Publishers as Retailers: Spotlight on Thrillist


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Publishers that have built trust with their audience and create intent through their content can monetize that intent through a fully-integrated commerce offering that actually puts branded boxes of merchandise in the hands of their consumers. Thrillist Media Group is successfully combining its content platform with a thriving commerce business. Todd Anderman describes real world examples of campaigns with Jackthreads, Doritos and Outlook that highlight how the combination of content and commerce can propel your business forward.

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  • Publishers as Retailers: Spotlight on Thrillist

    1. 1. There is a big UNTAPPED OPPORTUNITY in digital media.
    2. 2. Currently Tapped Revenue Streams: 1. Advertising 2. Subscription 3. Events 4. Licensing
    3. 3. Let’s Look Closer: 1. Advertising 2. Subscription 3. Events 4. Licensing
    4. 4. UNLIMITED INVENTORY Digital Ad Inventory > Advertiser Demand
    5. 5. A Challenge For Publishers to Overcome PREMIUM REMNANT inventory
    6. 6. How about selling subscriptions, events and licensing? Good incremental revenue opportunity for a few publishers, but can they significantly scale the business AND provide more powerful ad product?
    7. 7. There is a big UNTAPPED OPPORTUNITY for digital publishers....that also leads to unique insights for custom advertising programs
    8. 8. COMMERCE!
    9. 9. “Streetwear's bold styles and outlandish patterns either grab you immediately or they don't – no one's ambivalent about a Playa's Club gold-studded teal sleeveless hoodie. Make the call and move on, with Jack Threads.” Thrillist Boston – October 9, 2008
    10. 10. Google Analytics & Facebook Insights JackThreads has had incredible growth 1M+ Credit Cards on File 7M+ Logged In Users 2M+ Packages to be Shipped in 2014 $100M Forecasted Sales for 2014
    11. 11. READERS BUYERS
    12. 12. Huge Increase in Lifetime Value Shitload of Value No Value
    13. 13. ALL VALUABLE INVENTORY PREMIUM REMNANT inventory NATIVE commerce PREMIUM Typical Digital Publisher
    14. 14. The Kicker: Understanding purchasing behaviors also makes for better ad product… Where the advertiser enhances the shopping experience
    15. 15. User Generated Content User Generated Commerce
    16. 16. Surprise & Delight Your Customers
    17. 17. Incredible Social Traction
    18. 18. Advertisers Provide Special Offers for Consumers
    19. 19. Publisher + Marketer = Unique Insights for Advertisers = Increased RPM = Merging Content and Commerce