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What’s new in Veeam Availability Suite v9


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Genau an dem Tag, an dem die neue Veeam Availability Suite V9 erschienen ist, konnten wir unser «What's new» Referat durchführen. Somit erhielten die Teilnehmer am 12. Januar brandheisse News zu den neusten Features.

Unser Veeam Certified Trainer Rinon Belegu zeigte an diesem Abend, warum er der Ansicht ist, dass die «Veeam Availability Suite» das beste Produkt für Hochverfügbarkeit in virtuellen Umgebungen ist und den Erfolgskurs mit der Version 9 fortführt.

Diese Features stellte Rinon Belegu vor:

- Veeam integration with EMC Storage Snapshots
- Veeam Cloud Connect Replication
- Primary Storage Integration
- Veeam Explorer™for Oracle and other Explorer enhancements
- Enterprise Enhancements
- Backup Storage Integration
- Scale-out Backup Repository™

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What’s new in Veeam Availability Suite v9

  1. 1. Rinon Belegu Senior System Engineer, UMB AG ( Special thanks to: Emerci Pillet, Rick Vanover, Russ Kerscher (Veeam) NEW Veeam Availability Suite v9 What’s new 12.01.2016
  2. 2. NEW v9
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Veeam integration with EMC Storage Snapshots
  5. 5. Availability for the Always-On EnterpriseTM with Veeam and EMC VNX and VNXe hybrid storage Combine EMC’s low RPO capabilities with Veeam’s low RTO enablement. The integration of Veeam and EMC allows you to: • Minimize impact on production VMs • Rapidly create backups from EMC VNX or VNXe storage snapshots up to 20 times faster than the competition • Easily recover individual items in two minutes or less
  6. 6. Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots with EMC
  7. 7. Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots with EMC Microsoft Exchange objects Microsoft Active Directory objects Microsoft SQL Server objects Microsoft SharePoint objects for Storage Snapshots
  8. 8. Veeam Cloud Connect Replication
  9. 9. The easy, efficient way to get backups offsite to a service provider • No need to invest in a second site for your backups, rent a dedicated cloud repository from a service provider • Encrypt and send data through a secure SSL connection (No VPN needed) • Maintain complete visibility and control: Recover data quickly from hosted backup repositories; access backup data directly from within the backup console • It’s fully integrated! Leveraging Backup Copy jobs, Built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups and more! VMware/ Hyper-V Fast, secure cloud backup Available NOW!
  10. 10. For service providers Available NOW!
  11. 11. Veeam Cloud Connect Replication! Delivering advanced, image-based VM replication Customer On-Premises Infrastructure Service Provider Infrastructure Production Host Cloud Host NEW! Cloud Gateway Replication NEW! SSL WAN Acceleration (optional)
  12. 12. Veeam Cloud Connect Replication For the customer: For the service provider:
  13. 13. Removes the biggest pain point Networking  Needtoreconfigurerouting  ComplexVPNs  Customrules  Networkoverlaps  …
  14. 14. Transparent networking Networking  Automaticallydeployed andconfigured  ManagedviatheVeeamBackup& Replicationinterface  TunneledinsidetheCloudGateway  Preservescommunicationbetween runningVMsregardlessofphysical location
  15. 15. Primary Storage Integration
  16. 16. NEW v9 Direct NFS Access: Perform VMware backups faster and with reduced impact on your virtual environment by backing up directly from file-based (NFS) primary storage using Veeam’s proprietary NFS client. Backup from NetApp SnapMirror and SnapVault: Completely eliminate the additional impact from backup activities on your production storage by retrieving VM data from SnapMirror or SnapVault secondary storage systems, instead of from the primary storage system. On-Demand Sandbox™ for Storage Snapshots: Use storage snapshots to create complete isolated copies of your production environment in just a few clicks, for fast and easy testing and troubleshooting – available with VMware vSphere and HP, NetApp, and EMC storage.
  17. 17. Backup from NFS storage requires pulling the VM data through hypervisor
  18. 18. Backup DIRECTLY from NFS storage with the proprietary NFS client
  19. 19. Backup is possible from primary storage SnapShot only (extra load on production)
  20. 20. Backup from secondary storage SnapMirror or SnapVault (zero impact)
  21. 21. Test updates Troubleshoot issues Train IT staff Provision dev labs
  22. 22. Veeam Explorer™ for Oracle and other Explorer enhancements
  23. 23. NEW
  24. 24. NEW Restore Oracle Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Active Directory Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SharePoint NEW ENHANCED ENHANCED ENHANCED ENHANCED
  25. 25. v9
  26. 26. v9
  27. 27. v9
  28. 28. Enterprise Enhancements
  29. 29. Availability for the Always-On Enterprise v9
  30. 30. Standalone Console v9
  31. 31. Central Data Center VBR Server Remote Repository Remote Proxy Remote Office Guest Interaction Proxy ROBO: Guest Interaction Proxy
  32. 32. Direct FLR NEW Central Data Center VBR Server Remote Repository Remote Office Mount Server
  33. 33. Advanced tape support v9 adds advanced features to Native Tape Support including: • Global Media Pool • Parallel Processing • GFS Media Pool Retention • Support for devices without native Microsoft Windows Drivers
  34. 34. Global Media Pool MediaPool
  35. 35. Parallel processing MediaPool
  36. 36. GFS Media Pools • Easy data retention • Increase retention AND save tape!
  37. 37. Backup Storage Integration
  38. 38. Backup storage integration Superior backup performance with more backup storage integration for deduplication appliances with HP, EMC, and other deduplication appliance vendors. • NEW HP StoreOnce Catalyst integration • Updated EMC Data Domain Boost support • New features for high-performance backups with ANY deduplication appliance
  39. 39. With
  40. 40. With
  41. 41. Faster, more secure backups
  42. 42. UP to 10x faster backup performance
  43. 43. Per-VM Backup File Chains
  44. 44. Scale-out Backup Repository™
  45. 45. Scale-out Backup Repository
  46. 46. Backup storage management, before Scale-out Backup Repository Each backup job needs to be manually assigned to one backup repository
  47. 47. Backup storage management hell If a backup repository runs out of space, a backup job needs to be stopped and relocated.
  48. 48. Automated backup job management with Scale-out Backup Repository Backup jobs are just pointed at the Scale-out Backup Repository, which sends data to the best target
  49. 49. Automated backup job management (continued) Any change in the back end is transparent to front end
  50. 50. Scale-out Backup Repository
  51. 51. But wait…there’s more!
  52. 52. BitLooker
  53. 53. Useless Data PATENT PENDING
  54. 54. Thank you! Open Q&A