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Christian ferber cloud platform_cloudportal

  1. 1. CloudPlatform & PortalBusiness ManagerInfrastructure-as-a-ServiceChristian FerberSr Systems Engineer Cloud InfrastructureNovember, 2012
  2. 2. Mobile Workstyles Cloud Services Any Device Any Cloud© 2012 Citrix
  3. 3. Mobile Workstyles Cloud Services Any Device Any Cloud© 2012 Citrix
  4. 4. AWS sets standards for Public-Cloud-Computing• First real, elastic and global Infrastructure cloud platform• Cloud Services: ᵒ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Infrastructure as a Service ᵒ Simple Storage Service (S3) Storage-as-a-Service © 2012 Citrix
  5. 5. Server Virtualization++ Cloud • 10x more scaleable • 2-5x lower cost • 100% more open Built for traditional enterprise apps & client- Designed around big data, massive scale & server compute next-gen apps • Enterprise arch for 100s of hosts • Cloud architecture for 1000s of hosts • Scale-up (server clusters) • Scale-out (multi-site server farms) • Apps assume reliability • Apps assume failure • IT Mgmt-centric [1:Dozens] • Autonomic [1:1,000’s] • Proprietary vendor stack • Open, value-added stack Think: vCloud Director Think: AWS, RAX, zCloud, eBay, etc. Enterprises should, and will, make SV …but adoption of new cloud 1.0 more cloud-like… architecture is the future© 2012 Citrix Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  6. 6. Citrix Cloud Strategy DELIVER SERVICES CONNECT BUILD CONNECT CloudPortal CloudPortal CloudGateway CONNECT CloudBridge CONNECT Services Manager Business Manager BRIDGE BRIDGE OtherPeople NetScaler NetScaler Clouds CloudPlatform vSphere Hyper-V XenServer KVM OVM VIRTUALIZATION Compute Network Storage© 2012 Citrix
  7. 7. Commercial version of CloudStack • Ready-to-use commercial version of Apache CloudStack • Includes Citrix XenServer Advanced Edition • Native Integration of Citrix NetScaler • Technical support, updates and upgrades • $765 per socket and year © 2012 Citrix
  8. 8. CloudPlatform Provides On-demand Access toInfrastructure Through a Self-Service Portal Org A Org B Users Admin AdminEnd User Users Users Compute Network StorageAdmin © 2012 Citrix
  9. 9. Benefits of CloudPlatform Workforce Leverage Self Service Remove IT as a service delivery critical path Management Reduce IT operational costs Automation Workload Consistent application and service deployment Standardization Usage Metering Visibility into user and line of business usage Capital Leverage Centralized Manage complete infrastructure, regardless of scale Management Smarter Drive reduced capital requirements Virtualization© 2012 Citrix
  10. 10. 10 © 2012 Citrix
  11. 11. Info-Tech Cloud Management Vendor Landscape• Champion: Citrix CloudPlatform recognized as a Leading Product from a Leading Vendor• Value Award Winner: “Cloud Platform offers the most functionality for the price.”• Download the full report here © 2012 Citrix
  12. 12. Possible to categorize workloads into two sets Cloud Workloads Traditional Workload Cloud Workload Reliable hardware, backup entire Tell users to expect failure. cloud, and restore for users when Users to build apps that can failure happens withstand infrastructure failure Both types of workloads must run reliably in the cloud© 2012 Citrix
  13. 13. Support for different styles is required CloudPlatform Mgmt. Server Server Virtualization Availability Zone vCenter Enterprise Networking (e.g., VLAN)Availability Availability Availability Zone Zone Zone ESXi ESXi ESXi Cluster Cluster Cluster Object Storage Enterprise Storage (e.g., SAN) © 2012 Citrix
  14. 14. Use Case ExampleDevelopment and engineering systems Engineer 1 Engineer 1 CloudPlatform Self-Service Engineer 2 Engineer 2 Portal Hypervisor© 2012 Citrix
  15. 15. Open Platform to Suit Customer NeedsCompute Hypervisor XenServer VMware Oracle VM KVM Bare metalStorage Block & Object Local Disk iSCSI Fiber Channel NFS SwiftNetwork Network & Network Services Network Type Isolation Firewall Load balancer VPN© 2012 Citrix
  16. 16. Citrix & Cisco Partnership Cloud Networking Mobile Cloud Workstyles OrchestrationBRILLIANT EXPERIENCE BEST-IN-CLASS SOLUTIONS SIMPLIFIED OPERATIONS © 2012 Citrix
  17. 17. CloudPortal Business ManagerBusiness portal for your IaaS offering
  18. 18. CloudPortal Business Manager • Comprehensive business and operations support platform for Service Providers – Account management Business Manager – Self-service portal – Billing and metering – CRM and support ticketing • Facilitates differentiation and increases profitability for IaaS© 2012 Citrix
  19. 19. CloudPortal Business Manager© 2012 Citrix
  20. 20. DEMO CloudPlatform & CloudPortal Business Manager© 2012 Citrix
  21. 21. Deliver Windows apps & desktops as a true cloud service© 2012 Citrix
  22. 22. Cloud-style Service Orchestration XA XD XD XenDeskop XenApp |.next XA XD XD v6+ v5+ v5+ CloudPlatform Any Cloud Compute Compute Network Storage© 2012 Citrix
  23. 23. Work better. Live better.