Virtual Deep-Dive: Microsoft VDI


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Markus Erlacher präsentierte am Virtual Deep-Dive dei Desktop-Virtualisierungslösung von Microsoft.

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Virtual Deep-Dive: Microsoft VDI

  1. 1. Powered by Windows Server 2012 Desktop sessions Firewall Pooled VMs Personal VMs 1 platform • 1 experience • 3 deployment choices Corporate Office Branch Office Home Public Location
  2. 2. Use a scale-out file server and Hyper-V clustering Improve with active/active broker Experience up to 64 nodes and 8,000 virtual machines per cluster with Hyper-V Further increase density by using Remote Desktop Session Host (greater than 2x compared to virtual machines)
  3. 3. Web farm Remote Desktop Connection Broker Remote Desktop Remote Desktop Web Access Web Access Remote Desktop Connection Broker SQL Server Clustering Database Hyper-V cluster Remote Desktop Virtualization Host Remote Desktop Virtualization Host Remote Desktop Remote Desktop Session Host Session Host Remote Desktop Remote Desktop Gateway Gateway Web farm Remote Desktop Licensing Cluster Remote Desktop Session Host farm
  4. 4. Streamlined management of virtual machines Simplifies management of pooled and personal virtual machines Unified administration Admin tools integrated in server manager Session Shadowing Remote Desktop Services installation wizard Automated deployment and configuration 6
  5. 5. User Profile Disk Maintain user personalization in pooled deployments Fair Share Dynamically distribute bandwidth, CPU, and disk use High availability for all roles Multiple storage options Support direct attached, network, or SAN storage of virtual machines. Automatic Tiering and Deduplication
  6. 6. Windows Server 2012 Sample configuration Hyper V • Storage spaces • Server Message Block 3.0 (SMB3) and Hyper-V SMB support SMB • Cluster storage volume • Scale-out file server Scale out file server • Online disk dedupe and tiered storage VDI storage configuration • Direct-attached, central SMB, or central CSV / SAN • Storage location of User Profile Disks, parent virtual hard disk, and virtual machines can be configured separately for each collection • Optimum use of high I/O operations per second versus high volume storage Storage Space Block based storage Storage Pool Storage Space Storage Pool Storage Space Storage Pool
  7. 7. • • • • • • •
  8. 8. Kapazität (brutto) Kapazität (2 Way Mirror) Ausstattung Preis exkl. MwSt. 52 TB 26 TB 26 x 2 TB SAS 7.2k, 4 x 400 GB SSD SAS 45900 100 TB 50 TB 50 x 2 TB SAS 7.2k, 4 x 400 GB SSD SAS 52900 200 TB 100 TB 50 x 4 TB SAS 7.2k, 8 x 400 GB SSD SAS 65900
  9. 9. Kapazität (brutto) Kapazität (2 Way Mirror) Ausstattung Preis exkl. MwSt. 48 TB 24 TB 12 x 4 TB SAS 7.2k 23900 32 TB 16 TB 8 x 4 TB SAS 7.2k 4 x 400 GB SSD SAS 26900
  10. 10. VMs built on Optimized, Software-Based Devices Ease of Management & Operations • PXE boot from Optimized vNIC • Hot-Add CD/DVD Drive Dynamic Storage • VMs have UEFI firmware with support for GPT partitioned OS boot disks >2TB • Faster Boot from Virtual SCSI with Online Resize & increased performance Security • Removal of emulated devices reduces attack surface • VM UEFI firmware supports Secure Boot
  11. 11. DIRECTACCES Adaptive graphics remoting based on content type Crisp text always Aero always on, rich new Windows UI Reconnect feature for ease of movement across devices Ability to serve desktop apps to Windows RT tablet users Full multitouch and gesture remoting Full single sign-on RemoteApp programs integrate seamlessly with local desktop
  12. 12. RemoteFX delivers a consistently rich user experience to users over LAN or WAN (regardless of deployment model) Corporate LAN Hardware and software GPUs Rich multimedia USB redirection Internet or WAN Multitouch WAN acceleration Single sign-on
  13. 13. Text Content Image Content Video/Animations
  14. 14. Benefits Combines RemoteFX adaptive graphics with intelligent WAN-aware transports Delivers a great user experience beyond corporate networks Automatic choice of TCP or secure UDP transport Wireless devices Detects and tunes graphics to network dynamically and automatically Roaming users on 3G/4G networks Branch offices Work-from-home offices Integrated with Remote Desktop Gateway Balances bandwidth and scale to give the best user experience
  15. 15. Supports redirection of Windows Media Decreases bandwidth consumption as much as 90% Media Streaming Uses dynamic codecs that have low bit rates for audio and video Provides server-side video detection for other media types
  16. 16. Can be used with all scenarios Physical, virtual, or session desktop No GPU needed Isolates devices to the user’s session USB Device Redirection Uses a wide variety of USB peripherals, including those requiring isochronous transfers Isochronous transfer RemoteFX USB Device Redirection
  17. 17. CPU-emulated DirectX 11.1 software GPU Provides 3-D capabilities to sessions and virtual machines at high scale Optimized for knowledge worker workloads such as Microsoft Office and web browsing Provides the highest scale for session host and VDI Provides a virtualized hardware-accelerated DirectX 11 GPU for VDI, optimized for: RemoteFX vGPU Best performance for 3-D graphics-intensive applications Best experience with full animations and transitions Best application compatibility, running as a console session in a virtual machine
  18. 18. Dynamically Add/Remove monitors Improved RemoteApp behavior Quick Reconnect DX11.1 support and improved Codec performance
  19. 19. Beschreibung Investitionskosten Jährlich Storage CiB 2 x SOFS Server 128GB Read Cache inkl 16TB SAS und 800GB SSD 27’000 1’000 5 x Hyper-V Hosts Dual 5 Socket & 256GB Ram 30’000 1’200 2 x 16 Port 10GB Switch inkl. Kabel 8’000 400 2 x Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Lizenz 2’000 600 0 0 5 x Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 Lizenz 300 x VDI Suites Lizenz CHF120/Jahr 36’000 50 x HTML5 Solution für Anroid/iPad 6’000 67’000 45’200 TOTAL 206’200
  20. 20. Fragen ? itnetx gmbh • fabrikstrasse 20a • 3012 bern phone +41 (0)31 802’05’05 • •