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Seduce Your Readers With Copy That Converts


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Getting readers to your website, blog or landing page is only half the battle. Once they have arrived you need to keep’em and hook’em. Wether you’re selling a service, product or point of view your copy needs to do more than just engage your readers, it needs to seduce them! In this presentation we’ll look at creative copy writing techniques that convert your readers into site members, subscribers, customers or whatever your goal is!

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Seduce Your Readers With Copy That Converts

  1. 1. Seduce Your Readers with Copy that Converts! #WCMTL2016
  2. 2. There are 4 questions your *copy needs to answer *Landing page, microsite, website, product page, etc. #WCMTL2016
  3. 3. 1 What exactly is being offered? You should answer the question: “What’s in it for me if I give you my information?” #WCMTL2016
  4. 4. 2 What are the benefits of the offer? You should explain why your reader just can’t live without it! #WCMTL2016
  5. 5. 3 Why does the prospect need the offer NOW? Your copy should make it easy for your prospect to convert. #WCMTL2016
  6. 6. 4 How does the prospect get the offer? Your copy should make it easy for the lead to convert. #WCMTL2016
  7. 7. So how do we do this? #WCMTL2016
  8. 8. Step 1 Visualize your ideal customer #WCMTL2016
  9. 9. An optimized page (of any kind) attracts qualified prospects and filters out people who aren’t right for you. Before you start to entice the right visitors, you need to know how to seduce them! #WCMTL2016
  10. 10. Start with simple demographics. Male or Female? Is she mid mid 20 or well past 50? Does she have kids or living the single life in the city? #WCMTL2016
  11. 11. Step 2 Steal your messages, yes I said steal! #WCMTL2016
  12. 12. You can steal your message from current customers and prospects. This ensures your speaking the same language as your audience. Now that you know who you want to do seduce, you’re ready to research and plan your message. #WCMTL2016
  13. 13. A few options: •Ask clients/customers to describe your product and why they chose you? •Ask open questions in a survey •Check online reviews for competitor products •Read Amazon reviews for books related to your industry #WCMTL2016
  14. 14. Online reviews are a great way to understand your audience. #WCMTL2016
  15. 15. Step 3 What’s the purpose of your copy? #WCMTL2016
  16. 16. Once you know what you want your copy to achieve, it’s easier to work backwards from the push of the of the button. Figure out what’s required to get your lead to convert. *All information that doesn’t contribute to that goal will cause friction and lead to drop-off. Start a trial, sign up, download information, buy a product? #WCMTL2016
  17. 17. Here’s and example of a straightforward learn more landing page for a veterinary clinic. #WCMTL2016
  18. 18. Step 4 Build your unique value proposition #WCMTL2016
  19. 19. The most common way to execute this on a landing page, microsite or any landing portal is by using the the 5 point punch technique: Headline, supportive, brief statement, urgency, CTA. A unique value proposition confirms to your visitors that they have arrived in the right place. #WCMTL2016
  20. 20. A unique value proposition should be simple and clear. #WCMTL2016
  21. 21. The Five Point Punch THE FOLD A descriptive headline1 A supporting sub-headline2 A brief statement that describes the benefits of the product or service • Supportive bullet point • Another point • Another point 3 CTA 5 Supporting Statement4 #WCMTL2016
  22. 22. The Five Point Punch in action ... 1 2 3 5 4 #WCMTL2016
  23. 23. Step 5 Instill TRUST! #WCMTL2016
  24. 24. But, why should your reader believe you? Trust elements like stats, reviews, social likes/ follows, and especially testimonials can overcome objection. You headline has enticed your visitors to start reading and he body copy has explained the product. #WCMTL2016
  25. 25. There are m any was to build trust in you visitors, test them all. #WCMTL2016
  26. 26. Step 6 Keep it short and simple #WCMTL2016
  27. 27. A few tips: •List all benefits to over objections •Ensure each claim you make is specific •Use everyday words not jargon •Shorten your sentences •Read your copy out loud Proofread your copy and try to minimize and condense. Be persuasive. Create clarity and simplicity. #WCMTL2016
  28. 28. The copy on this landing page is simple, tight, and to the point. #WCMTL2016
  29. 29. Step 7 Test your page copy #WCMTL2016
  30. 30. Don’t make assumptions. Validate by continuously testing. Test the following: •Value proposition •The Call to Action •The amount of information •The objections •Trust elements Picasso once said a painting is never finished, neither is a page copy - don’t sit back and relax! #WCMTL2016
  31. 31. Step 8 Not really a step ... #WCMTL2016
  32. 32. Understand exactly who you’re writing for and what makes them tick. Have an imaginary conversation together. Answer your prospects’ questions and take away all their objections! The “secret” to a seductive landing page is creating seductive sales copy! #WCMTL2016
  33. 33. Remember, seduce them …
  34. 34. Tease them … #WCMTL2016
  35. 35. Play with them … #WCMTL2016
  36. 36. Make them want it more than ANYTHING! #WCMTL2016
  37. 37. Thank You! @day_champ @digibomb Check out our new project! #WCMTL2016