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Pure: Visibility, Findability, (Open)Access, Reports, Analytics, Impact & Altmetrics


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Icpe meeting brekel_2018 about Pure for research output and much more

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Pure: Visibility, Findability, (Open)Access, Reports, Analytics, Impact & Altmetrics

  1. 1. ICPE meeting March 12th 2018 PURE Visibility, Findability, (Open)Access, Reports, Analytics, Impact & Altmetrics Guus van den Brekel Centrale Medische Bibliotheek (CMB UMCG)
  2. 2. Research database on portal University of Groningen
  3. 3. Personal & Research profile
  4. 4. Visibility and Findability
  5. 5. Visibility and Findability
  6. 6. ICPE Overview on Portal
  7. 7. ICPEOverviewonPortal
  8. 8. ICPE Overview on Portal
  9. 9. Access & Support Pure
  10. 10. ICPE Overview in Pure (using filters)
  11. 11. ReportsinPure
  12. 12. MTRwithdatafromPure
  13. 13. AnalyticswithPure (andScival)
  14. 14. Altmetrics with Pure
  16. 16. Open Access & Pure • Open Access Journal Browser (check discount for open access) • Green Open Access Send the library the final-author version! • Check Pure or @ResearchUMCG for latest OA publications by UMCG authors
  17. 17. O P E N A C C E S S B R O W S E R N L & R U G
  18. 18. • Only corresponding authors are eligible for the openaccess deals • Use your umcg-computer & email for submitting • Use correct affiliation detail and order: University of Groningen, University medical center groningen, Dept....... • During submission it is important to choose the correct route. Details on submission process per publisher at • If you do NOT choose for open access, please send us your “final author version” The library will make it GREEN in Pure • For all info & support : O P E N A C C E S S G O L D E N T I P S
  19. 19. PURE & CMB
  20. 20. PURE SUPPORT ( PURE WORKSHOPS (every month in CMB & on demand at your location)
  21. 21. EXTRA WORKSHOPS OR PRESENTATIONS (on demand at your location) Call me or email