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Case Study: Using a Customer Journey Framework for Digital


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Consumer expectations of the shopping experience far exceed many retailers’ capabilities to deliver, resulting in a fragmented customer journey and lost sales for the retailer. Lenovo applied a customer journey framework to all aspects of their strategy this past year, focusing on achieving a seamless retail experience that anticipates and adapts to consumer behavior. Sean Popen will walk us through the process of putting the customer journey first, what he learned, and how Lenovo benefitted.

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Case Study: Using a Customer Journey Framework for Digital

  1. 1. The Connected Shopper Experience Using a customer journey framework for Digital Sean Popen Director, Global Digital Marketing December 9, 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Objective: An E2E Yoga Tablet marketing campaign – from pre-launch to launch to postlaunch. • 2 • Show the campaign using a customer journey framework from the perspective of a sample millennial target customer named Sophie.
  3. 3. disclaimers This is an approach for 2 campaigns this year; we continue to learn and adjust. Everyone’s customer journey is unique. 3
  4. 4. Lenovo is… A $35B global personal technology company with 30,000 people and customers in 160+ countries. 4 4
  5. 5. User Experience Becoming Increasingly Complex • Behavior is continually changing. • Vehicles for reaching customers is expanding. • Marketing becomes suboptimized. • Tremendous media waste $. • We need to capture data in this new world and create new experiences to extend customer value overtime. 5
  6. 6. The marketing evolution leads to engagement? Mass Marketing Digital Marketing Digital Engagement METHOD: Mass Marketing METHOD: Targeted Marketing METHOD: Engagement Marketing FORMS: TV, Print, Billboards FORMS: Search & Display, video FORMS: Collaborative Marketing, and Relationship building KPI: Impressions & Awareness KPI: Page Visits & Conversion KPI: Advocacy & Loyalty 6
  7. 7. So what does this mean? Everyone is connected to everything all the time Customers have reclaimed their rightful position in the marketing eco-system …from push to pull Marketing has become an end to end process naturally 7
  9. 9. 3 PHASES OF MARKETING PLAN – CAMPAIGN CADENCE PHASE 1: PRE-LAUNCH PHASE 2: LAUNCH PHASE 3: POST-LAUNCH Build Excitement and Anticipation Unveil Yoga Tablet to the World Sustain the Momentum Oct 2013 Nov 2013 (Launch date: 29th Oct) Dec 2013 to Mar 2014 Tactics: Tactics: Tactics: Advertising, PR, Social Media, Product Seeding 9 Events, Advertising, PR, Social Media, In-Store & Online Merchandising Advertising, Social Media, Merchandising, Retailer Programs
  10. 10. Plan The Attack By The Digital Customer Journey Brand Build Attention Ensure campaign theme consistency by developing integrated creative assets new customer loop Consideration Interest Brand Loyalty existing customer loop Bond Brand Ambassador Support 10 Desire Advocate Enjoy Purchase Conversion Engagement
  11. 11. Plan The Attack By The Digital Customer Journey Ensure campaign theme consistency by developing integrated creative assets Brand Build  Online Video  Social Content Amplification  Generic Search (tablet)  Direct Email + DM  Social Media Advertising  Advocate seeding  Aggregated Social experience Attention Loyalty programs App store Owner’s Kit Brand Ambassator   existing customer loop Bond Engagement Desire Advocate      Social Media Advertising - amplify advocacy to wider audiences     Search: Lenovo terms Direct Email + DM Guerilla Review Sites – Learn And Shop Visit , retail stores,, e-tail Social Media Advertising – education, inspiration, drive to web   Support 11      Share product experience with social communities  Consideration Interest Brand Loyalty    new customer loop Download drivers, install programs Look for accessories as add on InBox Registration Experience Calls support channels Enjoy Conversion Purchase   Purchase through any channel Targeted searches: Yoga tablet Visit Lenovo properties:, call centers, chat. Direct Email + DM Retail/e-tail Visits Google Shopping Search E-com promotions Social Media Advertising – Page Post Link Ads, FBX retargeting, Twitter Lead Gen cards, YouTube Advocate outreach
  12. 12. • Sophie is a 27 year old Nurse • She lives in an urban high rise apartment and takes the subway to work MEET SOPHIE • She relies on online publications & social media to keep current for work & play • She shops on online for books & music but still prefers retail for clothes, shoes & electronics • She cares about staying fit & exercises at least 3 times a week • She has a competitor tablet but is considering upgrading to a new tablet during Holidays 12
  13. 13. Attention 25 Days Before Launch Sophie is browsing in Facebook and spots a Lenovo post – she is intrigued by the #betterway for tablets. 13
  14. 14. Attention Sophie discovers more #Betterway content on .com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. She starts to share the content with her friends 15 Days Before Launch
  15. 15. Attention VINE VIDEOS #Betterway on Dotcom  Live in 17 countries: US UK Russia Netherlands Germany Spain Italy Hong Kong Argentina Australia Peru Mexico Japan Columbia Venezuela Chile Singapore SOCIAL FEED & SHARING 15
  16. 16. Attention Sophie starts to see teasers from Lenovo on the #Betterway event and receives a tweet from Ashton Kutcher about something exciting on Oct 29 16 7 Days Before Launch
  17. 17. Attention Results  Ashton Kutcher reveal was the most engaged #Betterway post across all channels for pre launch   Post on Global FB page - Millions reached, Incremental uptick in likes, comments, shares On @Lenovo for Twitter - Engagement is 84% higher for #betterway tweets, as compared to other posts.
  18. 18. Attention She gathers with her friends to watch the live stream of the launch event from Youtube Studios in LA. 18 Oct 29th Event day
  19. 19. Interest • Half of video view through rates are highest among users aged 18-34 7 Days After Launch Sophie is on You Tube and watches a AK video, and clicks on the banner overlay… this takes her to
  20. 20. Interest “Ansprechend gestaltet.” (Attractively designed.) “Wow... great thanks for making it easier to know your product. I never bought your products as they never looked cool to me. Thanks for making easier to understand your products and i am ready to buy your new 10' YOGA TILT(tablet). Keep it up. “ “This Yoga tablet is superb. When will it come to India? Waiting eagerly.”
  21. 21. Consideration 11 Days After Launch 21 Sophie reads on-line product reviews from Laptop Magazine … she then searches for more info on Yoga Tablet on Google
  22. 22. Enjoy Purchase 12 Days After Launch Sophie purchases the Yoga Tablet from
  23. 23. Bond Advocate 30+ Days After Launch Sophie enjoys her new Lenovo Yoga Tablet, writes a review, and becomes a brand advocate by sharing her experiences.
  24. 24. Key Takeaways / Conclusions Customer shopping experience is far too complex to rely on intuition. Customer shopping experience is far too dynamic to rely on past experience. Customer shopping experience requires an agile mindset to develop each customer’s personal journey. 24
  25. 25. THANK YOU