Digiday Video Upfront NY: Adotube Pitch-a-Kucha


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Presented by TJ Sullivan, svp sales, AdoTube

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  • AdoTube - Who we are and why we exist
  • In-Stream is more engaging
  • Reinforce main point of where people are looking.
  • 1st backup - where people are looking. In-Screen no matter what device they are using.
  • Why does it matter? Why more engaging? Because this is where they are looking – eyes are laser focused on the video contentWhile some attention is paid to banner, the primary focus is the video content
  • Think about the number of ads we see ad. One example is print – it can be effective, but also can miss opportunity to reach your ideal audience.
  • Print is similar to banner. It has its benefits, but not the same experience as in-stream video.
  • Think how many hours a TV is turned on, on any given day? Do you really think people are watching that whole time? With today’s digital living room, people are often distracted by other devices, by others or simply are not in the room when the TV is on. TV definitely is an important part of the media experience, however Internet video is also increaseing. People in the US interact with online video 4 hours a day and by 2014 91% of Internet traffic will be video.
  • Demonstrate how syndicated ads are not "right where they'relooking" and are often missed by the viewer
  • Just words on the pageREVISED CONTENT 3/30: 2nd backup - AdoTube in-stream delivers right ad to the rightperson, in the right format, in the right context, at the right time
  • REVISED CONTENT 3/30: Each of the three people sees the same message, but with adifferent format and creative
  • Move beyond Pre-Roll. Imagine you’re at the movies – one of the most engaging forms of traditional media. Similar to the trailer experience we receive at the movies. Forced pre-roll – with some targeting, mainly contextual. Now imagine if you could take that same experience and customize for each person in the audience. That’s what AdoTube does. REVISED CONTENT 3/30: People at movie theater in 3d glasses
  • The beauty of online video is the customization available for brands.
  • Speech: why does ad decisioning matter? Because only small percentage of people are watching premium content. You want to find your audience as they travel across the video environment. Connecting with them no matter what content they are watching.REVISED CONTENT 3/30: Staying focused
  • Keeping their eyes where it counts. Deliver ads where users will not only see them, but will engage with your branded message.
  • Again – why in-stream. It’s more engaging. You have an attentive audience, “leaning in”. Ready to interact with your brand.
  • Just so I’m clear – what did we learn today? Why focus on In-Stream? Because it drives engagement.
  • REVISED CONTENT 3/30: Reinforce main point of having the right ad
  • Digiday Video Upfront NY: Adotube Pitch-a-Kucha

    1. 1. Why In-Stream? In-Stream is more engaging 2
    2. 2. Ads work 4X to 8X more effectively within the video stream In-Stream ads provide up to 6X the engagement of rich media adsSource: DoubleClick Rich Media Benchmarks 2009 & 2010 3
    3. 3. Wherever They Are 4
    4. 4. People arelooking HERENOT HERE 5
    5. 5. Do You Look at Print Ads? 6
    6. 6. Web Banner Ads 7
    7. 7. Isn’t the TV Often Just Background Noise? 8
    8. 8. Syndicated Video 9
    9. 9. The Right Ad. To The Right Person. At The Right Time.Right Where They’re Looking. 10
    10. 10. Scans video stream, reading metadata keywords to understand video contentAdoTube Technology Platform 11
    11. 11. Combs through vast data warehouse to identify your ideal audience. Target based on behavior, demographic, geographic, contextual – all within the video streamAdoTube Technology Platform 12
    12. 12. Delivers your custom message to an engaged and relevant audienceAdoTube Technology Platform 13
    13. 13. Let’s All Go to the Movies 14
    14. 14. Interactive In-Stream Ad Overlay Takeover Selector Male Female Family 15
    15. 15. What People are Watching - Redefining Premium Content Premium Content Varies by Audience Women: 25-35 Men: 25-35 Fashion, Celebrities, Sports, Games, Movies, Lifestyle, Music Music, News Deliver Relevant Ads to Users Viewing THEIR Premium ContentMore people are seeking User Generated Content (UGC) than professional content UGC – 76% Professional Content – 24% Source: Research & Markets – Global Video Views in 2010 16
    16. 16. Keeping Their EyesWhere It Counts.
    17. 17. Average Engagement Rate: Rich Media Display vs. In-Stream 4X to 6X 70.00% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 2011 30.00% 2010 2009 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Rich Media AdoTube In- StreamSource: DoubleClick Rich Media Benchmarks 2009 & 2010 18
    18. 18. What Did We Learn?In-Stream = En-Gagement. 19
    19. 19. The Right Ad. To The Right Person. At The Right Time.Right Where They’re Looking. 20