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Lync 2013 – New Workplace


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Referent: Daniel Mächler

Published in: Technology
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Lync 2013 – New Workplace

  1. 1. Lync 2013 - New Workplace1
  2. 2. Agenda Lync2013-New Workplace diversity of Lync Clients Lync2013Web App Lync2013Mobile Lync2013VDI Plugin 3rd Party IPPhones Lync Windows Store App Migration Migration from OCS2007R2 Migration from Lync20102
  3. 3. Lync2013-NewWorkplace Lync2013bietet neueMöglichkeiten am Arbeitsplatz. Wiekönnendiese Möglichkeiten eingesetztwerden undwas muss bei Migrationen beachtet werden? In dieser Session erhalten Sie eine Antwortauf diese Fragen. Seit fünfeinhalbJahrenarbeite ich ausschliesslich auf dem Produkt OCS/Lync. IndiesemBereich durfte erdie sehr spannende undaufregende Zeit seit dem Einstieg der Microsoftindie Welt der Telefonie miterleben. Als Ausgleich zumIT-Alltagspielt er sehr gerneRadball oder unternimmtAusflüge mit seiner Familie.3
  4. 4. diversityofLyncClients4Lync 2013 Web AppLync Server 2013ClientsLync 2013 Lync 2013 BasicLync 2013 MobileLync 2013 PhoneEditionLync 2013 Windows Store App
  5. 5. Lync2013WebApp Webbased Lync Client Audio HD Video instant messaging (IM) Desktop sharing Application sharing PowerPoint sharing HTML 5 und Javascript based5
  6. 6. Lync2013Mobile Client for Smart Phone Audio (VoIP) Video (over IP) Presence instant messaging (IM) Meetinglink im Kalender View shared Desktop Supported Smart Phone OS IPhone IPad Windows Mobile 8 Android6
  7. 7. Lync2013VDI Plugin Client for Thin Clients Plugin Windows 7 (Embedded) Windows 8 (Embedded) Known limitations Integrated Audio Device andVideo Device tuning pages. Multi-view video Recording of conversations Lync Phone Edition Conversation further guidance onnetwork failure. ringtones / music on hold7
  8. 8. 3rdPartyIP Phones Lync kompatible Phones Features individuell Connecting to Lync8snom 370Meeting PointPA1Polycom KIRK SeriesPolycomSpectralinkPolycomSoundPointPolycomVVX 1500SoundStationIP5000
  9. 9. LyncWindowsStore App Client for touch-optimized Device Windows 8 Windows 8 RT Download in Windows Store9
  10. 10. Migration What version are youmigration from? What features inthe topology will youdeploy? Deploy inside – out Limitations: Lync2013do not Support Windows XP or Vista Office 2007not supported Userwill see the new features whenhomed on a Lync2013Pool Takecarein a Migration on the following Topology Builder (onlyuse2013topology Builder) ResponseGroup (all users first, onlyallRGSat onetimecanbemigrated) SIP Trunk(tel yourproviderthemigration) CMS(moveCMSbevor decommission Lync2010) Meeting content (Move-CsUser <user>-MoveConferenceData)10
  11. 11. MigrationfromOCS 2007R21. Install latest CU on OCS 2007R2servers2. AD Prep / define Lynctopology3. Deploy LyncServers 20134. Merge OCS2007R2topology into Lynctopology5. Importlegacy policies and settings (import-csLegacyConfiguration)6. ConfigureLyncServer2013Pool7. Migrate users8. Complete Post – Migration Tasks(RGS,Dial-In,Voice Routes, ExchangeUMContact,ConferenceDirectory,DNS)9. Deploy Lync2013Client10. Decommission OCS2007R2 (Conference Directory,DNS)11
  12. 12. MigrationfromLync20101. Install latest CU on Lync2010servers2. AD Prep / define Lynctopology3. Migrateusers (Move-CsUser<user>-MoveConferenceData)4. Complete Post – Migration Tasks(Meeting content,Dial-In,CallPark,RGS,CommonAreaPhones/analog)5. Redeploy SBA (moveuserstootherPool, Remove2010SBA, deploy 2013SBA,moveusers back)6. Deploy Lync 2013Client7. Decommission Lync2010 (DNS,moveCMS,removeLync2010fromtopology)12