What's new in Citrix xen Desktop


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What's new in Citrix xen Desktop

  1. 1. Whats new in CitrixXenDesktopRoger BöschCitrix Systems International GmbH
  2. 2. Citrix Delivery Technology
  3. 3. D t Z t K t t d t
  4. 4. FlexCast Delivery Technology Mobile Worker Office Worker Guest Worker Remote Worker Task Worker Local Virtual apps Local Hosted Hosted Hosted VM-based Installed Streamed Blade PC VM-based shared desktops desktops desktops desktops desktops desktops Remote Desktop XenClient VDI ServicesClientside Serverside
  5. 5. Citrix XenDesktop 5 – FlexCast™ delivery technologyHosted desktop delivery models 400-500 users per server hosted shared desktop 50-60 VMs per server USER PROFILE APPS VM VM VM VM OS 1 user per Blade PC Blade PC Blade PC
  6. 6. Citrix XenDesktop 5 – FlexCast™ delivery technologyLocal desktop delivery models Local Streamed Desktops USER PROFILE (online) APPS OS Virtual Apps to Installed Desktops (online and offline)
  7. 7. FlexCast™ delivery technology – Future capability Local VM-based desktops (Offline) USER PROFILE APPS USER PROFILE OS Synchronization APPS My Life My Work OS XenClient™• Bare metal performance • Secure partitioned• Multiple concurrent VMs • Online & Offline access
  8. 8. XenClient and Synchronizer – how it works WZK&/> h^Z WZK/ WW^ K^ WW^ ^dKW K^
  9. 9. FlexCast™ FlexCast™ for desktops for apps30 Million Thin devices Hosted Shared Hosted Shared Hosted VDI Hosted VM Hosted Blade Streamed Streamed VHD 400 Million PC’s Local VM XenApp On-demand apps 200 MillionSmartphones Tablets
  10. 10. Citrix HDX
  11. 11. • Rich multimedia• Real-time collaboration• USB plug-n-play• 3D graphics applications• Best network performance• Branch office optimization
  12. 12. New Windows clientNew Mac clientNew Web InterfaceImproved webcam performanceIntelligent QoSNew print driver solution
  13. 13. do whatever, whenever, wherever
  14. 14. “empower me” “show me”“alert me”snack dine create
  15. 15. …on any device • iPhone • iPad • Windows • Android • Windows Embedded • Mac OS X • Blackberry • Linuxsmartphones tablets netbooks thin clients diskless PCs laptops home office PCs
  16. 16. Citrix Receiver – Universal client for IT servicesWindows, Web and SaaS apps• Self-service• Multi-store support• Follow-me apps• Common authentication model• App request workflows
  17. 17. Touch EnableEnterprise Apps
  18. 18. Adaptive Orchestration and Intelligent QoS Client Side Rendering Server Side Rendering • Reduced server load • Supports all video formats and players • Reduced network traffic • Configurable compression • Best user experience (up to 30 fps, default 24 fps) • Dynamic frame rate capping (WAN) • High Definition audio in XD4 Fallback, If possible, render on endpoint 2 render on server Inspect Optimize using Network HDX Broadcast 3 video keyboar Inspect keyboard d mouse mouse 1 printing Endpoint Inspect Server
  19. 19. Network QoS with ICA Today XenApp/ XenDesktop Host ICA ICA Client Router HTTP HTTP HTTP Server
  20. 20. Network QoS with HDX QoS ICA Real Time ICA Real Time XenApp/ ICA Interactive ICA Interactive XenDesktop ICA Bulk Host Client ICA Bulk Router ICA Background ICA Background HTTP HTTP HTTP Server
  21. 21. Webcam Video Compression 300 - 600kbps 800-1000 kbps • Windows 12.0 client or later • Webcam supporting DirectShow • 200ms latency
  22. 22. High speed printing from anywhere • •
  23. 23. Bandwidth Savings XenApp 6 vs. XenApp 6 w/printing optimization pack JPG Image ^ Bitmap ^ TXT Document E ^ E ^ Powerpoint Mostly Text ^ Powerpoint E ^ MS Word Mostly Text ^MS Word Mixed Text/Graphics MS Word Text Only E ^ Acrobat Mixed Text Graphics --------------------------------- 89% Savings ------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------- E ^ Acrobat Text Only 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 MB of Data Transferred XenApp 6 w/Printing Optimization Pack Defaults XenApp 6 Baseline
  24. 24. Time to Fully Spool on WAN XenApp 6 vs. XenApp 6 w/printing optimization pack ^ JPG Image ^ Bitmap TXT Document E ^ Powerpoint Mostly Text E ^ ^ Powerpoint ^ MS Word Mostly Text ^MS Word Mixed Text/Graphics E ^ MS Word Text Only ^ Acrobat Mixed Text Graphics Acrobat Text Only E ^ 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Time to Fully Spool on Client (s) XenApp 6 w/Printing Optimization Pack Defaults XenApp 6.0 Baseline
  25. 25. HDX RealTime• Webcam support• Enhanced audio quality for VoIP
  26. 26. HDX Plug-n-Play• Advanced multi-monitor configurations• Dictation devices• Specialized keyboards
  27. 27. Desktop Virtualization for High-end Graphics UsersHDX 3D for Professional Graphics• Power users can now benefit from desktop virtualization• Only solution that addresses remote workers on the WAN• 10X better performance on the LAN compared to PCoIP
  28. 28. XenVault • App data automatically encrypted • Work offline without compromising security • Remotely lock and delete data X e n Va u l t • Flexibility to use employee-owned devices Plug-in • Transparent to users, quick IT setup
  29. 29. How XenVault works My Secure Data Library Corporate files Documents encrypted secured in Name Date Modified Type Size XenVault Encrypted – Alpha Safe Zone 7/10/2010 11:23 AM DOCX File 3.4 MB Encrypted – Conference 7/10/2010 11:23 AM PPX File 6.5 MB Encrypted – Presentation 7/10/2010 11:23 AM PPTX File 10.3 MB Encrypted – RealTime 7/10/2010 11:23 AM DOCX File 1.2 MB XenVault centrally wiped Encrypted – Sales 7/10/2010 11:23 AM DOCX File 1.6 MB clean by IT in case of user XenVault created Encrypted – Transform 7/10/2010 11:23 AM PDOCX File 2.8 MB termination or laptop loss on BYO laptop XenVault XenVaultCorporate apps delivered on-demand
  30. 30. XenDesktop 5
  31. 31. How can we help you go virtual faster? Make virtual desktops… “…easier to deploy and integrate” “…simpler to manage and support” “…extend to all the latest devices” “…deliver a great user experience”
  32. 32. • Any device, anywhere with Receiver™ • HDX™ user experienceXenDesktop • Beyond VDI with FlexCast™ 5 • Access Windows, web or SaaS apps • Open, scalable, proven
  33. 33. Any device, Anywhere with Receiver™ • Leverage the latest devices with a universal client • Enable end-user flexibility, choice and productivity • Secure application data with XenVault™ • Simple, fast, self-service installation and auto-updatesThin Diskless PCs PCs Macs Smartphones Tablets
  34. 34. Simpler to deploy Simpler to maintain Simpler to managey Better end user experience Supports all types end users Designed for automation Increased scalability and resilience
  35. 35. Desktop Studio – Designed for IT Admins
  36. 36. D sD hypervisorD /
  37. 37. Optimizing Storage XenServer ESX Hyper-V IO IO Recommended NFS NFS CSV Fiber Channel VMFS san filer iSCSI DASBlock Based Storage File Based Storage
  38. 38. Single Image Created by Power Management XenDesktop Control Best for:Pooled - Random Lowest cost VDI optionPooled - Static Lower cost with improved app compatibilityStreamed Streaming to physical and virtualDedicated Lowered storage cost for individual VM’sExisting Managing existing VM’sPhysical Blade PC’s
  39. 39. Simpler to deploy Simpler to maintain Simpler to managey Better end user experience Supports all types end users Designed for automation Increased scalability and resilience
  40. 40. Simplified desktop maintenance with Desktop Studio• 3 clicks to update desktop images• Simple rollout policies • Update on user logoff • Notify user then restart in n minutes • Update immediately• Rapid rollback • Revert to a previous image instantly
  41. 41. Simpler to deploy Simpler to maintain Simpler to managey Better end user experience Supports all types end users Designed for automation Increased scalability and resilience
  42. 42. Desktop Director – Designed for Help Desk• Fast resolution • Resolve issues for 1 as easily as 1,000• Single, comprehensive view • Instant overview • Diagnostics • Monitoring
  43. 43. Desktop Director – how it works• Accessible from any browser• Users created in Desktop Studio• No database – queries VDA, Controller, and Host live• No historical data (EdgeSight)• Default deployment on Controller but can be deployed on any IIS server
  44. 44. Machine Overview• Unregistered, Alerts, Profile Load Issues• Servers, Catalogs, Assignments for the machines• Drill down to the respective object, e.g. Last Connection Failure