Street style looks, caught on samsung street fashion photos, part 2


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"Continuing from our previous fashionable photo picks, Street Fashion Photos, Part 1, I have five more street fashion photos to share with you that have been uploaded on Caught on Samsung Tumblr. Come join the fashion ride with us once again!"

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Street style looks, caught on samsung street fashion photos, part 2

  1. 1. ULR : Style Looks, Caught on Samsung: Street FashionPhotos, Part 2by rheaHello everyone! This is Rhea coming back to you with Street Style Looks, Caught onSamsung: Street Fashion Photos, Part 2! Continuing from our previous fashionablephoto picks, Street Fashion Photos, Part 1, I have five more street fashion photos to sharewith you that have been uploaded on Caught on Samsung Tumblr.Come join the fashion ride with us once again! Photographer : Jamie Baker. City : London
  2. 2. I personally love black, and so does a lot of other people. It’s probably the most basic coloryou can go for, especially during the cold seasons. Black may seem safe and easy, but it isn’talways the easiest color to style with since going all black can make you look pale and dulland sometimes even boring! Here’s a little tip from this stylish Londoner: wear all blackbut play with textures. Different textures on the sleeve, belt, and enamel black boots addedge to the chic black styling. Photographer : Jamie Baker. City : LondonThree words for this guy: Cool! Cool! Cool! What I love about his look is that he looksabsolutely stylish, but doesn’t look like he is trying too hard. He matched the classic itemstogether: striped mariner shirt with jeans and navy jacket, finishing up with black walkerboots, scarf, and shades. A bit of stylish attitude will never do you wrong!
  3. 3. Photographer : Red Eye Productions. City : New YorkWant to look girly but not too cute? Take a little hint from this adorable lady from NYC. Trycute hair accessories to finish the look or tie your long black skirt in the shape of a flowerbud!
  4. 4. Photographer : Jamie Baker. City : LondonMixing different matching textures, patterns, and prints can never be easy. You can easilygo over the top or end up styling too unique. If you want to mix match different prints andcolors, stay within the same color palette to bring things together. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Ifthe look is as stylish as the guy in the photo, you did a pretty awesome job!
  5. 5. Photographer : Jamie Baker. City : LondonStaying stylish and comfortable yet warm can sometimes be more difficult than you think.If you feel like you are giving up your style due to all the heavy and thick outerwear, wear achunky neck warmer to your everyday look. The chunky neck warmer will make you lookstylish and keep you warm!Do you have a look that you like or style you’d like to try out someday? Come visit tumblrto explore the latest fashion contents from around the world, and also become a part of thisstylish phenomenon by uploading your own three pictures!See you next time!What is ‘Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung’?Samsung has teamed up with global publisher Condé Nast for ‘Street Style Looks, Caughton Samsung’ to put the Samsung MV800 camera at the forefront of fashion trend settings.Samsung and Condé Nast, the elite publishing behind the world’s most renownedmagazines such as Vogue, W, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Allure, and GQ, have recruited fourpremier fashion photographers to encapsulate emerging trends in contemporary streetstyle in four fashion capitals across the world. You can further check out the details fromour previous post.