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Kickoff Workshop with Disqus: Where Comments Meet Engagement


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In this kickoff workshop, Disqus will unveil findings of its commenter audience research. Do commenters have more social influence? Share more often? Consume more content? Using its data, Disqus will discuss the nature of commenting communities, the habits of frequent commenters, and how to build a loyal audience that is committed to bolstering your online community.

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Kickoff Workshop with Disqus: Where Comments Meet Engagement

  1. 1. DISQUS
  2. 2. Let’s acknowledge the common perception of commenters
  3. 3. Disqus users compared to general population *Based on a third party study of a thousand randomized Disqus users
  4. 4. Our audience is made up of geeks
  5. 5. Users spend more time on smaller/organic sites 24% are organic sites Average No. of Sites Visited in Last 30 Days Related to Specific Passion 12% are organic sites
  6. 6. They are ultra-passionate about their passions – expressing a greater interest in engaging, learning and sharing more I’ve spent many years enjoying this hobby. It is something I know I will still be engaged in many years from now Others come to me for advice about information I was trying to improve my skills/ expertise
  7. 7. They go deep online
  8. 8. More time online, 7 hours per day. *Hours Spent Online in Average Weekday
  9. 9. Seekers of information, news, and social media Social News Info
  10. 10. They visit more sites, consume more comments, tweets, videos, and reviews. Comments Reviews Tweets Videos
  11. 11. They are influencers
  12. 12. Not about benefiting personally To point-out what’s been overlooked To share expertise To influence opinions
  13. 13. Large number of followers Percent Who Say Type of People are in Social Network Have more general acquaintances as friends/followers Have more friends/followers among people they do not even know
  14. 14. Natural brand advocates
  15. 15. More likely to share, review, and endorse brands Percent Who Use Engage in Types of Social Media in Last 30 Days Video sharing sites Comment areas online Blogs / Micro blogs
  16. 16. Produce more comments, tweets, videos, and reviews Percent Who Have Posted Type of Content in Last 30 Days Comments Reviews Tweets Videos
  17. 17.