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Christian ferver xen server_6.1_overview

  1. 1. XenServer 6.1November 2012Christian FerberSr. Systems Engineer Cloud Infrastructure
  2. 2. Gartner Magic Quadrant Report Citrix placed in the leaders quadrant“The competitive market for x86 server virtualizationinfrastructure has matured,leading more enterprises to reconsider their choices, and, instead, consider multiple virtualization infrastructures.”**Gartner references extracted from “Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure” published June 11, 2012 © 2012 Citrix
  3. 3. Customer Example: 1&1 Internet• Leading global Web Hosting provider ᵒ 5 data centers with 70,000 servers in Europe and USA ᵒ Over 11 million customers on paid services ᵒ Manage over 18 million domain names• Searching for best solution for its public cloud offering, Dynamic Cloud Server• XenServer chosen for cloud platform due to: ᵒ product maturity ᵒ open source code-base ᵒ flexible pricing model ᵒ Citrix worldwide support and services• Looking at other Citrix offerings ᵒ Evaluating Citrix CloudPlatform for cloud orchestration layer © 2012 Citrix
  4. 4. XenServer Meets All Virtualization Needs • High performance, resilient virtualization platform Enterprise • Simple deployment and management model Data Center • Host based licensing to control CAPEX Desktop • Optimized for high performance desktop workloads Virtualization • Storage optimizations to control VDI CAPEX • Platform for IaaS and Cloud Service Providers Cloud • Powers the NetScaler SDX platform Infrastructure • Fully supports Software Defined Networking • Enhanced integrations with Citrix CloudPlatform© 2012 Citrix
  5. 5. XenServerOptimized Hypervisor for Enterprise, Desktopsand Cloud
  6. 6. Workload Balancing• Automated guest start-up and management based on defined policy• Guests automatically migrate from one host to another based on resource usage• Power-on/off hosts as needed• Report on utilization of pool resources – by VM, by host, etc. © 2012 Citrix
  7. 7. Delegated Web Based Administration• Enables: ᵒ IT delegation for administrators ᵒ VM level administration for end users• Support for multiple pools• Active Directory enabled ᵒ Leverages XenServer RBAC• XenVNC and RDP console access © 2012 Citrix
  8. 8. Integrated Site Recovery• Supports LVM SRs• Replication/mirroring setup outside scope of solution ᵒ Follow vendor instructions ᵒ Breaking of replication/mirror also manual• Works with every iSCSI and FC array on HCL• Supports active-active DR © 2012 Citrix
  9. 9. Supporting High Performance Graphics• Feature name: GPU pass-through• Enables high-end graphics in VDI deployments with HDX 3D Pro• Optimal CAD application support with XenDesktop• More powerful than RemoteFX, virtual GPUs, or other general purpose graphics solutions © 2012 Citrix
  10. 10. Controlling Shared Storage Costs – IntelliCache• Caching of XenDesktop 5 images• Leverages local storage• Reduce IOPS on shared storage• Supported since XenServer 5.6 SP2 © 2012 Citrix
  11. 11. Distributed Virtual Network Switching• Virtual Switch VM ᵒ Open source: ᵒ Provides a rich layer 2 feature set ᵒ Cross host internal networks VM ᵒ Rich traffic monitoring options• DVS Controller ᵒ Virtual appliance ᵒ VM Web-based GUI ᵒ Can manage multiple pools VM ᵒ Can exist within pool it manages VM © 2012 Citrix
  12. 12. XenServer 6.1 News
  13. 13. Updated Guest support• Ubuntu 12.04• CentOS 5.7, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2• Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7, 6.1, 6.2• Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7, 6.1, 6.2• Windows 8 / 2012 experimental © 2012 Citrix
  14. 14. Dom-0 vCPU• Dom-0 vCPUs can be enhanced as required (up to 8)•• Change settings ᵒ Default: /etc/init.d/tune-vcpus start min ᵒ Maximum: /etc/init.d/tune-vcpus start max• Indication for overloaded Dom-0 ᵒ XenCenter performance graph for „Control Domain Load“ (to be added manually) ᵒ If load is permanently higher than number of Dom-0 vCPUs, increasing Dom-0 vCPUs should be considered © 2012 Citrix
  15. 15. Performance Monitoring Enhancements• New performance counters through performance monitoring supplemental• © 2012 Citrix
  16. 16. Automated Hardware Test Kit• Automated Server Hardware Test Kit• Reduces the time spent running certification tests•• Available as supplemental pack• Requires 2 servers, 2 NICs each, VLAN on switch and storage attached © 2012 Citrix
  17. 17. Networking Enhancements
  18. 18. Networking Enhancements• LACP bonding support App 1 VM 1• Support for up to 4 NICs per bond• VLAN scalability improvements App 2 Virtual interface (VIF) NIC 1• Port locking for cloud providers Stacked• IPv6 guest support LACP Bond Switches App 1 VM traffic App 2 Virtual NIC 2 VM 2 interface (VIF) © 2012 Citrix
  19. 19. Active-Active SLB vs. LACP Active-Active SLB LACP• Can be used with any switch • All links can be active regardless of• No requirement for stacking (6.1) traffic type• Support up to 4 NICs • Source MAC as well as IP/port based load balancing• Load balancing only if multiple MAC addresses are present • Requires 802.3ad standard on switch • Requires switch-side configuration • All links must be connected to 1 switch/stack switches © 2012 Citrix
  20. 20. LACP Bonding – Mode 1• Default mode• Load balancing on source or destination IP or port• 1 VM can utilize all ports• Best option when different applications are used per VM © 2012 Citrix
  21. 21. LACP Bonding – Mode 2• Option• Load balancing based on source MAC• Best option when multiple VMs are used on one host• In case low number of VMs is used (especially if #VIF < #NICs) not all physicall NICs will be utilized © 2012 Citrix
  22. 22. Network Port locking• Locking a virtual NIC to a MAC address and IP combination –> multi tenancy• Prevents from ᵒ Claiming an IP or MAC address other than the ones the XenServer administrator has specified it can use ᵒ Intercepting, spoofing, or disrupting the traffic of other VMs• Support ᵒ Supported on bridge and OVS ᵒ Advanced Edition or higher ᵒ Not to be used with DVS controller• Configuration ᵒ xe vif-param-set uuid=<vif-uuid> locking-mode=locked ᵒ xe vif-param-set uuid=<vif-uuid> ipv4-allowed=<comma separated list of ipv4-addresses> © 2012 Citrix
  23. 23. Storage Enhancements
  24. 24. Optimizing Storage – Integrated StorageLink Virtualization can hinder the linkage XenServer between servers and storage, turning Hosts expensive storage systems into little more than “dumb disks” Citrix StorageLink™ technology lets your XenServer Storage StorageLink virtual servers fully leverage all the Hosts NetApp Dell Equallogic power of existing storage systems EMC VNX© 2012 Citrix
  25. 25. Live Storage XenMotion • Extends standard XenMotion Live • Migrates VM disks from any Virtual Machine storage type to any other storage type ᵒ Local, DAS, iSCSI, FC XenServer Hypervisor • Supports cross pool migration ᵒ Requires compatible CPUs VDI(s) • Encrypted Migration model • Specify management interface XenServer Pool for optimal performance © 2012 Citrix
  26. 26. XenServer ConversionManager
  27. 27. XenServer Conversion Manager• Convert VMware virtual machines to XenServer (vSphere 4.0 & 4.1)• Convert multiple virtual machines in one simple wizard• Map network settings between VMware and XenServer so your converted virtual machines will come up with the proper network settings• Choose the storage location where you would like your new XenServer virtual machines to run © 2012 Citrix
  28. 28. XenServer Conversion Manager VMware XenServer VDI VPX xapi XCM Console VDI XML RPC© 2012 Citrix
  29. 29. XenServer Pricing andPackaging
  30. 30. XenServer 6.1 – Product Edition Feature Matrix Feature Free Advanced Enterprise Platinum64-bit Xen Hypervisor a a a aActive Directory Integration a a a aVM Conversion Utilities a a a aLive VM Migration with XenMotion™ a a a aMulti-Server Management with XenCenter a a a aManagement Integration with Systems Center VMM a a a aAutomated VM Protection and Recovery a a aLive Storage Migration with Storage XenMotion™ a a aDistributed Virtual Switching a a aDynamic Memory Control a a aHigh Availability a a aPerformance Reporting and Alerting a a aMixed Resource Pools with CPU Masking a a aDynamic Workload Balancing and Power Management a aGPU Pass-Through for Desktop Graphics Processing a aIntelliCache™ for XenDesktop Storage Optimization a aLive Memory Snapshot and Revert a aProvisioning Services for Virtual Servers a aRole-Based Administration and Audit Trail a aStorageLink™ Advanced Storage Management a aMonitoring Pack for Systems Center Ops Manager a aWeb Management Console with Delegated Admin a aProvisioning Services for Physical Servers aSite Recovery a © 2012 Citrix Price Free $1000/server $2500/server $5000/server
  31. 31. Support OptionsXenServer Support Options Premier SupportCost 7% of license cost (SRP)Product Coverage XenServer Advanced, Enterprise and PlatinumCoverage Hours 24x7x365Incidents UnlimitedNamed Contacts UnlimitedType of Access Phone/Web/Email Add-on Service OptionsSoftware or Hardware TRM 200 hours/Unlimited incidents/1region $40,000Additional TRM hours 100 hours $20,000Fully Dedicated TRM 1600 hours/Unlimited incidents/1 region $325,000On-site Days On-site technical support service $2,000 per dayAssigned Escalation 200 hours/1 region (must have TRM) $16,000Fully Dedicated Assigned Escalation 1600 hours $480,000 © 2012 Citrix
  32. 32. Work better. Live better.