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15 stephan pfister citrix day hdx-multimedia

  1. 1. Delivering multimedia, 3D graphics andreal-time capabilities with HDXStephan Pfister
  2. 2. HDX: High Definition Experience HDX Broadcast HDX Plug-n-Play ICA and RDP protocol support for Access to local resources and access from any device, anywhere peripherals HDX MediaStream HDX RichGraphics Video and audio playback 2D and 3D graphics incl. Adaptive Display, HDX 3D, HDX 3D Pro and RemoteFX HDX RealTime HDX WAN Optimization Voice and video for real-time Performance and bandwidth collaboration optimizations for branch offices HDX SmartAccess HDX Adaptive Orchestration Simplified secure access Best user experience based on server, network connection and user device
  3. 3. HDX MediaStream Windows HTML 5 Silverlight QuickTime Flash Media Video
  4. 4. Citrix Receiver support for HDX MediaStream Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  5. 5. HDX MediaStream and Adaptive Orchestration1. Foundational approach: Server-side rendering (Adaptive Display) Video frames & audio2. Optimization: Client-side rendering (multimedia redirection) Native media streams
  6. 6. Why we use a mix of complementary technologies Adaptive Display Flash Redirection Windows Media Redir. (server-rendered) (client-rendered) (client-rendered)User experience - LAN Auto-adjustment of image Adaptive DisplayUser experience - WAN quality and frame rate preferred if video bit rate exceeds bandwidthServer scalability Windows, Windows, Windows, Linux, Linux 12.0 (Ubuntu, Linux (some limitations inDevice support Mac, Fedora) media/file format support) iPad 5.0• Adaptive Orchestration picks the best delivery method• Tip: For HD Windows media, bump up SmartRendering b/w threshold to 8 Mbps (see hdx.citrix.com/hdx-internals “Server-Rendered Multimedia” CTX124516)
  7. 7. Adaptive Display: Max frames per second Server-rendered video frame rate 30 FPS (maximum) 24 FPS (XenDesktop default) 24 FPS (XenApp 6.5 default) 12 FPS (prev XA default; many thin clients) 10 FPS (minimum cap on frame rate) See CTX124516
  8. 8. HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection• Objective: Offload server CPU by rendering Flash content on the user device for majority of web sites (>90%) • Significant server scalability benefit and excellent user experience
  9. 9. Flash Redirection Architecture Client Device XenDesktop / Thinwire XenApp virtual channel Citrix Receiver Internet Explorer (Windows/Linux) ActiveX ICA Flash Player HDX Flash virtual HDX Flash Service channel Adobe Flash player runs on the user’s device
  10. 10. HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection• Uncompromised audio and video quality (incl. High Def)• IE is hosted but Adobe Flash player runs on user device • Utilizes client GPU/CPU for decoding (e.g. H.264 decode)• Automatic fallback to server-side rendering in cases where it still provides best experience (Adaptive Orchestration)
  11. 11. Enhancements in XD5.5/XA6.5Flash Redirection “gen 2” adds support for: • WAN-connected users  • Internet Explorer 9 • Linux Receiver 12.0 (Ubuntu & Fedora) • HTTP redirection based Content Delivery Networks • Flash cookie and HTTP cookie sandboxing • Granular controls (e.g. per-Flash-instance, blacklist/whitelist)
  12. 12. HDX RichGraphics
  13. 13. Windows 7 Aero Redirection to Rich ClientsLike-local full Aero experienceCrystal clear and highly responsive (high frame rate) XenDesktop (VDI)
  14. 14. Windows 7 Aero RedirectionWDDM driver architectureLeverages client’s GPU/IGP DirectX 9.0c, PixelShader v2 (supported on PCs several years old) 128MB video memory2.0 GHz processor recommendedWindows XP, XPe, Vista, Win7, WES 7,and Windows Thin PC
  15. 15. Windows 7 Aero RedirectionLAN and high speed WAN/Internet (3-5 Mbps)XenServer, vSphere/ESX, Hyper-V32-bit color supportSingle or dual monitor supportAutomatic fallback to Win7 Basic theme
  16. 16. Command Remoting (Aero) overview• Provides the Windows Aero Glass and other native visual enhancements over the wire• Uses a WDDM driver on the remote host and a virtual driver on the client to render the effects
  17. 17. Microsoft RemoteFX integration• Leverages and optimizes Microsoft RemoteFX (GPUs in the data center)• Support for RDP 7.1• Accessible through Web Interface and Citrix Receiver for Windows• Future vision: • Dynamic detection of RemoteFX capabilities on servers and endpoints Microsoft RemoteFX in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 enables a local-like, rich experience • Broader range of devices and access for virtual desktops scenarios XenDesktop (VDI)
  18. 18. RemoteFX integration in XenDesktop 5.5Web Interface Admin configures a site with RDPConnection=True in Application section of the template.ica ICA file User goes to Web Interface site and clicks on RemoteFX desktop RemoteFX desktop is accessed using RDP 7.1Citrix Receiver for Windows Citrix Receiver instantiates RDP 7.1 client, instructing it to connect to the user’s RemoteFX desktop Windows 7 SP1, WES 7 SP1 and Windows Thin PC XenDesktop (VDI)
  19. 19. Optimization Pack for Google Earth• Google’s own software rasterizer isn’t that great…• Our optimization pack delivers better image quality and performance when running Google Earth without GPU hardware• Included with XenDesktop 5.5 Enterprise & Platinum; posted on the Citrix Downloads site
  20. 20. Options for centralized 3D professional graphics XenApp HDX 3D XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro • GPU acceleration of DirectX • GPU acceleration of DirectX (OpenGL is CPU-rendered) and OpenGL • Each GPU can be shared by • One user per GPU multiple users • Deep compression • Apps must be compatible with RDS (Terminal Services) • 3D SpaceMouse support Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  21. 21. HDX 3D Pro • XenDesktop feature for high-end 3D professional graphics • GPU acceleration for hardware rendering of large 3D models • Multiple compression options including GPU codec for access over WAN links (2 Mbps)
  22. 22. HDX 3D Pro: Centralize and secure design IP All engineering data and intellectual property is centrally stored and secured: • Engineering drawings • Bills of Materials • Cost Info • Lifecycle Data
  23. 23. HDX 3D Pro: Leverage worldwide talent pool
  24. 24. HDX 3D Pro• Feature of XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum editions• Broad app compatibility • OpenGL, DirectX• Blade/rack workstations are ideal, but any form factor can be used for the host • Multiple users per workstation using XenServer 6 GPU Passthrough• User device can be standard PC running Windows or Linux
  25. 25. HDX 3D ProDesktop Virtualization for High-end Graphics UsersClient options Optimized with special codecs: Std. ICA codec: iPad 2
  26. 26. HDX 3D Pro Seamless Application Delivery ICA HDX 3D Pro Citrix Receiver XenDesktop VDA End Point Host
  27. 27. GPU Passthrough in XenServer 6Reduced cost per user• Tested with XenApp HDX 3D and XenDesktop HDX 3D Pro• Multiple GPUs per host (initially up to 4) • One graphics-accelerated VM per GPU • Depending on CPU power, same host may also support non-graphics-accelerated users (i.e. regular office workers)• Leverages NVIDIA high-performance Fermi GPUs • e.g. Quadro 2000/4000/5000/6000, Tesla M2070Q • Use latest NVIDIA Quadro driver (min. 276.14)
  28. 28. Multi-GPU Hardware Platforms for XenServerEver-growing list of tested multi-GPU solutions ws460c G6 blade (2x Q4000 or 1x Q5000/Q6000) R5500 rack workstation (3x Q4000 or 4x Q2000) PowerEdge M610x with M2070Q plus C410x PCIe expansion chassis (XenApp only) (4 GPU devices per server, 16 total GPUs per chassis) HS22 with GPU expansion blade (e.g. 2x M2070Q) System x iDataPlex dx360 M3 (supports Q4000/5000, M2070Q)
  29. 29. HDX RealTimeEnhances real-time VoIP and videocommunicationsVoIP support (softphones, voice chat)Webcam support
  30. 30. HDX RealTime: Complementary approaches Generic: Media-over-ICA Optimized: Peer-to-peer Unmodified softphone Softphone modified to use Very broad app compatibility  Citrix Virtual Channel SDK Audio-video traffic transported Real-time audio-video traffic over ICA bypasses Citrix server Zero degradation  Citrix audio/video codecs, echo (no “hairpinning”) cancellation, jitter buffering, All decoding/encoding offloaded etc., to maximize audio-video to user device quality Maximum server scalability 
  31. 31. HDX RealTime: Complementary approaches Generic: Media-over-ICA Optimized: Peer-to-peer server User Interface User Interface Business Logic Business Logic user device Media Engine Media Engine virtual channel unmodified softphone modified softphone architecture architecture
  32. 32. HDX RealTime VoIP-over-ICA enhancementsClient jitter buffer in Citrix Receiver 3.0 for smoother audio when network latency is variableLow latency audio pathImproved echo cancellationAudio plug-n-play and audio device routingMulti-stream ICA for full QoS support plus UDP/RTP for audio on XenDesktop (VDI) with packet tagging (DSCP and WMM) XenDesktop 5.5 VDI & Hosted Shared (XenApp 6.5)
  33. 33. Multi-Stream ICA (True HDX Network QoS) ICA Real Time ICA Real Time ICA Interactive ICA Interactive XenDesktop Windows 7 ICA Bulk ICA Bulk or Citrix XenApp Receiver ICA Background Router ICA Background WS08 R2* for Windows ICA UDP/RTP Audio * ICA UDP Audio * HTTP HTTP HTTP Server * UDP/RTP Audio initially only in VDI FlexCast model (XenDesktop 5.5)
  34. 34. Webcam video compressionPreferred virtual channel for webcams • Uses much less bandwidth than generic USB • 300-600 Kbps upstream • Works well over WAN connectionsGeneric USB is a possible fallback option in the eventof an app compatibility issue • But it is limited to LAN connectionsCheck CPU utilization; you’ll likely need 2 vCPUs • Caution: Server scalability will be reduced
  35. 35. HDX Differences between XD5.5 and XA6.5 HF1HDX Category XenDesktop 5.5 (VDI) XenApp 6.5 HF1 (RDS)HDX Broadcast No significant differencesHDX MediaStreamAdaptive Display No significant differencesHDX MediaStreamFlash Redirection No significant differencesHDX MediaStreamWindows Media Redir. No significant differencesHDX Plug-n-Play •Generic USB support on the LAN •Windows Portable USB devices plus optimized virtual channels for •USB keyboards, mice, printers, device-level redirection smartcards, etc. (optimized virtual channels for device level redirection rather than USB port level redirection)
  36. 36. HDX Differences between XD5.5 and XA6.5HDX Category XenDesktop 5.5 (VDI) XenApp 6.5 HF1 (RDS)HDX WAN No significant differencesOptimizationHDX Rich Graphics •HDX 3D Pro for deep compression •DirectX acceleration (shared GPU) and OpenGL/DirectX acceleration (one user per GPU) •Microsoft RemoteFX support •Aero RedirectionHDX Smart Access No significant differencesHDX RealTime •UDP/RTP support for tolerance to •Softphone compatibility somewhat network congestion / packet loss limited due to use of RDS •DSCP and WMM packet taggingHDX Adaptive No significant differencesOrchestration