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It’s a WIN, WIN: ‘WordPress On Windows’


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For the seasoned or new to WordPress developer this session will discus the basics of setting up WordPress using WPI (Web Platform Installer). We will walk through the basic WPI setup, WordPress installation, Db configuration and general setup procedures on your localhost.

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It’s a WIN, WIN: ‘WordPress On Windows’

  1. 1. It’s a WIN, WIN: ‘ On Windows’
  2. 2. Hello! I'm Brendan Sera-Shriar A.K.A. full-time now! digibomb, a freelance WP hacker, designer, blogger, social addict, techy, and published author from Montreal, Canada.
  3. 3. *This presentation assumes you’re installing WordPress on Windows 7 and IIS 7.5. I tried XP Pro – Epic FAIL!
  4. 4. Use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer What we need to run WordPress on Windows: *In no particular order • IIS7 • PHP 5.2.12 • Windows Cache Extension for PHP 5.2 • MySQL Windows Essential 5.1 • MySQL Connector/Net 5.2 • Web Deployment Tool 1.1
  5. 5. The Web Platform Installer provides a user interface to select individual packages for your specific web application needs.
  6. 6. Select WordPress – It will also install; PHP 5.2.12, Non-Thread Safe VC6 binaries, MySQL 5.1 Windows Essentials, WordPress 2.9.1.
  7. 7. Detailed list of all third party applications and Microsoft products and components to be installed.
  8. 8. MySQL Setup.
  9. 9. Downloading components and installing.
  10. 10. Configuration of the WordPress web application and IIS. The installer will create the IIS application and the virtual directory.
  11. 11. The next dialog asks for the WordPress configuration parameters.
  12. 12. Cross your fingers that you get this! It took me 5 tries …
  13. 13. Go to localhost/digibomb and enter the basic information required to setup your WordPress Instance.
  14. 14. WordPress will create an admin account and generate a password for you.
  15. 15. Login to WordPress with your new admin.
  16. 16. Your shiny new dashboard.
  17. 17. Resources Documentation Codex - Site Architecture – Template Hierarchy - WordPress Plugins - WordPress Theme Hacks - Tutorials Web Designer Wall - Six Revisions – NetTuts - Tutorial 9 – WPTopics - WordPress Tutorials - Themes Function - WPSnap - WooThemes – StyleShout -
  18. 18. Resources Web Platform Installer WPI – Port25 – –
  19. 19. Thank You Where to find me…