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5 interesting photography projects to keep you creative!


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"If you love taking pictures but are looking for something that will keep you going, these projects are something you should definitely look out for!

• 365 Days Project (or 52 Week Project)
• Going for a Photowalk
• Self-Portraits
• Photographing A-Z
• Colors, Food, Objects… Pick Something"

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5 interesting photography projects to keep you creative!

  1. 1. ULR : Interesting Photography Projects To Keep YouCreative!by rheaDo you ever carry your camera around the whole day only to end up not taking a singlephoto until you get back to the house? You may be a bit bored of taking the same thingseveryday or even feel like you’re running out of ideas. Listed below are five interestingways to keep your shutters busy and creativity for 365 days!If you love taking pictures but are looking for something that will keep you going, theseprojects are something you should definitely look out for!• 365 Days Project (or 52 Week Project) Samsung NX200 │ 1/80s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 800
  2. 2. The 365 days project is probably the most popular photography projects amongmany projects. You can easily run into blogs or groups who are doing it. Typically, thisproject involves taking a self-portrait everyday or taking a shot of something thatrepresents that day. It can even be something that captures your attention first thing in themorning. The concept can be endless! As the project proceeds, you’ll find yourself gettingmore and more inspired. If taking a picture everyday sounds overwhelming, try the 52weeks project first, which consists of taking one picture per week and see how that goes!• Going for a Photowalk Samsung ST93 │ 1/45s │ f5.8 │ 13.2mm │ ISO 100
  3. 3. Photowalk projects are usually done in clubs or in groups by capturing images of the samelandmark from their own point of view. It’s a good way of improving your photographyskills since you can easily take a look and compare with what others have done. Go out fora walk on the street or in the park and look for interesting things to photograph!• Self-Portraits Samsung NX200 │ 1/640s │ f3.5 │ 18mm │ ISO 100A self-portrait project is definitely the most memorable one to look at later. Taking apicture of yourself everyday might not sound so intriguing, but when you look at it a coupleof months later, you’ll find it quite interesting to see the little changes that you might nothave noticed in a short term. You can take self-shots from the same angle, or samebackground like a mug shot. If you feel like all you get is a self-shot of yourself from thesame angle, use a tripod or use auto shutter release to get creative.
  4. 4. • Photographing A-Z Samsung NX200 │ 1/1000s │ f2.4 │ 16mm │ ISO 100There’s a couple of ways you can go about the alphabet project. You can take pictures ofobjects that resemble the alphabet or take pictures of objects or places that start with orrepresent each letter. Or like the picture above, literally take a picture of A-Z from a sign ornotice.Photographing the alphabet takes a little more time and effort than other projects sinceyou have to look around for things that resemble the alphabet, but it’ll definitely give you achance to pay more attention to the things you are surrounded with everyday. When youget a chance to take a closer look at things that surrounds you, you’ll probably find morethan what you were looking for and you might even get a chance to appreciate things younever thought you would!
  5. 5. • Colors, Food, Objects… Pick Something Samsung NX200 │ 1/2s │ f5.6 │ 50mm │ ISO 100Pick something and concentrate on that. Make a collection. It can be food whether itspictures of foods you cooked or dishes you ordered at a restaurant. You can also pick acolor or go monochrome or select an object you like taking pictures of.Picked any projects that might interest you? Well, let’s get busy taking pictures!