Winning at Social through Local Store Engagement from DRS, 7.28.14


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Kevin Planovsky from Vert & Damon Davoudpour from Shoney's Restaurants presentation deck from Digiday Retail Summit, 7.28.14

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Winning at Social through Local Store Engagement from DRS, 7.28.14

  1. 1. Winn ng at S cial through L cal Engagement @shoneys @damontales @vertmob @kplanovsky
  2. 2. The Problem • Social grew up with a top-down approach • Recent innovations have changed the game • Most software supports the “old paradigm” • Mobile devices augment the social experience • Marketing organizations are slow to change • Corporate vs. Franchise stores can complicate
  3. 3. Top-Down, one-size- fits-all global engagement systems and strategies. De-centralized, bottom-up, localized systems & opportunities Growing up Social
  4. 4. New User Habits • Generally 50%+ social activity is mobile • Users sharing photos with geo & venue tags • More local searches with social context • Fans prefer locally relevant content the most • Customers expect swift social customer svc. • Sales needs & trends often vary by location
  5. 5. The New
  6. 6. New Goals Increase Digital Word of Mouth & Reviews Drive Trial Sales from New Audiences Locally promote new restaurant openings Capture engagement with current guests New Digital Focus
  7. 7. LoMo data provided by:
  8. 8. Brand vs. Bricks - Fans love the brand - Corporate Marketing Staff - Focused on brand KPIs - Leads over-arching strategy - Oversees quality experience - Fans love this location - Retail/Foodservice Staff - Focused on Same Store Sales - Supports strategy w/ local - Deals with customer service
  9. 9. The Solution A page for every location! A manager for every page! Organized Venue Grouping! Global + Local work together! Technology bridges the gap!
  10. 10. Activate Local Fan Bases Both local & brand content Parent/Chil d Setup helps EdgeRank Fans of the store & the brand!
  11. 11. Local Store Social SEO Recognizable branding & naming No local presence Pages for other languages & countries Inconsistent branding & images Populates locations closest to me Lacking in mgmt, activity & engagement
  12. 12. Local Offers & Reviews Facebook Offers only available to local pages Reviews are also exclusive to local pages Cross-linking other local accounts
  13. 13. Technology Solutions MomentFeed - Enterprise focus - Active syncing - Mobile Apps - White-listed API Vert SBM - Mid-size focus - Publishing & KPIs - Local engagement - Content planning Yext - Enterprise focus - Data integrity - Passive directories - Review reporting Sweet IQ - Mid-size focus - Similar to Yext - Review site focus - Expanding social Varying levels of support, strengths & pricing
  14. 14. Considerations & Pitfalls Legal (Franchises) Organizational Setup Software is a must Clear Staff Roles Budget Structures
  15. 15. Thanks! Now, Grill Us! #SHOLOMO