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Cohcrane Library

  1. 1. The Cochrane Library is a collection of six databasesthat contain different types of independent evidenceto inform healthcare decision making.• Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Cochrane Reviews)• Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE)• Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (clinical trials)• Cochrane Methodology Register (method studies)• Health Technology Assessment Database (HTA)• NHS Economic Evaluation Database (economic evaluations)
  2. 2. Accessing The Cochrane Library h t t p : / / w w w. l i b r a r y. f a u . e d u / m e d
  3. 3. The Cochrane Library Homepage• Browse or search across all databases• Read this month‟s editorial• View the “Special Collections”• Listen to new podcasts each month• Access the Cochrane Journal Club
  4. 4. Basic Navigation• Basic keyword search terms in the box at the upper left. Use the drop down menu to choose which part of the document you want to search.• Supports BOOLEAN searching (AND, OR, NOT)• Use quotations for exact phrases “mood disorders”• An * will truncate a word, i.e. psycho* for psychology, psychological, etc.
  5. 5. Advanced Search• Enter search terms (same criteria as the basic search for BOOLEAN, quotations, truncation, etc.)• Add additional search criteria by clicking on the +• Search limits can be set by product type, status, dates, and word variations• From the Advanced Search page you can also save search strategies, look up MeSH terms, or browse.
  6. 6. Search Results• Choose results from different databases• Sorted by relevance as default. Change to sort by alphabetical or date.• Search „All‟ or „Current Issue‟• Export to citation manager• Save to your personal account• Clicking on the article title opens the article summary with another set of tools for emailing, sharing, saving, finding similar results
  7. 7. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews• The CDSR includes all Cochrane Reviews (and protocols)prepared by Cochrane Review Groups in The CochraneCollaboration.• Each Cochrane Review is a peer-reviewed systematic reviewthat has been prepared and supervised by a Cochrane ReviewGroup (editorial team) in The Cochrane Collaboration accordingto the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews ofInterventions or Cochrane Handbook for Diagnostic TestAccuracy Reviews.• These can be selected through Topic, New Reviews, UpdatedReviews, the A-Z alphabetical sort, and Review Group lists.
  8. 8. CDSRSearch by:• Topic• New Reviews• Updated Reviews• A-Z• Review Group lists
  9. 9. How to use The Cochrane Library
  10. 10. Register with Wiley Online Library• Receive email alerts for new content and saved searches• Save articles, publications and searches to your profile• Purchase individual articles and chapters• Receive email updates and promotional offers on Wiley books and journals relevant to you• If you have previously registered on Wiley InterScience your details have been migrated and you can log in with the same username and password.