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DPS: Publishers as Agencies with Meredith


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Publishers today are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Over the years, some publishing houses have even evolved their marketing solutions into full-service agencies. Meredith's David Brown is one example of a publisher who is providing its clients with agency-type content services. He will share the opportunities and challenges of taking on these marketing solutions.

Speaker: David Brown, evp, Meredith Xcelerated Marketin

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DPS: Publishers as Agencies with Meredith

  1. 1. MXM Overview A New Approach to Customer EngagementPresented by Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. All information contained herein, including pricing, program terms and creative, is proprietary and confidential to MeredithCorporation, its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Copyright © 2012 Meredith Corporation.
  2. 2. Just the Facts• 700+ US (1,500 Global) person direct and digital marketing agency – Offices in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, China, Singapore• Backed by leading US media company, Meredith Corporation• 40 years experience creating custom content and relationship marketing platforms• Ideal infrastructure – Insights, analytics, interactive and social media expertise all in-house and comes bundled with communications development• Leaders at multi-channel consumer engagement – We conceive and create content as a versatile strategic asset with potential to live on- and offline 2
  3. 3. “ Stop counting the customers you reach… “ … Start reaching the customers that count
  4. 4. The connection between Meredith and MXM• Meredith is known as expert in • Hired senior agency talent subscription marketing • 6 strategic acquisitions across• Focus on women digital, social, mobile, healthc are, data analytics and global• Expertise in food and recipes • Focused on business• Expertise in new families development• 40 year presence in custom • Solution development publishing • Ensured content and creativity• Tremendous infrastructure at the core
  5. 5. Best in Class Experts
  6. 6. Client Team Philosophy
  7. 7. Kraft Foods Tablet & MobilePrint VideoMagazines Database Analytics Digital Magazines Digital Content Emails
  8. 8. Lowe’s Creative Ideas Marketing Engine PRINT MAGAZINES IDEAS CREATIVAS Engage and inspire consumers A Spanish language version of with relevant, achievable projects Creative Ideas that reaches 500,000+ and ideas middleclass Spanish-speaking • Creative Ideas for Home & Garden households. • Creative Ideas for Canada • Creative Ideas for Your New Home CREATIVE IDEAS TABLET APP LCI.COM An interactive experience that brings the magazine to life with exclusive A redesigned makes the content and a rich digital experience. user experience intuitive and SIMPLE! Integration with is in process, Content Audit and SEO optimization are key deliverables IN-STORE BRAND PRESENCE Extend the Creative Ideas EMAIL brand in store: • End cap and in-aisle installations Drive opt-ins and allow consumers • Display featured projects from to select categories of interest: print/web • Indoor Spaces • Project inspiration and how-to • Outdoor Spaces information “take-ones” • Weekend Projects • Gardening VIDEO SOCIAL MARKETING Inspire customers to complete Social marketing audit—extend projects with confidence-building efforts to include monitoring and how-to’s, step-by-step intelligence. Highly successful instruction and educational outreach through Creator and content. Influencer blogger network 8
  9. 9. CMOs’ Changing Needs• Situation: – Data explosion – Social media – Proliferation of channels and devices – Shifting consumer demographics• Proactive CMOs are trying to: – Understand individuals, as well as markets – Focused on relationships, not just transactions – Inside out branding – Ensure ROI measures are in place, and improving• Roadmap: – Understand and deliver value to empowered customers – Create lasting relationships with those customers – Measure marketing’s contribution to the business in relevant, quantifiable terms.
  10. 10. Content CatalystsDeepen Engagementand Empowerment
  11. 11. Advantages that “Media-led”Marketing Services Companies Have• Subject matter expertise that’s sustainable• Existing client relationships to build from• Innovation in channels driven by advertising revenue• Shared interest in performance driven strategies• Audience development = CRM
  12. 12. Use the Relative Roles and Strengths of EachChannel
  13. 13. Some Lessons Learned• Sectors/Clients: • People: – Focus on the sectors and – Cross-train clients where you have – Incentivize, sometimes strength and knowledge double• Assignments: • Language: – Focus on the assignments – Clients, not customers where your infrastructure – New business wins, not and talent base has an Insertion Orders advantage – Relationships, not• Business models: transactions – Tension between • Whole-hearted. Not half advertising sales and fee based model hearted. – New models are bound to emerge
  14. 14. Who We Are: One to Watch and Talk About “ The first major agency unit housed within a print publisher is coming of age. Meredith Xcelerated Marketing extended beyond custom publishing for clients into social media, mobile, customer-relationship management and data and analytics. The agency unit also boasts one ” of the hottest mobile shops in its artillery with The Hyperfactory. —Advertising Age, January 24, 2011