The MultiView MV800 Launching Event: Challenge MV800People!


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Challenge MV800People!

This event is for users experiencing the MV800’s unique functions from the Facebook MultiView Application. Please join us and win the MultiView MV800 camera!

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The MultiView MV800 Launching Event: Challenge MV800People!

  1. 1. Link: MultiView MV800 Launching Event: ChallengeMV800People!by soyoungChallenge MV800People!This event is for users experiencing the MV800‟s unique functions from the Facebook MultiViewApplication. Please join us and win the MultiView MV800 camera!Platform: Fun PhotoLab application on Samsung Digital Imaging FacebookDuration: Oct. 17-28 , 2011 (For 2 weeks)Announcement: GMT 9:00 AM, Every weekday for this period st(You can totally check up 10 of 1 place winners and 1 special prize winner on th28 Oct.) th th,Prize: 10 MultiView MV800 cameras (One camera for “the 1st MV800People” a day / 18 ~22 , th th24 ~28 Oct.)Plus, you will become a model in the profile of Samsung Digital Imaging FacebookSpecial prize: A MultiView MV800 for the person who creates the most unique and creative thphoto (Oct. 28 ).Selection criteria: Someone who creates the funniest and the most unique picture(The more functions you use, the higher the opportunity you get to win!)How to Participate in This EventYou can sign up for this event as follows.1) Push the „Like‟ button on Samsung Digital Imaging Facebook2) Go to Event tab and click Start Click3) Enjoy the MultiView MV800 with various functions through this app4) Post your picture in the gallery5) Check out the winner hereThis application includes three features from our new product MV800 product: Funny Face, MagicFrame and Picture in Picture. If you want to know the details on them, please read our previouspost „Three Unique Functions of the MV800‟
  2. 2. I‟m going to let you know how to enter this event in detail.First, go to the Event Tab. With this tab, you can enter the event and check out the daily 1st placewinners. We will select 3 persons every day and we‟re going to award the MultiView MV800 camera stto the only 1 place winner every weekday within this event. Click Start!
  3. 3. After clicking Start, there are two ways to upload your photo: through your webcam and through yourPC. Once you already had a popular photo, please try. We choose “Upload Photo”.After uploading your photo, please adjust your picture‟s position and size with the edit tool in the redbox.
  4. 4. You can find Funny Face, Magic Frame and Picture in Picture. Please select what you want.For Funny Face, it partially distorts an image. It‟s possible to turn your face turned several funnyfaces. In case of the Magic Frame, you can insert your photo in 4 frames we offer. Lastly, by using thePicture in Picture feature, you can put a smaller picture in the picture.You can use 1, 2 or 3 kinds of these functions with your photo at once. We‟re going to show eachfunction below.Funny FaceFirst, here‟s the Funny Face. You can choose one of four funny faces. We chose Wild Smile.
  5. 5. Magic FrameNext, we clicked on Magic Frame and selected Sunny Day. It‟s okay to properly adjust the photo withthe edit tool located on the right side.Picture in PictureFor Picture in Picture, two photos are needed. Insert the first picture and insert another picture in thesmall frame. You can just adjust the position. We inserted a picture of a lovely dog.
  6. 6. Ta-da! Look! This picture includes all three functions: Funny Face, Magic Frame, and Picture inPicture. It‟s possible to complete one function, select any other function, and adjust the other.For the last step, a pop-up window is generated. If you click OK in this window, the picture will beposted in the gallery on the next page and on your wall (if you accept).That‟s all! You‟ve just experienced the MV800 in various angles! By clicking the Gallery button on thelower right corner, you can view images from other people. Then, what you have just to do is to lookforward to good news to win the prize! After the event ends, we will announce not only ten of the 1stplace winners but also a special prize, the MV800! This special prize is just for one person selectedamong those who failed to win the MV800People.Let‟s just go enter this funny event! ClickWhile you get the funny and unique pictures, the Samsung MultiView MV800‟s three unique functionswill bring you great enjoyment!