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1st Knowledge Session on "Search SMarter with Google" May 2012 at the University of Groningen Library by Guus van den Brekel
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Search smarter with Google

  1. 1. Search Smarter with Google Knowledge Session May 2012 University of Groningen Library Guus van den Brekel | digicmb Central Medical Library UMCG
  2. 2. It’s not the same …
  3. 3. Introduction (on iPad) Voice Search Goggles Apps Google Mobile App History Settings Preview
  4. 4. Introduction (on iPad) I am feeling lucky SettingsSafari browser: Tablet | Classic Advanced Search
  5. 5. The Basics See the preziI embedded a Prezi in my presented Powerpoint with theSlidedynamic Plugin. Want to know how?
  6. 6. Easter Egg …Type: “Google gravity” in Search boxand choose “I am feeling Lucky” on the first result…..
  7. 7. Advanced Search & Tips
  8. 8. Advanced Search & Tips Only use LOWER keys! inurl: time indefine: weather in usd in euros ~ageing info: translate medezeggenschap engels386/7 site: stocks: intitle: filetype: cache: link:
  9. 9. Advanced Search & Tips• “Quotes” phrases• Use more than 2 words and don’t be afraid’ to exclude terms• The minus sign – to leave certain results out• The three dots … number range• OR• * *wildcard*• ~ find related words• Site: only from this site, or –site: to exclude• Intitle: location of the term• Filtetype: pdf’s, doc, jpg …• Think like a document & predict the answer (how would somebody write that down?• Validation-check re-run search with core topic and result details to find more authoritative sourcesMore at: Preview; & Cache; Related
  10. 10.
  11. 11. example1. (poster OR "oral present*" OR keynote) "university medical * groningen" filetype:pdf (for our Poster Portal project, finding UMCG posters and abstracts) Evernote:
  12. 12. Used search terms #2 no. 2 in result list Author names Journal titles Topic Article titles• How Google is used to search for scientific literature. Stats from
  13. 13. Google Scholar Settings Refworks Language Library Links Advanced Search in search box!
  14. 14. My Citations
  15. 15. Easter Egg …Type: zerg rush in the search boxOrType: google sphere and choose I’m feeling lucky
  16. 16. Google InsightsInsights for search, who has an interest in what?
  17. 17. More on Google Search …• Google Inside Search• Do the “A Google a day” game,• Live Training Google Search Webinars: is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not beimperiled in a hundred battles;if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and loseone;if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in everysingle battle Sun Tze, The Art of War (6th century BC)