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Now with audio from the presentation! See also the YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTVWo7Z0Ots



The CMB is setting up a Open Access Poster Repository for the UMCG.
The intension is to deposit:

scientific posters and presentations slides of conferences held in the UMCG
presentation slides or posters by UMCG staff at other Conferences
scientific posters that are exposed in the hallways of the UMCG already
We decided to start a pilot project with F1000 Open Access Poster Repositories (as an organisation, i.e. BioChemical Society).

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  • Widen Audience: Posters and presentations deposited in F1000 Posters are free to view, therefore including all those who couldn’t make the meeting. Even if your work has not been presented at a national/international meeting, you can still deposit it with us, we will simply ask for names of experts in the field who we will invite to approve your submission. Visibility: Visibility is provided for research that may never lead to a published article, most notably those with negative results or case studies. Multidisciplinary discussion:  Receive ideas and feedback from those in your field who could not make your presentation and also from those peripheral to your specific field of work, who would not normally attend the conference Associate your work with resulting publications: Articles resulting from the research are linked to the poster/slides, thus keeping a permanent record of the development of the research. Facilitate research:  The early dissemination of new ideas and results may help to facilitate the research in your field and assist teams working on similar projects by pooling knowledge and findings as soon as possible Evaluation in F1000:  Deposited work is eligible for selection and evaluation by F1000's core evaluation service. Evaluated posters and slides are indexed in F1000 along with the top articles in biomedicine
  • F1000 Poster Project CMB UMCG

    1. 1. 4Open Access Poster Portal An CMB UMCG project: an UMCG institutional portal
    2. 2. Patient care | Research | Education1339 beds | >10.000 staff | 3455 students
    3. 3. 4Open Access Poster Portal An CMB UMCG project: an UMCG institutional portal
    4. 4. 4 • Past Poster Archive • New Posters • Conference Facility • All UMCG Poster Portal
    5. 5. 1Past Poster Archive
    6. 6. 1 Past Poster ArchiveIf your poster from a past presentation is exposed in one of the (staff) hallways of the UMCG, the CMB would like to enter this into the Poster Portal
    7. 7. 2 New PostersStaff and students of the UMCG that are presenting a talk or a poster at Conferences anywhere, can freely deposit their digital posters and slides
    8. 8. 3Conference Facility If you are organising a Conference in the UMCG, please contact us to organize the creation of a seperate Conference Poster Portal for your Conference. Also: Past Conferences in the UMCG
    9. 9. 4 All UMCG Poster PortalA specific UMCG Open AccessInstitutional Portal is in preparation andwill be available shortly.This will show the complete collection ofposters and slides from UMCG staff andstudents.
    10. 10. Poster Portal (and slides)• Open Access This poster is open access subject to the Non-Commercial Creative Commons 3.0 License• Easy Conference Management• Uploading by organising party, the library or by presenters• Title, Authors, Correspondence, Address, Abstracts, links• Publishing AFTER Conference; embargo’s possible
    11. 11. Some Benefits• Widen your audience• Visibility for all research• Multidisciplinary discussion• Associate your work with resulting publications• Facilitate research• Evaluation in F1000Quick, easy and free to deposit!
    12. 12. Conference Listing & linking
    13. 13. This banner should explicitly display your society and will TOP BANNER link directly to your 990 pixels wide (fixed) website. We require by a max of 240 pixels the URL link and height IMAGE. ADVERTISING IMAGE - optional can be This image used to advertise any upcoming meetings/events within your society. We require the URL link, the IMAGE (width 160px (fixed) by maximum 430px height) and the HOVER TEXT. STANDARDISE D BUTTONS -optional are These buttons to link to anything you want to onConference your site. You can choose the text for the specific buttons (2/3 wordsBRANDING max). We require the URL links and the TEXT.
    14. 14. ConferenceBRANDING
    15. 15. More benefits• Who is presenting what & where?• What has been presented in UMCG?• Archive & open access, visibility & findability• Promoting research & science at UMCG
    16. 16. 4 • Past Poster Archive • New Posters • Conference Facility • All UMCG Poster Portal
    17. 17. CMB Website;Instructions for Authors; Poster Portal
    18. 18. http://www.rug.nl/umcg/bibliotheekGuus van den Brekel | DIGICMB20. March 2012.F1000 Faculty Meeting & demoemail@ cmb@umcg.nlhttp://about.me/digicmb