Case Study: Hacking the Media Ecosystem


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In this session, learn how Intuit and RPA found white space in one of the most crowded media environments: the Super Bowl. Learn how Intuit unlocked the value of a discrete media investment to multiply its value many times over through earned media and by activating its huge SMB customer base. Mike Margolin, RPA's cross-channel media strategy lead, will share key insights.

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Case Study: Hacking the Media Ecosystem

  1. 1. hacking media
  2. 2. Intuit’s a great company 20.8B Market Cap
  3. 3. with a great culture #8 on 2014 Fortune List of Best Companies To Work For
  4. 4. featured in The Lean Startup
  5. 5. but they’re not small Intuit SMB customers generate $2.6 trillion: ~20% of US GDP 1 in 12 American workers are paid with Intuit Payroll
  6. 6. Intuit’s primary competition
  7. 7. there’s just one problem Where did it say “Intuit”?
  8. 8. it was time to take credit
  9. 9. a simple idea give small businesses a voice, celebrate their passion
  10. 10. overcommit by showing our love of small business on the biggest stage > 110MM : 1x
  11. 11. our white space: What small business wouldn’t want an ad on the Super Bowl? What small business has $4MM to spend on a Super Bowl ad? What would small businesses do to win that ad? How can we make them all heroic in their quest?
  12. 12. we had to celebrate SMBs
  13. 13. Jimmy was a riot
  14. 14. Bill was everywhere at once
  15. 15. Drew Brees lent a hand
  16. 16. the press loved it
  17. 17. entries started pouring in
  18. 18. and then we activated SMBs
  19. 19. they were scrappy and tireless
  20. 20. for seven months
  21. 21. all the way to the end
  22. 22. all the way to the end
  23. 23. but this was a contest for a Super Bowl ad, right? why all this effort? 7 months of activation while most everyone else was silent 10+ billion earned media impressions before the game significant sentiment lift: “Intuit stands for small business success”
  24. 24. then the Super Bowl finally arrived when one business took the prize
  25. 25. then the Super Bowl finally arrived when one business took the prize
  26. 26. and Intuit finished their media hack 15,000 small businesses entered to win Tens of thousands of tweets reaching millions of followers Number one trending topic on Facebook
  27. 27. key takeaways A media placement isn’t just a commodity – it can be leveraged and value can be multiplied Everyone likes a feel-good story Shining the light on your customers can be a big win Customers will go to the ends of the earth – if motivated enough