendered Who outbid? At what price-point? Who outbid? At what price-point?
  12. 12. Incremental Revenue Publishers yield optimization strategy can be based off of incremental revenue driven. By SSPs, by deals, by direct deals, by subscription revenue and lead generation revenue.
  13. 13. Incremental Revenue
  14. 14. Identity
  15. 15. Identity News IQ Network Realtor App Our users are increasingly reading our content across multiple sites, geographies, platforms and ecosystems. The News ID system helps us make sense of the connections using deterministic rules and machine learning.
  16. 16. Applications for Advertisers
  17. 17. Identity: 1P Audiences to Target Across the Whole Web Execute Across News Corp Properties Via Private Marketplace or Managed Service Expansive list of 1P audiences Tech Interest Sports Fans New Movers Parents Travelers Arts & Culture Fans Finance Interest Shoppers Lifestage Entertainment
  18. 18. Analytics: Pre and Post Bid Pricing & Audience Insights Deal ID insights mean better informed programmatic buys Audience: Learn which NewsIQ 1P audiences overlap with the consumers engaging with their campaign Pricing: Understand why their bid lost, and what to bid in the future for X number of impressions
  19. 19. While ad tech partnerships can help you drive revenue, its important to always keep in mind your long-term growth, and if you haven’t see in it in market, build it! Q&A